Temporary Product List (to be continued)  Properties can be found blog and my website.

Is back to 15 years ago product list. I am a person who really go for practical. I ask web designer do something for me, if cant produce on time, i will just do something. Is a product list like 80s but I think is useful. For the aactual properties, u go to blog and do a search of the product or label right side of www.bryanomhealth.blogspot.com, u will find the answers.

Aromatherapy Prince Bryan lao shi: Since 1997, how long have I been using?

All essential is fresh, how good, well u try u know. The oil u can use few drops with few drops rice bran oil apply.
For me example, i will use 5 drop rice oil and lavendula, peppermint and marjoram mix apply neck shoulder or back pain.

Essential Oil ( Clinical Grade from USA, Australia )

Famous 8 that I used to bring to many statboard founded 1996.  Many famous people using this oil . And few of them are my parents . I suggest u give ur ma ma papa, the 3 oil, than tell them have aches use it. They will thank u.

Must Have Kit Emergency Kit
S/N Name Flowers/Herbs/Roots
1 Lavendula Vera $28
2 Peppermint Aven $25
3 Sweet Marjoram $38
4 Rose Geranium $45
5 Grapefruit Pink $25
6 Rosemary Spanish $25
7 Tea Tree Oil $25
8 Eucalyptus Radiata $25

Special Blend Sincere until u use and will know
Every few years special blend to meet your needs and happiness

S/N Blend Mixture of flowers Remarks
1 5 Element oil $38 Remove negativity immune booster, cleanser
2) Bryan Relax Blend $45 Remove Damp Energy
3) Healing Trees Oil $45 Grounding Health Issues
4) Aeonian Dragonfly Oil  $45 Love and Harmony
5) Ten Spice Oil $45 Immune, fight virus till blur

Special Unique Oil after research for years and launched

S/N Name Price
1 Frankincense Healing 6ml $45
2 Holy Sacred Frankincense 6ml $90
3 PAF Lime Oil $35
4 Ginger Oil $38
5 Lemongrass Oil $35
6 Lemon Oil Sweet $25
7 Nutmeg Oil $38
8 Snow Chamomile 6ml $68
9 Kaffir Lime Oil  $35
10 Bergamot $38

Super Unique And So fresh until so precious
S/N Name Price
1 Rose Otto (seasonal) 1ml $120
2 Sandalwood Mysore 6ml $120
3 Holy Sacred Frankincense 6ml $90
4 Myrrh Essential Oil 6ml $50
5 Mandarin Oil  (new year time) $35

Single Oil to be launched in near future

1) Clary Sage
2) Juniper Berry Oil
3) Thyme Oil
4) Manuka Oil
5) Cardamon Oil
6) Rosewood Oil

Special Blend Coming up

1) Love Of Venus Blend
2) Compassion Love Blend
3) Healing Ray of Moon
4) 甘露Morning Dew of Life
5) Abundance Wealth of Universe
6) Balance , Equilibrium Blend

Bryan's Skin Care Series ( Is just so Fresh and Natural)


I have both as I interchange. Purify cleanser on skin dont leave too long.
Astiquer for me, I use day. So sometimes evening I use Raffale cleanser.



Capacity / Weight

Unit Price


Astiquer Facial Treatment Cleanser

160 ml



Raffale Facial Purifier Cleanser

160 ml


Facial water or Skin Softener or Toner

S/N Flora water Capacity Price
1 Lavendula Flora water with Grapefruit extract 110ml $45
2 Rose Otto Bulgaria Hydrosol
(eczema and sensitive skin u may love this)
110ml $45

Nothing is more fresh than above freshnest.. I use cotton method put face 3 mins and than take cotton wipe body. I put fridge this water sometimes, it soothe tired skin. And once a week I combine with the oil above and do massage, Procedure blog have alot.

Facial Serum
omhealth is wellknowned for this 2 serum, with unique herbs and chemical free.
S/N Name Price
1 Magwhite Serum (Evening) $45
2 Antiage Serum (Day or Night) $68

Upcoming ( Serum of active ingredients deep sea algae as good as La mamamama)( To use once awhile, can interchange with Antiage Serum)
1)  Seaweed, a type of algae, has been a favorite ingredient of the beauty industry for a while now, from high-priced favorite to "La Mama" and "Lancoo" new serum,  which contains seaweed extracts
Bryan's Primer range Serum  $78  


This are totally Chemical free, moisturiser and is really nourishing. Perfectionist is a good start. Synergy u may try as it is abit rich.
Marine Collagen is nice and if u not senstive to the collagen extract, u will love it. Skin need different flowers herbs. U can change . But I must say, marine collagen not suitable for all skin. But if u dont have sensitive skin ok. For moisturiser u need to find your suitable one. I tell u 1,2 use at night if u find them more nourish.1 can use day and night.

S/N Item Capacity Price
1 Perfectionist Moisturiser (all Skin, day or night) 50g $55
2) Synergy Moisturiser (Matured,night but some can use day) 50g $55
3) Marine Collagen Moisturiser (Not for sensitive skin) 50g $55
4) Marigold Day cream with natural subblock 50g $55 Some may like this as it has no spf but can block some lights. But dont apply on top of moisturiser as itself is one also. Texture may be different. But some just like it.
Upcoming Moisturiser Bryan's Primer range Moisturiser Hydration and antiage (good news for oily skin, u can use, also dry skin also feel good) 50g (have the lalalammmm algae) $65

Sunscreen SPF25
If you dont know, this SPF 25 was launched after 6 years of research and during the Taiwan show. It was also featured in the magazine. The texture is so good. U can apply the Facial Antiage serum follow by this SPF 25. Is a good day protection le.
S/N Item Price
1 SPF 25 Super collagen  55


U can see product grow with my age ahahah because I myself ensure using things that can slow down my aging process.
I use eye serum 2 years ago when fine lines start to developed  and collagen decline starts to strike. This eye serum is so good u apply it goes deep to the skin, see blog have slides).
The Eye cream I apply after eye serum in evening. And Ultimate eye gel launch for day or night packed with power herbs to fight fine lines and dark eye circle.

But dear all, wake up ur idea, nothing can totally remove dark eye circle, since last time till now how many other expensive brand u have tried or even laser. Didnt work right?...
What we need to do is use good chemical free ingredients to hydrate skin and slowly PUMPup. It works.  U can see my born dark eye circle reduce as I aged. Last time I was a panda...
Blog has video on eyes massage. Do visit. Everything in blog, search eye etc....

S/N Item Price
1 HA EYE Serum $50
2 Ginseng Eye Cream $50
3 DragonBlood Ultimate Eye gel $55

Body and Face Oil

For 15 years, I have avocado, olive, Coconut, Jojoba.... Think why i focus rice bran oil for body. U know this few oil
are best oil for skin. Rice oil big body is encourage u use on body before sleep. If u go winter country this few oil
will save u. Try oil water beauty method in blog.

S/N Oil of Nature (no preservative) Capacity Price
1  Rice Bran Oil 110ml $45
2 Neroli Facial Oil 12ml $45
3 Royal Blue Chamomile facial Oil 12ml $45
4 Immortella Facial Oil 12ml $45

Abit of above background. Some branded brand from overseas, they have nice bottle and above oil sell at $160.
But theirs can put on shelf 2 years. Mine is 6 month to 1 year because super fresh. I dont know whether u all know, all my oil fedex and I invest alot on quality.

Purification Detox Mask

 Green clay I use once a week or when skin alot of black heads etc. White clay I can use up to twice a week.

S/N Mask Capacity Price
1 Green Clay 50 gram $35
2 Pearl White Clay 50gram $45
3 Sandalwood Powder (Australia Spa Grade can be used for mask and body paste scrub) 50gram $38

This mask since ancient beauty use. Now people lazy dont use, but is most natural best. Mix with water, apply face as a paste for 10mins. Wash. Once use, u will know what is smooth soft skin.

Hydraing Face and Eye Mask

To me mask is a very important  part of our skincare routine. Mask must have hydrating type and also I choose not to have paper mask. The trend now is non paper mask le. Paper mask become a very mass production now , as u can see korean alot.
A bottle of mask is more economical and also if produce by Lao Shi, can have wonderful ingredients. Now many media star famous one, use a special bottle jar mask le. So I have developed this 2 hydrating mask.

For 1)
 u use 3 times a week. Is more like anitoxidant and purifcation, circulation and hydration
For 2)
u can use daily. Is collagen, nourish, hydrating and power.

S/N Mask Capacity Price
1 Hydrating face and eye mask
  50g $68
2 Bionic Rose Mask    50g $68

Try this 2 and find ur most love. Is totally different mask but yet same effect but different people will choose differently. U go blog, top left corner have small search engine.

Use daily 2 and u can feel best for skin 10mins to 20 mins.



Shampoo is a big thing. When I want to launch shampoo in 2008. I do have friends say, wa outside so many brand, organic and non organic, will I able to handlet.  First I was thinking. What is the purpose of shampoo
i) Cleanse, nourish, daily use.

I want it to be the purest form pack with good herbs and no chemicals harmful to body and less soapy yet cleanse. Something like  it cleanses the hair and scalp in a gentle and effective manner.
 Why must I add so many chemicals to make it so soapy and fake smooth. Our hair by right can product right amount of oil to nourish it.

Before the natural hair care treatment launch in Singapore, Uncle me, is the pioneer to bring in all these hair items. Omhealth product is , u know u know, u dont know , u totally dont know... Now many know, but dont know still dont know and they only know Bryan Lao Shi. Is a niche market.

So u can see I launch my 3 shampoo, super good.

S/N Item Price
1 CedarWood Herbal Shampoo 45
2 Herbal Hair Growth Shampoo to stimulate scalp 45
3 Dandruff Shampoo (Small bottle can le) 28
4 Walnut conditioner 45

1)  Special walnut herbal conditioner

For me, i feel shampoo conditioner should be seperate.

After 5 years shampoo launch. Many ask me will there be a hair serum. As in market many hair serum too much fragrance and oily, and also alot chemicals. So again I launch my Hair serum. I give some to DJs and media artist.... They always says it safe their day when they have frizzy hair!

Hair Serum ( If U didnt use my this hair serum, u really dont understand how good)

Till today, I am so so excited with this Hair Serum as it really nourish hair. This hair serum is amazing.
S/N Item Price
1 De Beaux Hair Serum Argan 55

Hair Growth Tonic: FOr people lost of hair, I combine with a famous nuitrition with lab test a hair tonic.