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Omhealth essential oil has been around since 1998. And the quality of oil is  therapist grade. U can read more at the later chapter of the essential oil. We respect any other brand of essential oil. The Key thing and passion with omhealth is  to share with all the techniques and love of mother earth:> Thank you.

1) Chapter One: Discovery

2) Chapter Two: Herbs  

3) Chapter Three: Crystal Discovery

4) Chapter Four: Grandma

5) Chapter Five: Workshops and Wellness late 90s to early 2000

6) CHapter Six ThreadCOunt

7) Chapter Seven: A chapter of no chapter about oil

8) Chapter Eight: Discovery of Human Facelet

9) Chapter Nine: 9 October Birthday Special

10) Chapter Ten: Oil of Happiness

11) Chapter Eleven: Powerful Professor Blend 

12) Be Your true pure self

13) A happening Year yet meaningful (NEW)

14) Aromatherapy Thought

15) If only and oil blend

16) Quality of Oil and Origins

17 Lady First Singapore Show

18 When and what really is healing

19 Historical 5 element exercise class 

20 Positive Energy and Workshop

21 A letter to Omhealth

22  Omhealth 20th Year Anniversary

23 Health and Beauty

24 A Different and breakthrough 2018

25 Journey to the West and Searching (2001 to 2018)

26 Gratitude and Sleep Quality.

27 Filial Bubble Protection Review of Life Purpose for Success

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Bryan's Story of Omhealth Aromatherapy Discovery (Chapter ONE of TEN)

Chapter ONE:  Discovery



Peppermint can relax the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and reduce pain transmitted through the central and/or peripheral nervous systems.

Respiratory problems can also be ameliorated with peppermint. There is also evidence that peppermint has anti-tumor and anti-allergenic properties. But i put a drop in cotton inhale which works wonder for headaches and respiratory problems.

Took me 6 years to search for this present species peppermint. Good and not smelly.

I was often asked to write a book on aromatherapy or my work. I did think of that.

But to me writing a book is like a big thing. Of course I can be like some youngster who pay people some money and write about their life... but no meaning right.

Well time to record down some of my natural therapy experience before i forget.

Art of aromatherapy is not just about the properties of the flowers and oil. Till today every flowers, oil tell me story. Ahahah that day, Lan Xin Mei say, I can talk to flowers , now it become a topic.

Essential oils are the lifeblood of a plant – they strengthen its immunity to disease and maintain healthy growth. By extracting essential oils from plants, their healing qualities can be applied to our body or inhalation. But again many times, the properties are well spread in internet but how many know the story and healing properties and real usages of each oil.

Everyone can be an aromatherapy because all books out there. But to be able to talk to flowers.. is an art.

Essential oils work both on a physical level (by being absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream), as well as on a psychological level via the olfactory system (through vapourisation or direct inhalation).

Essential Oils are produced in a variety of ways – by steam distillation, expressing, infusion and solvent extraction.


What Singapore aromatherapy culture lack of is the energy information of the flowers.

They dont explain much on  how it can affect a person's emotion. Aromatherapy  has become a spa tool here. Boring, poor flowers under usage.  I am so "xian"  to see how people promote oil.

That was when I invented one stone 4 four bird method of using aroma oil. Remember facial steaming method for all my part one students.

In many aromatherapy books (beginner) only 2 oil can use direct on skin (T3 and lavendula). But actually many oil can use direct on skin abit. Many half educated ,  follow the book blindly without doing proper research. And no one bother to explain.And aromatherapy course in  Singapore become an expensive lifeless course 

.Do you know peppermint oil such a strong oil can be use direct too but a drop is what it takes. 

One drop put on palm and apply head , temples and neck, can cure many headaches problems. But if for back massage u need dilute with rice bran oil. Example 5 drops peppermint oil in 10 ml rice oil can become a ache removal blend.

 Peppermint: Strengthen , Courage, Breakthrough. After scold people lost energy use it.

Discover Aromatherapy:Brisbane


Once i walk from toowong to achenflower, just to learn a aromatherapy class free. It was freezing and I was so scare because i walk pass those quiet underground train station. Gosh and that time, Chinese was not very welcomed, some ang mo throw water bag at me......

The oil i learnt that day was rosemary healing power.


My first encounter with  aromatherapy --- when i was studying in Australia. In the early 90s.

The first oil that I encountered was synthetic perfume oil, but some call them aromatherapy. In fact they are Fragrance perfume oil . They cost around $3 a bottle . They have different scent like, ocean ,forest, valley of flowers.

Do u remember once a donkey years ago, body shop sell alot fragrance oil.

They smell really great. So i start using them. But i often get headaches after  few minutes.

I was amazed this fragrance oil was banned being called aromatherapy but now sell like hot cakes in Singapore, example those big bottles with alot of perfume stick.... gosh... they are not aromatherapy.

So one day i went to an aromatherapy shop at Brisbane Toowong Shopping Mall. From there I learnt that what I was using are synthetic oil, or chemical fragrance oil. And I got my first bottle of lavender oil there.

My Life Before I explained aromatherapy:

I was not from a wealthy family. So for me oversea studies was my family only hope,(aiya i cant get scholarship, i am not good at studies). 

During that period the family was going thru some financial crisis. (Every house has a difficult to read poems, mine too). How bad was it? Well, if u fear of no house to stay in your Primary school and also everyday leave in sorrow, that was too much for a kid. so if u asked about youth , party etc... i have no clue.

Anyway being the only child and hope, after Poly, with my grandma help, i was sent to overseas for studies. Well, that many years in Australia, I work part time too. Mom and Dad were working hard. (story ends here , thats the furthest I can share).

I was very introvert in School.  Bleah bleah bleah... and fat also... so i develop into a kind of " anti-social" character.

During summer holiday when all my classmates travels, i can only stay in Brisbane (airticket expensive). But my journey of Aromatherapy begins when i stay all alone in Brisbane.

Oh my God, studing IEEE engingeering in Australia was a pain. Imagine i am studying engineering. SO i can get frequent headaches and neck pain ( i think i got my scolosis and neck degenerations there ahahahh)

Side Track: (Oh infact my dream was to study in Anderson Junior College, than to NUS. The dream shattered when i had distinction for most Subject except  D7 for English, u see very " Chiam"), force to study electronics in Ngee Ann Poly, at that time, study in Poly very suffering for me. Imagine i hate all technical class, cut metal, programming.My interest was still health care that time... so i use my spare time to study herbs etc)

Ok back to Australia (no wonder i failed by O level English). I took O level again for English, I got an A2. i DIDNT  went back to JC la.

Life in Australia was tough but again, I got to meet up with many TOP NOTCH, aromatherapy teacher and crystal color healers.

First 3 oil in Brisbane The first 3 oil: Lavendula vera, rosemary and lemon
So I got my first aromatherapy oil : lavender oil and also a gift from my teacher :  Roller aromatherapy. Pulse point roller that inspired me my first " Bryan's Clarity roller". My this clarity roller, small yet powerful as it combines many herbs and ginger tumeric etc.

During my stay in Australia i work part time for a herb shop. I did quite well in sales. Ahaha...That was where i met my first aromatherapy teacher. 

Everytime i got my pay, i will get a bottle of oil. : Lavendula Vera. Again lavender has many species, some are genetically modified one....

I use lavender daily by putting a drop on my palm or wrist. Sometimes when i cant get into my studies on essays of enginerring terms. I use rosemary and lemon on tissue which brings me thru. Thats how my study oil comes about. (my aromatherapy teacher. clare Lain recipes)

The place I stayed in Australia, 4/24 Ascott Terrace. Everyday i need to walk to the train station. All those Australian House they take time to plant alot of flowers. I am so happy with my SONY walkman listening to cassette tapes  in it. Some of the cassette was recorded by FM 933 Lin Bao Bao, and i am grateful for that. Wonder where she is now.

So essential oils are the concentrated vital essences of aromatic plants and extracted from barks, flowers, herbs, spices and natural plant fibres. Good essential oil has a kind of life force which brings balance to your system

Lavendula Vera ( 28 species) : The species u have now, is imparted by a Singapore Teacher which has an History of 15 years le.

Lemon Oil: Too many poor quality lemon oil in the market le, my this quality was launched in 2007 period when I was in a radio show with MC king and Yong Mei fm 972 . 

Till today the freshnest is beyond words. It combines with rosemary and helped many of my PSLE student (their child). So in 2008 PSLE, now how old le ah.

side track: I am thankful to MC King, although i met him just few times, he helped people like us who has passion by telling everyone on air that he uses my Skin Serum. Sigh.... he ordered some serum from me before, but it was too late to pass him, .......

Rosemary Oil: This oil was imparted to me when I was doing volunteer work in an elderly HOME, where my teacher demo to me how this oil helps to repaint the memory of some elderly and bring a sense of love. For me rosemary is a wonderful oil i used with rice oil and lavender to massage hair.

I will blend 2 drops rosemary and 2 drops lavendula vera in 10ml rice bran oil, this bottle can store for 3 months, i will use this to massage hair twice a week. wrap with warm towel. If i allow oil to the scalp, after wrap, i will wash away. Because be than all properties will be absorb into the scalp.

Of course the many years in Australia allows me to visit UQ and QUT some of the top aromatehrapist friends.


to be continue....

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Chapter 2: Herbs













What are the Plant Properties? Antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-aging.

What are the Documented Thyme Benefits and Uses? Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, anthrax, asthma, bronchitis, hepatitis, infectious disease, dermatitis, psoriasis, tuberculosis, snoring, hair, hair loss, general tonic for nerves and stomach, rheumatism, physical fatigue, muscles and bones.

What is the Aromatic Affect on the Mind? It can be mentally stimulating and helps concentration. Is uplifting especially when fatigued, or when recovering from illness. Strong aromatic scent, herbaceous and medicinal.







Ipswich and Rosewood Line All stations and peak-hour limited stops services to Ipswich and Rosewood*

On your left  is the Brisbane central station. I passed by this sector of Brisbane daily.  The two line i can recall were Ipswich and rosewood. But I cant remember where i go to ahahha.

Toowong is where i stay, so everyday to Queensland University of Tech, I need to walk to train station and to the central station and walk to school. And my campus is Garden Point. And is along the City Botanic Gardens. Oh i will pass by Medical school berfore entering my Engineering Faculty. I wish i study medicine.... But again....

Oh, in the Brisbane Central mall, there was a herbs shop, i wonder the shop is still around.

That time i had some cough so decied to give this shop a try. I am so impressed by this shop. It was decorated with alot of dry herbs. And there were many big containers of herbs. So I approached one of the staff for cough issues. And there i was precribe with cough herbal tincture. They are in dry form but let me show u how they make into tincture. Uncle me used to make alot of tincture. So to me making herbal balm, soap, candles, tincture not a problem.

This tincture is made of Thyme,Sage and Hyssop.

It is best made  when all the herbs are fresh but you can make it also from dried herbs any time in the year.The combination of thyme, sage and hyssop is not only good against cough but also has other possible uses.For example: soar throat, gingivitis, digestive problems, too much sweating, meteorism and weak menses.


To my surprise the shop owner was an engineer and he resigned from his profession to be a herbalist. Of course, i spend money in this shop so as to learn. Well money comes from my part time. So second year in Brisbane, i still in brisbane, all my friends, travelled to Sydney and Tasmania.... I become one of the mountain turtle in class. Well i was very happy because i can focus my holidy on herbs , acupressure and nature.

Side track:Back in 1999 there was a shop at anchorpoint, a lady hui chin, she sells herbs. U can find all these kind of English herbs. I even give a workshop there. Now hor, herb shop rare le (i mean english herbs).

Infact i tried making tea using this 3 dried herbs. They works. And in 1999, i deliver my first massage class at Anchorpoint herb shop.

DO you know ur listerine has thyme oil in it. A bottle of thyme oil now cost $45. But is a very useful oil, as u can use a drop in water to gargle for sore throat. But is a rather strong and dont smell nice.

Thyme essential oil also is known for being a powerful liver detoxifier, immune system stimulant, and antimicrobial. The International Journal of Food Microbiology found that 92 percent of gram negative and positive bacterial strains could be killed using cinnamon, thyme or clove essential oil! Wow! I like to use thyme oil when I am mentally fatigued or feel a cold coming on.

How I use? Direct, cannot it will burn!!!

so u must dilute 2 drops to 10ml rice bran oil and u can mix another 2 drop lavendula in it, so it become a massage blend . This blend can apply around neck shoulder and throat to cure cough problems or immune system issues


A precious photo of the herb shop as below. Basement of Anchorpoint shopping mall. All this attendees i wonder where they are now. One of them was the American chairman Women Association I think. Far left are a Boyfriend Girlfriend lovely couple. Wonder they are married now. Center indian lady was a teacher.

See, lao shi last time 4 people also give lesson. Young ma. Beside the wall, all those colorful chart? I bring there to decorate the class even is a small area. And left corner top are basket of herbs, she blend for different health problems.


Look at the Herbs shop in Brisbane below.


You can see my School QUT surrounded by Garden and River. My lunch break, i will bring my home cook food to the garden, eat there. Gosh i remember during exam period, i will bring a bottle of rosemary and lemon oil in my havesack, and drip them on bottle on my feet. And try to memorise my Elecric Waves formulars ( can u imagine wasting my time to prove a formular using 3 page of paper). I wonder why there was an Exam to proof formular. I still dont understand today.

My nigthmare was to design a lightning rod. Those protect house from electric Shock. I was attached to Brisbane Power Sub Station. God my life....

A lightning rod is a single component in a lightning protection system. Lightning rods are also called finials, air terminals or strike termination devices. The lightning rod requires a connection to earth to perform its protective function. Lightning rods come in many different forms, including hollow, solid, pointed, rounded, flat strips or even bristle brush-like. The main attribute common to all lightning rods is that they are conductive.

Come on, how depressive,consider my life working in PUB? Engineer? Do electric point design.Are you sure, you want Bryan to do your electric points? 




I was like how to memorise and pass my Exam. EVerynight when I was sleeping. My housemate say the way i grind my teeth was terrible. (Oh i suggest if u go oversea studies, last thing is to stay with too many housemates...).

Luckily using lavender at jaws area helped and i started to learn breathing exercise. THe butterfly breathing exercise which many of you learnt from me before....


To be continue....








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Chapter 3: PArt Time Job and Tarot Discovery.

In 2008 I launch my first Gui Ren Bag with activated coin in it. 
(u can click to find out)

It was a hot topic when this Gui Ren Bag being launched, and from people finding job to save them from accidents etc.

I was amaze with the result. But to me, this are a tool, heart good is important . It will amplifed more.

So each Gui Ren Bag filled with this stone and the coin all activated.

Used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking and technical knowledge.
Balances, grounds and energizes. Focuses energy and emotions for balance between body, mind and spirit



In Australia, student are not allowed to work. But circumstances ------you will find quite a number of students working. 

In QUT , you can see the Hong Kee and Taiwanese students are the richest. Basically HK students party alot and dont do their homework . Taiwanese i feel they have difficulty understanding English so they are hardworking. They have very nice character. So the powerful one are the Singaporeans.

Thai, Vietnamese , Philipines students, u can see there working part time in cafe. Singaporean students? No they normally dont work. 

Singaporean are super hardworking, they will always stay back in lecture hall and crowd around the Ang Mo lecturer or they will wait outside Ang mo lecturer office to ask questions. The hardworking Singaporean....But sometimes abit too much.  

My Part Time 

I secretly work part time selling herbal products ahahah. My mentor  was a very rich angmo who got top sales for many years.He inspired me.

 And one day, he gave me a crystal ( as u know in Australia, crystal are very common there). So I remembered he gave me a stone which is now in your (Gui Ren Bag). He says that this is a stone for many businessman and release stress. Well , to me that was the first encounter with crystal.

I find that in Australia people of different religion works with crystals. Anyway i shall stop here. Crystals are not religious. They are creation of Nature, it is the people who misused and commercialised it. 

Third Year in Australia was extremely stressful. The studies was beyond my capability to handle. And I was also worry with Financial issues. So i just work extra hard.( My nightmares are Programming Language, I memorise hard. I wonder how rosemary help me thru....)

The Shopping Mall

So Singaporeans love to go to above shopping mall to watch movie. Some discount on Tuesday I think. Well for me I visit this mall , one of the wonderful crystal shops to find out more about crystals. The shop is decorated with Heng Ball, which u have now and the way I activated is non religious which many love.

Thats where my crystal journey begins (1996). I went to many second hand book shop to buy crystal healing book. And met up with many wonderful crystal teacher.

Side Track: I am quite upset, crystal healing in Singapore is not improving further in Singapore.

In 80s , Singapore crystal healer quite a number of them. Some are good one. In 90s many crystal healer here serve the rich. I mean who can afford $100 a session. So I started my crystal healing education and share with people of different class on crystal healing. 

And in early 2000 crystals was misuesed by many FSM Fortune tellers which sigh... speechless.

Again I do my part.


Breathing fresh air into a stagnant soul, I felt alive again, traveling on a road despite the uncertainty existing around you.  

In my journey over the last few years of trying to figure out which path to go on, I learned a lot about those factors that led me to ultimately discover what I think I’m meant to do.

Going from a corporate career to being an speaker, and a health beauty luck guru. 

Here are lessons that I learned on how to find the right direction in life:

1. Stop Thinking Too Much.

So much of our stress and anxiety about the future stems from all the analysis and thinking we do as adults. We ask ourselves all sorts of questions. 

Many have countless nights lying awake, entertaining ideas and wrestling with your soul.

Many tried so hard to figure out where u would end up.

But all the over-analysis got me nowhere; it just burned more time and your energy.

The reality is that no matter how smart we may be, we cannot predict the future. Things are moving so fast and we’re so interconnected that it is impossible to predict where you’ll end up five years from now.

You just don’t know. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because you will not be basing your choice of direction based on a forecast that’s likely to be wrong.

You’ll be making your choice on what’s really important to you, right here and right now, not tomorrow.

By recognizing and ultimately accepting the unpredictable nature of life, we can stop over-thinking and over-analyzing and start living more in the present moment. This helps to open the mind up to the possibilities of today.


Crystal and Oil:

Oil that help a person stop over thinking is Grapefruit Pink mix with lavendula vera for bath or tissue inhale or ...


Crystals : Gui Ren Bag. My first commercial sales crystal bag.





A Lost Wallet Incident:

In 1998, I lost my wallet !!! In Australia  train station.  I was so upset  and went to a Tarot reader in Brisbane Australia. The famous one. ( Hahah sound familiar, many who luck no good, go fortune teller and end up get worst if u kana a bad teacher, of course there are good rare one) 

That wallet had cash and student ID etc. I am at true lost. So I decided to visit the tarot reader near my house at Toowong Shopping center.

Tarot reader confirmed says my Wallet cannot be retrieved. She Affirmed and confirmed. Like u pay money to read things u know and end up no remedies ahahha.

Guess what that Night, around 10pm, 2 policeman came to my house . I tot what happen. They return my wallet. 

Because that day, i do a prayer for that. And my sixth sense it will be returned.

In Singapore ( I lost wallet 4 times, clumsy me). All returned. Aiyo that is my weakness. Even in Army my Sergent say I am a careless person ahaha.

Happened in mediacorp last year, I manage to help an artiste to find a lost ID card in 5 mins. That time, all the people were searching and cant find. But i did a simple clear meditation and manage to get he ID back. This become a topic in mediacorp ahhaa.

Lesson Learnt: I dont believe 100 % in FT , and a good FT is not easy to find.A FT should be someone to give solutions with simple method. U need to let your client know about situations, be a good listeners and dont give people false hope. A good FT is a healer. They should give comfort advice and wont predict, instil fear for people.


So back in Australia, I start my Tarot reading for people free. Guess what?  In QUT there is a notice board, u can put notice there . For me i put 

" Free Tarot reading, and all amount , u donate yourself to charity"

This is how i pick up Tarot reading and also to improve on my reading, i do free reading for people. ANd also i met the best Master in Card Reader and Art therapy. But again in Singapore some tarot reading become fortune telling. It should be a healing session.

Do you know the oldest earliest Tarot reader in Singapore is Uncle me la. I have also do reading for people in Robertson Quay Cafe in Singapore. I charge $80 for an hour. My last reading i did was in 2001 at CAAS in Airport for an event.

That time, people in media and big bosses: I read before... well, Shhhh confidential.

Because when I was giving reading, i give my heart out and give all advise, until i remembered my last client, i read until she cries in CAAS. Because i mentioned something that she experienced accurately. But again i say too much, that year i was so sick.

So I stop all reading from 2001 le. Now i never do. But i work with my sixth sense to do good and activate crystals.


Important lesson to share after being a reader from Australia to Singapore

Many used to feel that if only u knew more, u would be able to make a better decision about the direction u wanted to take in life. But as u dug deeper trying to get more information, the hole got so deep that u found urself buried.

Confused and overwhelmed with so much information, at times conflicting, u just didn’t know what or whom to believe.

Then, U just let go. U let go of all evidence and started following ur gut.

Be strong

Aroma Oil that symbolise Strength: Healing Trees Oil. More informations 

I have 4 BIG TRees extract in this bottle. This is so useful for people who always lack of suppport in life , leg pain, and cant focus. Is a grounding oil.



Happenened 2011: I conducted my first Angel Healing and Incense making class.

That was amazing. And memorable.

My sandalwood powder are so high in quality not only for face it can also be used for cleansing.


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To be continued: How did Bryan become the first crystal healing in Singapore which has the biggest class in Asia/ how i start my workshop here.?

















Chapter 4: Herbs and Good Qualites that I learnt from Grandma


This picture was taken by Strait Times. It was at Bugis Street. Her cooking was amazingly good. Fast Quick Delicious. My grandma always say heaven will help good people. Out of many stalls in Bugis street, the journalist featured my grandma. And that month her business grows..... And till today, some elderly knows my Grandma, as the brave, hardworking, very fierce to bad people and never give up woman.

The true Hakka Woman.Qualities of the fearlessness, self reliance, and love of liberty as characterizing the people. Evidence of the Mongolois stain is highly visible in many Hakka’s behaviour abd personality.

There is a bed behind me, yes is wooden bed my uncles sleep, mom sleep on floor till teenage ok.

Well u can see beside me working with mom, behind me on a wooden table, with flours all over me. So since primary school time, every weekends, my mom will bring me to Bugis my grandma house and help me grandma.

Do you know real Hakka Soon Quek and Abacus are very tasty. And I can proudly say, the original taste was from my Grandma at Bugis Street.




Honey Suckle: Important herbs for clearing heat and relieving toxicity. Honeysuckle Tea also has cooling effect that help to prevent heat-related illnesses such as ulcers, sore throat and flu.

Purple Grass is powerful herbs for detox and clear toxic from body.

SO this 2 combine POWER;



Grandma's Character, Me and Herbs

She is my mother's mother . Grandma is a Hakka. Her lifestory is very inspiring... Let me share just abit here.

When she was young, she was sold to a family as "Tong Yang Xi" , that means arranged to married a baby, and must take care until baby grow up and get married.  

She ran away (i dont know how she did it), she run to Singapore. (cant mediacorp have better script from me)

In Singapore she married my granddad. But granddad was a gambler... So life was not easy for her. And he had diabetics, so ever since i am born, my granddad one leg was ampulated. So I think my grandma support the family of 10( uncles , mom, grandsons) herself. 

She woke up 3-4am daily and make "Fa Gao: to sell at Bugis. Those small cupcakes my mom make now. It reminded her of granny.I think everyone of you have something that remind you of your mon or grandmom. Food that can bring warmth and joy and little tears. Fragrance of food play an important role in memories.

(Now u know why i work with rosemary oil, lemon oil, lavender and grapefruit for studies or memories. I apply this technique . U see when you are studying for exam, on your own study desk or pencial box if you can put a tissue in it with a few drops of oil. It will actiavte your memory channel.

ANd when u enter the exam hall, u drip the same oil at ur pencil box, or ur wooden pencil. The scent will remind what you study at home and calm u down. Scent brings memory.)

That time she would walk around bugis area to sell to workers. She need to feed the whole family. As I can recall she starts selling Hakka Soon Kuek in a specific location at bugis street later in 70s. 

But that was consider illegal hawker and she alone just take two pot as u can see in pic to sell. So one day dont know when when my uncles grown up, she starts to apply license and have a stall , downstairs of the two storey house. SO behind this store actually is a staircase to grandma house. And i was always in this stall to sell soon keuk , when i was in primary school. I remember the Soon Kuek was 40cents big fat one in 80s. ALso she sells, red bean soup, fried mee hoon, mee, and glutinous rice, abacus. One person she cook daily and sell, only weekends mom come down help.

How my Grandma inspire me?

There are many types of Granny, some complaint alot, some are difficult to talk to, some are ....

My grandma.... a hardworking woman, go through alot of hardship, never never once complaint. Sometimes I feel that her life was really tough, she needs to take care of her son and even some of the grandson in Singapore. AS one of my Uncle married a Malaysian, so the kids are left to my grandma to take care.

Can u imagine, she alone need to provide everything from school fees to living for how many generations. Oops 80% of her son turns to gambler, even grandson. Yet she didnt complaint. She needs to take care my granddad, my uncles and my cousins.

Mom was the only daughter grandma had. The day when grandma give birth to my mom, my granddad was not happy because a girl. Well in the end, is my mom who care for the family most.

Anyway I wonder how my grandma handle so many situations in life. And everytimes she inspired us by saying : Ti Gong really help people.

And she even help me, ( 外孙),for overseas studies. 

I have great respect for my Grandma. A woman who being thru alot yet never complaint. If I have stronger english background. I will find many many words to descrive her qualities. But with my voca limitation. I can Say she is POWER, COMPASSION, DIRECT and put herself last in everything.

ehehehhe which my mom and myself .... err have some of the qualities... really la. Like when i give a workshop, even a five mins topic, i spend weeks to verify. I think those who attend my workshop knows. 

Oh my granddad was a wonder man too, he taught me to read chinese books, and he donated his books to Library in Singapore. He reads alot alot and cupboard of books.

Ok back to my grandma:

I think she continues to sell Soo Kuek till she was 60 plus. n the mid-1980s, Bugis Street underwent major urban redevelopment into a retail complex of modern shopping malls, restaurants and nightspots mixed with regulated back-alley roadside vendors.

I was there in this house, till constructions begins.

Than she move to Tampines blk 246 where her life changes.....

Herbs that my grandma usedl for the family and her first aid box:

U think last time, got money to see doctor. Well, no... The herbs that my grandma cupboard are

she apply this on her aches. Well thats how 3 oil method and my rose balm was introduced and inspired by her. Especially whenever I use my rose balm, it remind me the strong loving character of a Hakka Woman. When I design rose balm, i think of how my mom, dad and grandma, work so hard and this balm will in turn help many who have stress in life and face it with positive attitude.


This powder is for fever, is white color and common brand was the double fish. But is banned now. U put a packet into a spoon mix with abit water and u drink it. Than u will sweat for out and feel better later.

The herbal tea she boiled for family weekly is

Honeysuckle and Purper Grass

凉血,活血,清热,解毒。治温热斑疹,湿热黄疸,紫癜,吐、衄、尿血,淋浊,热结便秘,烧伤,湿疹,丹毒,痈疡 Well it means detox, clear germs from body, constipation.

and is called:金银花紫草茶 and it can clear pimples.....rashes etc. But max 2 cups and not more than 2 days. So normally she make in weekend. And pour all to those big chinese.

U can buy above combination from medical hall for $3 and add 50 cent Gan Cao. So it will not be too cooling and good for body. Especially weather so hot now. Drink 2 cup on Saturday or Sunday works wonder. Boil a big POT from now once a week, prevent alot of sickness. But stomach weak drink a cup can le.


I remember emergency heatiness, she will go medical hall, than i see those uncle scrap from this horn and have those white layers where u boil water to drink.

(Antelope’s horn tea)
While it is not a herb,
antelope’s horn is an
important component in
herbal medicine. Its main
function is to disperse heat
and is usually
recommended for fevers.


Where that was one of the inspiration in life and herbs that help me in current work.


Directly opposite of my grandma stall, was another street of food. That time all yummy food can be found here. But alot of fights etc.


This is opposite bugis street, what i wan to say, is along all this corridor, there were a few fortune tellers.  I wonder anyone of you remember. There are some very old uncle who have a fortune teller store here.

So is a blend between 2 religion ahahha.


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Chapter 5: How I started to deliver workshop and how I step into Media?

Let me do a quick jump from Australia. Now i was back from Australia in 1999. After few interviews from Engineering film. My first job was

an IT auditor at CSO at Defence Science Technology. I went through one interview and got in. This was quite a Army style company. I remembered the person who interview me was a director for this company. He asked me to be obedient. I was like "THE.."

I remembered my boss is Mr Chia Ser Kon ( Mr, Good guy), colleagues like: Yum Nee, Evelyn Tan,Keanu and some HR department etc. It was fun. And all sort of office interaction was amazing. And again i begin my routine work.

 First year of working was full of excitement and energy. U try to prove yourself and well... as usual.... In my department there were managers , senior manager etc... Remember i told you i hated programming because i dont know how to do it... So in working life, u are always put to do things u fear most. I was asked to incharge of a project, setting up a departmental website and programming.

 God... nightmare for me. Sometimes I wonder will my whole life be doing things I dont like because i need to earn a living. So in 1999 end, i decided to do someting different. May be I can act? Or in Performance Art area.. 

So I wentto Lasalle Art attended 1 years of Performance Art Class. I dance, i act and sing. ANd I had my first Performance in Jubilee Hall. After this performance, i went for numerous of audition to be an "actor" . Errr, uncle me was active that period. But again not my cup of tea. 


How did Bryan Started first Workshop in Aromatherapy?

One day, i was thinking :" Am i going to lead my life and let my interest dies... So that evening i think in 2001, i went home from work and do som self search using grapefruit pink and lime oil (an oil i love for positive thinking). 

My breakthrough Life Blend
  • Grapefruit Pink      2 drops
  • Frankincense   5 drops
  • Lavender          2 drops
  • Lime 2 drops

in 20ml carrier oil (rice bran oil)

Oil blending works with experience. It was said that only if you have been through alot in life and also have compassion for all issues in life, u can work with the energy of flowers and create wonderful blend.



Holland village, how I started. In 1999, after i blended the oil massage myself for strength. 

That weekend , i prepared some brochure and plan to deliver my firsdt workshop.

So I distribute brochure at Holland Village.

And bravely i book a seminar room at YMCA , near dolby ghaut mrt.  A room for 30 people. I charge a fee of $50. DO u know that time aromatherapy was a very expensive course. So I am preparing a workshop which is 1/3 of market rate and share  things more than what suppose to teach. Till today every of my class, i share alot.

As you can see above workshop was held at YMCA , i even decorate the tables with rose petals. I miss that.



So from that day, which was golden age of my life, i didnt party or go clubbing.  Most of my weekends were used to plan workshop and giving calls to companies, introducing myself.

From HDB, URA, to Airport to Istana , Prime Minister office and run to different places like Schools for teachers.


I can sent 100 over email but mostly no reply. First StatBoard that replied and engaged me was HDB, and for 13 years they are my oldest client and i am thankful . Many were that time-- ladies and to aunties now ahahhaha..." 

ANd i have my first aromatherapy website in 2001, yahoo geocities...



Butterfly dance , was featured in international news and all this ANg Mo were Journalist from Germany, Italy, Spain. Because I have no media contacts, and dont know PR. My work was not feature in Singapore.

Empty Promises and Your Power

Early part of my life. Opportunities were very important and precious. I remember i went to some schools or companies. There are always people who says "

Oh Bryan your workshop is really good, let me pass your contacts to so and so, oh Bryan, call me next week, i will arrange bleah bleah bleah..." 

ANd the naive me, when i called them and contact them, they ignore.

So from that time, I learnt one important lesson. Never give people false hope. Because to young people like us, we do believe and trust u successful people words, but if u say things just for that moment, u better quiet. Giving people false hope is very bad.

So after 1-2 years of this incident. I tell myself, in future if i have become a more well known person. I will definitely keep my promises when people in need of referral or help (those hardowrking and sincere one). And if i cant do it, i dont give people empty promises.

So I suggest all those who are in HR and Event Organiser, never look down on people and also give sincere people a chance and groom those young therapist. Again make sure not sales oriented.

From day one till now, when i deliver a workshop, i bring my oil there but i dont push sales.



Omhealth beside appearing in iweekly for many years, also appear in International Magazine. That time my Eye serum and SPF 25 sunscreen was featured. All these is amazing.Thank you Universe.


Young young aromatherapist, be sincere and passionate to help people when u go around places to give seminar, never live in your own world and stop improving yourself. Always put knowledge sharing as priority not the sales of oil. 

Wealth Magazine?

Never will I dream, i will be in the local wealth magazine sharing about wealth management etc. 


Iweekly Magazine : I start writing for Iweekly Magazine for many years , and I think I have written more than a 100 articles for them. 

I stopped writing last year because of my busy schedule.

It all started off with a small mini column to full page.

My most popular article was haircare method :

using the Comb Brush with cotton lavendula and rosemary. Never will I one day know this is shared in national TV.


Bryan and Media:

What is my main purpose to be in media?

For fame? For recognition? No no i hope to share . That is why radio still my most comfy channel of sharing and magazine. For many years I write articles but no people know who I am. But who cares. ahhaha. Never did I know , one day i will be in Taiwan show.

FM 972: Well , i was invited to FM 972 in 2006 end for Yong Mei show and that time only 5mins interview but everyday sharing a 5 mins tips:

I still remember from 5mins to an 1 hour show.

早知道早健康.  From 2006 to 2014 I went to FM 972 on and off . I have worked with Xiao Yin, Fen Ying and Yong Mei.

It was fun and in 2007 7th July , I combine with radio to give a 2 workshop in a day. I called it 777 workshop at Yamaha

Aroma Color Music Acupressure for Beauty and Health

Below is the linkl 

Bryan Gan and Ian Lee
Date : 7th July 2007 (to be confirmed by Monday)
Time: 5pm to 7pm


An old poster beside:> At Thomson road Yaohan there... i booked the YAMAHA room , and we do our Butterfly dance there. and Aromatherapy workshop. DO you all remember?





Magnesium Oil 

Many people are deficient in this vital mineral that the body uses for hundreds of reactions. Every cell in the body needs magnesium in some way, and it is vital for bone, tooth, muscle, and joint health as well as for optimal sleep and stress reduction.

Deficiency of magnesium is widespread because many of us have lifestyle factors that actively deplete magnesium such as lack of sleep, excess stress, or alcohol/caffeine/sugar consumption. On top of that, many natural sources of magnesium are becoming depleted (such as the soil due to over-farming and high pesticide use) and water filtration systems remove much of the naturally occurring magnesium in water.

Bryan's Magnesium salt till today is $38.


And on 29th July 2007, Bryan first breakthrough to go outdoor and meetup with people. I was outside cold storage that time, sharing cooking, salad and foodcure.


I think 2007 was a breakthrough for me.  That day what i share was

Eating fresh vege daily is good. And u must boil abit so wont be too cooling for u. But if ur body system oil, u can eat raw twice a week.

Also I share about using magnesium salt for footbath is extremely good to help sleep problems and fatigue. Magnesium Salt usages:>

Click below. 

Magnesium Oil: 

To Use:

Spray on arms, legs, and stomach daily. I use 10-20 sprays per day. It will tingle on the skin the first few times it is used, and this is normal. It should fade after a few applications, but you can dilute with more water if it bothers you too much.

You can leave on the skin or wash off after 20-30 minutes. I usually apply after a shower and then use coconut oil or a lotion bar to moisturize about 5 minutes later.

Have you tried magnesium to help reduce stress, improve sleep or for another reason?



How was I being discovered for Radio show.

Back in 2006, I was invited for a TV show. Talk about how an engineer give up his job to be an aromatherapist. so the voice over that time was the famous Guo Xian. And so he gave my contact to Yong Mei to interview me. Media flows from there.




Bryan sharing 3 oil method to many many many. Never did I notice one day, this 3 oil method is well shared even on national TV:> 


Books on Aromatherapy.

Many of us has our first book of interest. Mine was a aromatherapy book. This first book was a gift by a good friend in Australia. But the book was lost and never returned to me when I was giving a seminar at Bedok HDB in 2001. 

AHhaa beside is a pic of my workshop in 2005 at Toa Payoh HDB hub. 



Trigger points (TrPs), or muscle knots, are a common cause of stubborn and strange aches and pains, and yet they are under-diagnosed. This spot is when u use finger press alone the spine, u can find certain spot are the most sore, once u apply 3 oil to this spot and press abit, many times , u feel better

Techniques of using 3 oil.

Now ownself massage can massage until the upper back one. 

1-2 drops lavendula, peppermint and marjoram on ur palm and add 10 drops rice bran oil.

This is call strong direct method.

Glide slowly downward with your thumbs on each side of the spine (fingers or the knuckles may be used as well). Press reasonably hard for a moment then glide to the next vertebra, basically along the inner bladder meridian.

When a sore spot is encountered, ease the pressure, and press for several minutes with a slightly circular motion. Increase the pressure when the pain subsides. Repeat this several times, gliding down the spine, pausing at tender areas. Moving back from the base of the spine to the neck, press with the base of the palm, supported by the other hand, along the tops of the vertebrae.

Other points in need of special attention are the base of the skull, neck, shoulder, the tops and centers of the shoulder blades; the buttocks, the hips and the back of each knee.

Another technique to treat tender points along the spine is to apply a constant moderate finger pressure on each tender spot for about 90 seconds. Direct the pressure against the spine, and simultaneously raise the opposite body side of the patient against the pressure. This is done to relax the treated muscle and, in doing so, to ease any pain caused by a strong pressure..




U can roll ball on wall or bed. 

One thing i find alot of backache can be also cost by chest side sore , u also my release the upper chest muscle.



3 Oil method:> was officially demo on TV in 2011. Thankful and till today many many many tried this method.




So reasonly I have given many workshops for worklife balance from breathing exercise, massage, Qi Gong etc.

All these years, i have research ways to release back pain, using DIY method. Alot of times many listen but dont do. My famous finger walking 3 oil method and simple kwa sha works wonder. I always believe once the sticky muscles is released from sticking the spine, a person will feel better. This stickiness is when u use your fingers to press the spine , u feel the tendons and crystals. 

Also drinking alot of water in timely manner helps. I see many dont drink enough water and keep taking medicine or herbs, wonder how body flush the toxic and lubricate your joint.

Talking about workshop, I have an experience at Gleangles hospital in Singapore. That time I was invited to give a talk on IBS for group of doctors and IBS group in SIngapore (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

That was the most wonderful experience, as doctors agreed on my methods of using massage and acupressure to overcome stomach issues. But again Singapore doctor most of them mind too rigid le, need me uncle to convince, need talk alot. Unlike Australia western doctor they open to alternative healing.


One good example la, if I listen to my AH doctors, i will be talking pain killers for 20 years, thanks to alternative therapy, my spine degenerations didnt give me further problems. I think body movement and diet is important.


Actually when u can find any sore spots from neck area down to spine. Give this sore spot a few drops of oil and press. U will feel better.


Apply an overall massage and pressure massage once a week, best after a bath or shower. 


If do ourselves, we can use finger press until upper back. Lower part u can use massage ball.

U all must buy this ball. Once u apply 3 oil on back. If no one massage u, u put this ball on bed and move ur body up and down slowly release any sore spot.

This ball, diffierent color different strength. I have the hard one and softer one.



I wonder you all do the acupressure i teach. Anyway at blog , under 3 oil label many massage techniques. Also , in 2011 i release the information of heeel pain and spur, many recovered. U can see blog under heel pain segment.


I hope this informations can help many.

And indeed this massage techniques are incorporated to all my volunteer work. ANd last year we give away massage sticks to elderly. ANd to my surprise, when I visited them this year, aunty say she used daily and feel good.

Many were waiting for my cooking class. Ahaah ok i may consider to re run again. But really has tight schedule:> I remember in one of the cooking class


. Anise Star Flower.


Anise Star high in Antioxidant and when combine with footbath using Ginger and rose geranium, it raise the good energy of a body syste,.

Antioxidants target free radicals – atoms or molecules with unpaired electrons – that can cause disease and cellular damage. Free radicals can damage cellular DNA and initiate carcinogenesis – the beginnings of cancer. You can’t really avoid free radicals, which are byproducts of your body’s metabolic processes, but you can neutralize them by eating a diet rich in antioxidants. Indian researchers conducted an animal study to determine whether star anise’s antioxidant properties helped protect lab rats from artificially induced liver cancer


Once in my cooking class 

A lady who suffers 

from cold hand and cold feet. I suggested her to perform a foothbath using my old Ginger OIl (not smell nice but strong) .First feedback was a lady uses my Ginger oil for footbath, within 10 mins sweat alot.

My recipes for removal wind in body is

4 drops Ginger oil and 4 drops Rose Geranium and 4 drops lavendula vera in a pail of warm water (footbath for 15mins)

I wonder people will do footbath now. I always feel that is only when a person has problem than worry and will do. If I tell you, u do once a week very good for health, u may be lazy. 

Please do footbath 15mins once a week. U will look younger.

GINGER Oil is one of the best stimulants that we have in domestic medicine. It is safe to use, warming and comforting to the digestion, and helps a sluggish circulation.

Easing flatulence and preventing nausea, its antispasmodic qualities make it useful for treating colic, cramps and period pain.


So far my Ginger oil is popular

But wonder why many take ages to finish this bottle of oil.




After footbath drink the follow tea:

8 chrysantheumum and 2 anise star, put in a mug of hot water steep for 15mins.

Add abit Linden Honey or normal honey to taste.

Is good for stomach health, PMS cramp, IBS etc.




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Chapter 6 : ThreadCount of BEdsheet

[ The day u are born, u dont have threadcount, so count your blessing more than threadcount]

(Blog is, product

Ahahah you can laugh at me this mountain turtle. I swear to God, Uncle me never come across the word threadcount for bedsheet, only when I move out to stay on my own this Feb 2014. So for over 30 years whatever bedsheet and blanket mom bought i will just use them. And we are comfy with it ahahha.  And I am quite surprise primary school kids talk about threadcount. Well is pretty ok, but we must also let them sleep zero threadcount... dont xpose to kids too much on count... ahhaha:> Just get them Hello Kitty or Transformer bedsheet will do.

So when you move house, the first thing to buy is bed follow by bedsheet. So I went to Taka with my $200 taka voucher (cant even get a sheet ahah) and start to learn about a QUeen Size bedsheet can cost $1200 ahahhaa and a Quilt make of whatever feather is a around $1000 to $1500。Some friends ask me to buy feather Quilt. But to me, Singapore so Hot, i am just being practical and get a normal comfy Quilt at $180.

Again u can buy expensive one, just that I have different priority in life la. I love watch only. ahhaha. 

And I did a mini research on threadcount.


Above is my second set of Queen Size bedsheet set i get from BUGIS OG. ANd i think is about $160, so to me is comfy.  

Living in a high-end consumer society it seems that money is the ultimate currency for experiencing happiness. Money allows you to buy stuff and then live a more fulfilled life.

And have had this materialistic mantra drilled into our head time and again, but should the connection between money and happiness be thoroughly rethought?

Again ever since i have been introduced to high thread , i almost fall into big trap and go for high thread all the time. HAahhaha... Balance, have some normal thread too and every day before i sleep, i give thanks to God for giving me thread sheet and a nice bed. 

We need to count our blessings, all kind of improvement in life is a gift. And any obstacles in life is a test to test our gratitudeness and gratefulness and whether we treasure life.




Ahahah so now people tell me about threadcount. Well so I was asking myself. In my work of aromatherapy, the living standards of human beings has increased with all this thread counts and feather quilt, why people still cannot sleep well and stress not decreasing;  

Material Gain can it really bring happiness? All kind of difficult people in office is all about wanting to have higher threadcount in life and forget the basic.

Again we are not Saint, so to me if u can afford Chanel or Prada or 1000 thread , just go ahead, is super ok. To me u can spend money as long as you dont compromise your lifestyle with material gain or cause family problems. 

I see some youngster, work part time and spend whole month just to get a LV bag. To me this is not right. But if u are working adult now and u want to buy some branded goods is ok de. U know not everyone take branded goods have style. 

Like for me, although I dont have many branded items. But when I carry, I can carry it with style... ahhahah dont vomit. But I decided to get MOM and Dad some good quality stuff and i feel they deserve it. 

Back to my Thread COunt, thread count of bed sheets refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. For example, if a square inch of fabric in a 300-thread count sheet with a standard weave were examined closely, 150 vertical threads and 150 horizontal threads would be counted, for a sum total of 300. The higher the thread count, the softer and smoother the sheets will be. Thread count is an important consideration to take when choosing a new set of sheets, but it should not be used as a sole indicator of quality. Equally important in choosing a bed sheet is the type and quality of the materials used as well as the fabric's weave.

About Thread Count:

  1. Balancing softness and affordability: You will find the widest variety of sheets with 300 to 500 thread count. These sheets will offer excellent softness at an affordable price.

  2. Designer styles: Many designer sheets and other novelty-print sheets have a thread count of around 200 to 300.

  3. The feeling of luxury: Luxury sheets will have a thread count of 800, 1000, or even 1200. Luxury sheets are usually also made of very fine materials, like Egyptian cotton.

  4. Give yourself a "hand": The feel of a sheet is what textile manufacturers refer to as the "hand." A higher thread count can create a softer hand, but lower thread count sheets made of softer materials can also have a very soft hand.

  5. Washing softens sheets: If you have bed sheets with a lower thread count, they'll become softer after repeated washings.

  6. For kids and guests: Cotton and cotton-blend bedding with a 250 thread count are perfect for kids and guest rooms.

  7. What about weave: The type of weave used in bed sheets can serve an ornamental purpose (such as in the case of jacquard sheets), but it can also alter the texture of the sheet and result in a more durable fabric. Sateen-woven sheets are constructed in a four-yarn-over, one-yarn-under weave, which gives the fabric its glossy appearance and satiny texture. Sheets with a pinpoint weave are constructed with two yarns over and one under. While somewhat less silky than a sateen weave, these sheets are slightly more durable, as fewer yarns are exposed on the fabric's surface. Percale-woven sheets are constructed so that each yarn is woven over and under the next to produce a fabric that's both resilient and comfortable.

So many of my client has 1000 thread count and expensive bed, why arent they sleeping well? Kidney Qi Block la... So do this 478 which i introduce on radio again FM958



The 4-7-8 (or Relaxing Breath) Exercise
This exercise is utterly simple, takes almost no time, requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. Although you can do the exercise in any position, sit with your back straight while learning the exercise. You will be exhaling through your mouth


Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound.
Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four.
Hold your breath for a count of seven.
Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of eight.
Note that you always inhale quietly through your nose and exhale audibly through your mouth. The tip of your tongue stays in position the whole time. Exhalation takes twice as long as inhalation. 

The absolute time you spend on each phase is not important; the ratio of 4:7:8 is important.


This exercise is a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system. Unlike tranquilizing drugs, which are often effective when you first take them but then lose their power over time, this exercise is subtle when you first try it but gains in power with repetition and practice.
Do it at least twice a day. You cannot do it too frequently. Do not do more than four breaths at one time for the first month of practice. Later, if you wish, you can extend it to eight breaths. If you feel a little lightheaded when you first breathe this way, do not be concerned; it will pass.
Once you develop this technique by practicing it every day, it will be a very useful tool that you will always have with you. Use it whenever anything upsetting happens - before you react. Use it whenever you are aware of internal tension. Use it to help you fall asleep. This exercise cannot be recommended too highly. Everyone can benefit from it.
Sleep remedies by Bryan (1 of 20 ) I many remedies la, this just some... oh u coming 21sep talk?

For all these years I have given many remedies for sleep. Those who have sleep quality problems , dont get panic. If ur insomnia cant cure, just let it be and do aroma breating exercise in noon once a day to charge ur body.

Aroma Breathing 478. 478 breathing exercise is extremely good. U do this breathing exercise after inhale my oil abit.

Oil that are for sleep and poor sleep


Lavendula vera and Grapefruit Pink: This 2 oil works so well in general insomnia and anxiety and sadness. 3 drops lavendula and 3 drops grapefruit pink in cotton or tissue and rub ur wrist. And press acupressure point. 3 mins twice a day. When press dont care it works anot. One day it will work and surprise u to sleep.

ii) 3 drops each in pail of water final rinse body after shower.

iii) 3 drops each in warm water 15mins either hand or footbath

B) Sacred Frankincense: This oil has really wonderful effect for sleep problems, a drop direct apply chest neck and palm inhale for awhile. I have a video in blog u can check under frankincense.

C) Rosemary and Lemon: Ahahah rosemary is for memory right again , lately has feedback people sleep better with rosemary oil using comb method.

1 drop rosemary and 1 drop lavendula and 1 drop lemon on cotton and rub the comb brush. Than the cotton inhale abit. Than comb head.


it’s always near the top of the list of my favorite antidepressant oils! The emotional and energetic qualities of grapefruit are uplifting and cleansing, as it reduces tension and exudes happy, outward energy. It’s like sunshine in a bottle!  (N - See more at:
it’s always near the top of the list of my favorite antidepressant oils! The emotional and energetic qualities of grapefruit are uplifting and cleansing, as it reduces tension and exudes happy, outward energy. It’s like sunshine in a bottle!  (N - See more at:
it’s always near the top of the list of my favorite antidepressant oils! The emotional and energetic qualities of grapefruit are uplifting and cleansing, as it reduces tension and exudes happy, outward energy. It’s like sunshine in a bottle - See more at:

Grapefruit is like sunshine in a bottle, lavendula is like a Full moon in a bottle. When they combine it produce so so calming scent.

I love to use rosemary and lavendula for final hair rinse. It really cure many scalp problems. 2 drops lavendula and 2 drops rosemary or 1 1 , in a big MUG water, final rinse hair after u wash hair clean. Massage into scalp. Wipe dry.

Do u know my hair serum has ingredients also help calm mind. I am first one to bring in Argan oil before u see many advertisment has argan oil hair serum

But i still stay strong for chemical free ehehhe and good texture so far no one can copy.

Bryan Lao Shi Sleep antiInsomnia Happiness Blend

15ml rice bran oil

5 drops lavendula vera

5 drops grapefruit pink

3 drops rosemary

2 drops frankincense (healing or sacred)

15ml bottle avaliable at $2 from bryan lao shi.



Is ok to be rich and have alot of Money, And is super ok we want alot of Money. But put your money into good use and dont be slave to MONEY!!! Money will buy you many things, but the happiness from it is only limited. 

Money will buy you a bed, clock, book, position, medicine, blood. What it won't buy you is sleep, time, knowledge, respect, health, or life. The things you really need to live a full life of lasting happiness.

 There's down sides to just about everything. There is no such thing as happily ever after because this is life. There is however, happiness that is when most of the time you are happy feeling complete. Reason being you have so much with help of money and without. 

Money is a basic need in life to pay for our basic everyday necessities and sometimes more. Buy you things you see liking to that serve a short time happiness.What is it if you have nobody to share it with.

 Giving money to charity is not saying money buys happiness because the happy feeling you get is knowing you help poor. Seeing them smile not for the money, but to a knew beginning on way for them. Money don't make you happy, the things it will buy you makes you happy. And remember that that happiness is only limited because it pays for a moment not a lifetime.

U know sponsor a packet of rice of $4 to elderly is my way of giving back to society now.

 Anyway I dont like to use charity to sell products. So from last time till now, I never give or sell my aroma oil for charity. I just want to stay clear. So even sponsor medicated oil to elderly, i will buy tiger balm eheheh.

I dont like people use charity to sell things. FOr me, u want do charity just do. So far, i only surprise some quietly , that after they have bought le and i told them actually that item have charity content. But not before to attract sales.



Green breathing.

Green Plant Color breathing exercise: Green has  a strong affinity with nature, and helps us to connect to others and to the natural world.  It is the colour of balance.  It gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation, calmness and space.  It reduces stress, soothing and steadying our emotions.  Green may also have antiseptic properties, and thought to destroy embryonic cell structure.

Oil related to Green are : Bergamot , Healing Trees oil. Rose Balm

If ur house or office has alot of emotion stress. Get a small plant and beside the plant put a bottle of healing trees oil. This is a therapy of bringing nature to your office. And use abit of the oil and rub ur wrist.


Color Breathing bring relaxation:


Smell abit of the oil. Now right palm touch chest and left palm can rest on laps when u seat down. Inhale and look at the green plant and exhale all tension. Do for 5 times.


Oxygen is nourishing and essential to the body, helping to fight free radicals and boost your immune system. It can also help you to feel alert.





Oil metioned here: Lavendula, ROsemary, Lemon, Bergamot, Healing Trees



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Chapter 7: A chapter of no Chapter about my Oil

My Brand Your Brand and Other's Brand.

I was first introduced to aromatherapy in 1996 in Brisbane. I came across many brands. I was once a spokesman for two of the popular brand in Takashimaya/Tiong Bahru side. But something happened which resulted me to start my own business in 2000 (part time as i was still an Engineer).

 That time I was at Taka helping a company to do oil blending. And also to my surprise, certain oil which are expired, they just change the expiry stickers. 

For me now, I follow according to old school, a trusted aromatherapist to ensure fresh oil not base on the sticker label but trust.

 So for my oil , many can feel the freshness, ur body can tell one. 

So I started my aromatherapy business in 2000 year. And my mentor  in SIngapore was Mr S Liew which was the Master Guru in Singapore back in 80s 90s. For me, till today all my oil not only ensure fresh but it must also with love ahahah. 

Being in Brisbane for many years trained me to all kind of situation in aromatherapy.

" You know my lime oil i kept for 8 years to test the freshness, till today smell nice.( Those who buy my oil and never use, or keep too long the medicine vale drops, so wash toilet ba, and i dont like people ask me what to do with oil buy le no use for 6 years, i find u dont respect my effort. So dont ask le ok).


I would like to dedicate this article  to all parents and grandparents. Most of us are busy with our own life. Often, we  neglect our parents and sometimes if we look at them clearly, we find they aged alot. This can be heartbreaking. 

Or sometimes we stay with parents and everyday niam them for health improvement until we forget they are also individual and infact they eat salt more than us. 

IS not easy to change their pattern. So what we can do is to use aromatherapy. Because they just smell it and u dont need to niam them. But before that let me talk about elderly care.

Oh now I let my parents take plant base calcium 3 times a week, fish oil (a must), 108 sense Enzyme , Herbal detox tea once a month. Enough le lor.

My passion for Aroma Oil


People like branded things, or things that has gone thru alot of advertising and marketing. Or a super star spokesman.

For me I go through hardwork. To be on TV sharing tea drinking, aromatherapy... is not easy. I dont have any PR etc, and all it happen is really God's arrangement and through through words of mouth they invite me to the show. 

Below was second TV show i appeared in. That time i promote drinking of flower tea, charcoal water in Singapore.


I introduce my oil to different parts of Singapore back in 2000. 

Sometimes roadshow or healthfair at office. 

Lunch time office bazar sales. Guess what the more high class the office , the more difficult to sell oil. Sometimes zero bottles sell because people will ask me " Is it fresh or good oil, some so call Tai Tai will express their powerful way of using oil and look down my brand"

And frankly speaking, I enjoy doing sales at Seagate factory and also AMD factory ladies. They trusted me and buy my sea salt blend and also oil. 

Till today they are still my faithful customers.

AHaha I came across a brand of beauty supplements, she openly look down on aunties and want to target her products only to High Up level, end up shop one by one close down. Cannot say which brand.

I was featured in many magazines but again not many people know about me, because low profile ahahah. Until Taiwan Show people start asking. Human are like that, after the Taiwan SHow recognition, some so called branded brand start calling which once i did show for them. Again, i have more time for u all.

(Till today, i have written more than few hundreds health articles for Singapore Iweekly magazine).

Tell u frankly la, people pay more attention on overseas teacher, for local , they dont really.... But i climb my way up because of u all and i thank all of you. A single bottle of oil u buy i remember u. I remember all ur faces and ur smile. Sometimes after each talk, my eyes abit watery because i was wondering how it happens.

And with the appearance in Taiwan SHow. That push omhealth aromatherapy to international level. Even Media artiste now use my oil. But I wont want to reveal . Is out of respect.


In life we should always be humble and in a learning mode. Even till today, i was titled as Guru Master in Aromatherapy, I listen to those young aromatherapist and learn from them. ALot of times is the ego we have that block us from learning new things.


 U know , for my lavendula vera, i learn how to use it for ears massage (which i will teach in Sep talk) last year in Australia. A 22 years old girl who use lavendula vera daily for her ear problems.

Peppermint a drop direct rub both palm , apply neck shoulders and temple compress helps maigrain.








Do u know, one way to use essential oil is rub both palm than apply neck shoulder and than put beside the temples both palm with eyes close can help heal headaches.



Also one hand above head and one hand back of neck is good way to release neck shoulder pain after apply 3 oil.


u can do urself this one. One hand head one hand back of neck. If u do for someone even more comfy, use 3 oil.

Successful Business Model: 

Be firm in ur belief: Well when u do something, there will have alot of suggestions given, but only u know better.  Example when i first launch lavender flower water, people say why not hole of bottle smaller, some say why not hole bigger.

U can satify all, so i follow my way, a just nice hole.

When I first launch lavender oil, people say, aiya market so many le, urs how to sell. For that time, i dont think how to sell, i know my oil can help many people and at a lower price with high grade. Shopping mall want to sell my oil and wan me mark up 100 percent. No way.

Successful Business Model:

I must say if you see many business models, people get jealous over sales. I went to a MLM 10 years ago and see how aunties competitive to each other and now try to outshine each other etc.... Forgetting the main purpose of selling natural products is to help people.


In business there is something call short term success and long term sucess.


Short term success: Ur product is ok, but ur key is to earn alot and without doing much care. EVerything u teach, u have a motives. U dont teach with love and concern.

Long term Success: Is a very slow but steady process. U teach and care people, even they dont buy your products, u share correct informations freely and wish them well. 


I follow the LTS: Till today, people write in long email on how they use products and successful. I am very thanksful for those cancer patient who write to me and their faith. Some of course manage to survive thru cancer. Some pass on with peace as told by family.

Frankincense, rose geranium, grapefruit pink, lavendula vera and rice bran oil are especially good oil to use for bedridden and cancer patients.


I think cancer is a kind of abnormal cell formation. Being positive and power of herbs and plants with fresh good energy may help/.







Charity and Business: Is not very good to blend charity with business. I feel is a wrong move. U cant use people's compassion to do charity and business. They can never be gel in together.


For me, I will never say " U must this item, every item $1 donate to xxxx"


For me, I auto one. Or for customer that period after already buy that item, than i tell them oh, got help in rice donations. And wont announce and keep asking people buy. Only after annouce than is ok.


For business man, if u keep promoting items and say will use for charity, u must be very careful. Are u into charity or into sales. 

I see some shops, say u spend $10, ten cent donate to xxx. Comeon.... 


Charity comes from heart. That is why till today, i never ask people buy my oil herbs to old folks home, i rather can commercial tiger balm oniment etc. If i use the money buy my oil to old folks home, it can mean i try to promote my oil.

Normally only when I recruit volunteers in elderly home, i use my oil there and leave it there for them to use, thats all.


Elderly and Grow Old with Aromatherapy


I find that working with aromatherapy helps alot in a person character development and also for elderly is good.

I know u all care for your parents , me too. But sometimes they are too stubborn to listen. And ur worries for their health can be a headache for u . Because they have their pattern. 

For elderly , first is prevent them to fall. Once a fall, the health slowly deteroit.

If fall already, quickly go check up. Than use frankincense, rosemary oil and lavendula vera daily for 49 days, in footbath 3 times a week and apply oil in tissue inhale . Plus apply frankincense on neck daily.


Elderly and Aroma OIl

I often tell my students to use oil at home. U dont really need to ask permission to diffuse some oil like lavendula and grapefruit pink in tissue in parents bedroom. U put a bottle of frankincense beside their bed, by left and right they will use one.

Upgrade their axe oil with clarity oil help them to have active brain cells.

Good oil is a type of alternative medicine that involves essential oils and other aromatic plant properties. They are used for improving a person’s mood or health.  Aromatherapy can help seniors with a vast number of illnesses and discomforts, such as symptoms related to dementia, circulation, respiratory infections, arthritis, and it can also help promote skin regeneration. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of aromatherapy in seniors, the variety of scents, and ways to receive this relaxation aid.


As we age our body’s immune system weakens, making it more susceptible to infections or viruses. Ten spice oil, lemon etc helps to fill in the gaps that our immune system makes as we get older.

Omhealth purpose is to share, teach and assist others, who are seeking health, wealth and purpose in their lives. I teach how to enhance the frequency of the energy around and within us. There are many ways avaliable in the universe. My way is to keep it simple and back to basic. Why spend $4000 to a Qi Gong class where u dont have time to do it, u can just a drop frankincense touch ur feet with eyes close.How to improve our health is part of our learning process along each of our paths to bring us together in synergistic harmony. 

One of my omhealth power (i very lame right) way is the Bryan's Aroma Touch Therapy founded by Bryan thru many years of experience. As a founder, no one can certified me , i share and u certified urself ok:> And the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Below are the oil i "force" parents to use ahahah:> I mean ok la, i will use for elderly massage.

Lavendula vera/ROse Balm/ Grapefruit Pink

Lavender has been associated with feelings of contentment, improved memory, increased cognitive performance as well as overall mood. It has shown other calming and mild sedative effects. Just like the rosemary aromatherapy, lavender has also been shown to reduce cortisol levels. It has soothing properties and is believed to promote deep sleep in men and women. Lavender aromatherapy can help your elderly family member relax, have better cognitive performance, and help them fall asleep faster and have a deep, peaceful sleep.

Rosemary ( The oil where i use to massage elderly head)

Rosemary has been related with feelings of contentment. It has also been shown to have optimistic effects on mood and performance. Rosemary has been proven to help with memory which would benefit those seniors with dementia or even those with slight memory loss.  It has seemed to have the ability to decrease cortisol levels. Rosemary aromatherapy can be a good selection to de-stress after the day and reduce the symptoms of memory loss.

How I use?

I one drop rosemary, 1 drop lavendula with 5 drops rice bran oil on palm, warm my palm massage their head.



Peppermint aromatherapy is believed to enhance mental performance and boost the mood by enhancing feelings of happiness, which can provide a delightful pick-me-up for stressed out and anxious seniors. It can also help boost your energy levels, regulate your digestive tract, reduce inflammation, and can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

How I use?

A drop warm palm massage temples, stomach and neck.



Research has indicated that lemon aromatherapy may have anti-depressant type effects, making it an excellent natural choice for those who are stressed, tensed or suffering from anxiety.  Lemon aromatherapy can be used for mood enhancement, help lower blood pressure, reduce the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles, and it can sharpen memory and increase concentration.

How I use?

Before mama or papa go travel, i put 2 drops and 1 drop eucalyptus in tissue ask them carry around and inhale when someone in bus or mrt sneeze.

Eucalyptus Radiate

Eucalyptus aromatherapy has quite a few health advantages, not only is it an antiseptic, but it aids in blood circulation and blood oxygenation, it calms and rejuvenates the mind, and guards against respiratory infections such as colds and flus. It can also be used for treating headaches and as a natural treatment for sinusitis.

How I use?

Facial steaming for them will be great. Or sometimes, 4 drops in small pale warm water use a good morning towel let them wipe face. I force them do it ahahha. U prepare le, throw them the towel and most of all they niam u, than they feel good and keep quiet ahhaha.


Is so important at our age, we must do acupressure and stretching daily. This will prevent knee problems, back problems and slow down aging.


How many listens? 


I wish all will listen. I am thinking to conduct a intensive fun aromatherapy class in my condo training room for 18 person only.

Each person will be around $180 include food, and aroma oil worth of the fees. Planning la.



Buy a silk scarf for yourself or for your parents. Put 2 drops lavendula at the tip put beside their bed , they will thank u.


Is my powerful way to calm a person down. Carry this silk to overseas too. It helps to calm the mind.

How I use my Oil?

My oil are all clnical grade:

Body aches 
1.Apply a 3oil with rice oil to the affected area and sometimes final drop with with Peppermint for a natural analgesic effect. 
2. Freshen stinky sneakers and shoes
Place cotton balls with sever…al drops of either ten spice,Peppermint, rose Geranium, Lemon or Tea Tree into shoes overnight. 
3. Smell nice nice room. 
Gently scent a room using lavendula and grapefruit pink in tissue / silk scarf and put beside bed half hour before sleep
4. Scented dryer sheet. 
Add a few drops of five element oil to a dampened washcloth, toss into your clothes dryer when drying laundry. 
5. Repel flies
Fill a 32 oz. spray bottle with water, add 20-30 drops of Peppermint, shake often. Spray kitchen counter-tops, around windows/doors – and yourself (do not get spray on your face or eyes!) 
6. Smelly Fridge 
Add 1-2 drops Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot,ten spice essential oil to 1 cup of water. Using a sponge wipe surface of icebox, freezer, oven, trash cans.  
7. Carpet freshener. 
Add 10 drops of Ten Spice with 3 drops peppermint to 1 cup  baking soda, stir well, let sit for 24 hours in a closed jar. Sprinkle carpet and vacuum after about an hour. 

8. Scent your room while you vacuum. 
Put 2-3 drops of your favorite oil on a cotton ball placed inside the vacuum canister of your vacuum cleaner. 
13. Tired muscles and aching joints? 
Add one part each Pan Away, Peppermint and Basil oil to 4 parts V-6 or Jojoba. Massage into area as needed. 
14. Foot Army powder

U ask army man buy the army green bottle powder, open up and put 10 drops ten spice oil , shake well, this powder now power.

15. Stay awake and alert. 
ROller roll temples and neck can le/
16. Sleep well. 
Place silk cloth sprinkled with a couple drops of snow Chamomile and Lavender oil. 
17. Smelly hotel rooms while on vacation. 
Add a few drops each of rosemary, lavendula and lemon on their blanket. Once u come back smell nice 
18. Athletes foot / nail fungus. 
Dab a couple drops of tea tree and lavender and rub on feet to soothe burning, tired feet and to combat foot fungus. 
19.. Ease headache. 
Massage 1 drop of Peppermint, Lavender on temples (avoiding eye area) and back of the neck for relief. 
20. Scented children stationary can help study well,. 
Add a couple drops of Lavender, lemon rosemary to a cotton ball, place stationary and envelopes and cotton ball in their bag or pencil box.


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 Chapter 8 : Laptop and PAF lime (Dedicate to my Toshiba laptop). 

The laptop which i was working for 10 years give way 2 weeks ago in August 2014. I was so attached to this laptop, as I only know how to  use one of the obsolete software to edit website which is mircrosoft front page 2003. How many years? 10 years. 


I have decided to give myself a break to Taipei and Bangkok within a month. I have decided to travel more. I decided to work with PAF lime to rest since I can do nothing to my laptop at that moment.

People often talk of relaxation, but few know how to achieve it. Some people know how to relax physically but not mentally. And i find PAF lime helps. It gives me a complete mental relaxation which helps in releasing the consiciousness from delusion of duality and resting the mind. It helps the mind to manifest calmness.

Bryan Lao Shi PAF lime Breathing method:

Breath is life. So u can try apply PAF lime on tissue, inhale few times, than perform 478 breathing exercise. It goes to your organ and relax them.

May be I am stubborn. May be I am resistant to change. May be I fear the change of editor will wipe out all my files and I have no time to edit and updates.

We all fear to change because alot of times we are so comfortable with the things we do, the scent, the table, the everything. Alot of time we cant move on because our heart and mind still stay in the past.

We still think the person we used to love, will think of us sometimes, the friends we dont contact , we thought they will look for us. The things we lost , we love, hope will one day remember us.

I have deep connection with my old lap top. It been through with me ups and down in the life, from love to work to family. It walk me through different workshops. I created many wonderful workshop with this laptop.
1) Health and Beauty with Bryan
2) Get Younger with Bryan
3) Reunion with Bryan
4) Kwa Sa class with Bryan
5) 6636 with Bryan
6) Fengshui talks
7) TV shows script
8) FM 972, Fm 958 scripts.
9)Iweekly magazine 7 years of articles.
and many more.
10) Websites

The lap top failed once in 2008 when it can no longer brought out to do presentation. Once there was a talk at CPF board, and the laptop cant connect to the projectors, because the adapter give way. SO that day the talk was challenging because a talk with no powerpoint. But i make it thru because i start off workshop with white board.

I didnt get it repair and make this laptop my desktop and stay at home to work on powerpoint. In 2012, the laptop screen cracked when I tried to cover the cover hard with a pen in middle. I got it repair again.

In 2014 August, one morning I look at this laptop in my new house my new condo which I work hard for. And I say thank you. And I say I will backup....

Two days later it dies off. 


May be I have totally grown up , i started to look reflect on things I used to love and like . I go through old objects trying to recall some beautiful memories in life. Yes there are many happy one, the unhappy one no point to carry on now. 

I find that God love me in many ways. I have gone through so many health issues when I was young and now I can use what i have been through to share with people. I have asked for guidance and God send me an army of doctors from TCM to western to enlighten me. I am much blessed. And I hope to share with more people.

When it breakdown, I started to post on facebook and website blog, who can help? Zero no one knows what to do. I think in life, there are situations no one can help you. 

I mean in this era now, not many people can help u, normally you need to depend on yourself. I was kinda panic, as my website, my lifestory, all are in whatever server and whatever whatever. One day I woke up, so sian and did a little prayer. I start reading youtube and online forums... And I educate myself in this new editor. Thank you God. I make it, i proudly installed and learnt this new software.

Dear all stay calm in all situations, when problems u cant solve, get out of it and have a nap first. Trust me a nap is so powerful.


I love giving workshops, I feel very alive when I am sharing. I feel that there is a surge of energy when I meet people face to face to share. Frankly speaking I fear WHatsapp and sms to answer health questions, not that I dont like you. I feel restricted, because many time my remedies i need to niam alot, but sms and whatsapp takes up so much of my time which I can share better. 

Are you Famous or Not famous?
Famous and not famous. I dont know what is that. I am considered known and unknown. I have been working hard for 15 years, may be 20 years. And travel to many parts of office and schools to teach. 

I dont really do this 2 years as age catching up and I cant really have that much seminar to niam things over and over again. Passion is not lost but i think is enough le and should be in different directions.

I am not a very media person. Because I dont PR person, and whenever i was asked to do a TV show, once a blue moon. I was worried what to wear and my outlook (was).tv1

Friends comment on my dressing and taste. The real fact is i dont look photogenic or cameratic. Historically long ago, i was ask to go TV makeuproom , because we are new , so we have our makeup by a markup artiste and she put thick makeup on me like a "wayang show". Everyone looks at me weird, i told her is too thick but she says TV must be this way. 

So 10 mins before the show, I run to nearest wash room, use my Antiage Cleanser (Astiquer cleanser  to wash away that makeup). Than I quickly apply some perfectionist moisturiser and follow by my self bring dont know what brand makeup base. I didnt apply foundation. And run to the studio for the TV shoot. And I feel better.

Guess what, after the Taiwan show, most of the time I do my own makeup for events. I learn how to apply simple makeup on my face . I did ask some expert, they just dont share much and say things like oh for man keep it simple. And when u see this MAN on TV, they do so much makeup and use so many products , yet refuse to share. Ahahah 宫心计 (that was when first started la)。 Now, because after blessed by ahahaha蓝心湄, Queen. My words become heavy. Gosh, I am so shocked by human character. And I have my own range of skincare which i am proud of.

Err for workshop i dont apply foundation only for TV. Aroma oil and Artiste I interact with:>


Zoe Tay. She really show interest from her heart on my work even though she met me once in 2004. And she asked and at all times I was worry about the camera, she guides me. Even though only 3 episode with her, I salute her as the real Queen. GUess what she loves the scent of Sacred Holy frankincense. I learnt that she massage her stomach everyday using a special aroma herbs. And actually this is very good for female system. Ladies, if you want to feel energy and young, massage ur tummy daily, with some rice bran oil and dragonfly blend.

Kyme Ng: A big Sister which really caring and professional at all times. She has full surge of infinite energy. And her guidance and making people relax in the show is amazing. I am still guessing what scent she likes.

Joanne Peh: I remembered my first recording with her. During break time, I share with them on gingseng and green bean barley water, she listened with interest and ask her PA to write down. During second recording, in makeuproom. she says my marine collagen and lavender water is good. I was like SHOCKED. She infact as an anonymous person to order my products. Hmm I wonder who. Any way if Joanne PA if you are reading this lifestory, ask her to buy the rose balm now ahaha. In recent article, I saw she mention drinking green bean water ehehhehe.

Michelle Chong: She was worried with her acne in one of the recording ahaha because that time she has a movie coming up and i think she was over loaded. But my Mandarin oil makes her happy. She did try my green bean barley water and it works. And I think she likes my rose balm.

Michelle Chia: SHe asked me about hair care , and i give her a wooden comb in 2011. I am so surprised she send me a sms to thank me.

Vivian Lai: She met me fi=or first time in one of the recording. And during that day, she mentioned she had dandruff problems and whenever she comb her hair , flakes come out. So i gave her my rosemary which i advise her to use daily final hair rinse for a week. After a week, during second recording, she shout out loud when she sees me: :" Bryan Lao Shi, your method works...." She is so nice and share with people I am sort of not bad in my natural remedies ahahha. I thank her.

There are artiste from local, to Taipei and Hong Kong send me private messages to ask me health and beauty issues. Well I wont share here because i think is to respect them.

Fashion and me and trying hard at first:

It was tough, as in my Book ONE, i mentioned that i am bored with very low confidence and "FAT" throughout teens, so good look and fashion is something far out of reach. Whenever in class when i was in UNI, i envious people can wear fashionable clothing. I cant fit in any and look " TU TU TU".

JOKE: Ngee Ann Poly embarrassing incident.

During Ngee Ann time , there was once i got so fedup all my classmates they are all so fashionable. So I went to "2nd Chance" retail shop to get a long sleeve and a pants.

That day everyone in the class look at me.  And i over" dress". They say am i going for wedding?  That was really really trying too hard.

During pass out parade, everyone try to show off their fashion, and me too wanted to look good. I got another 2nd Chance fashion (2nd chance was a old fashion retail shop in 80s 90s).

Stupid Second Chance,really given me no chance to look good.
 Till today, I phobia second chance. Is a place for a 36 inch waist me to  buy CNY clothing.

Queensland University:
Australia time, where got time. Study and dont really dress up. But again, u see all overseas students dress like fashion to school. For me, I just normal.

Who on earth , on earth will predict me going to the most international fashionable beauty show. Gosh during season 1, peeople comments my dressing. Luckily my skill of healing outshine how I dress.
Season 2, I discover, I can be very fashionable if I want to ahahha. But Not me la.


Trying to look cool . I got this pants which I will never thought of wearing. It just happen. ANd i manage to carry it. Gosh guess what I am trying to get an outfit for the TV show.

Again I give up what to wear and got myself a pair of levi jeans and a Zara Top at $20. I dont care now. As I am just into sharing my healing methods on TV. I give myself a pat on my shoulder, from season 1 doing 2 episode to know season 2, doing 4 episode. I think I must be good right. Ahahah. Anyway, no one say what. I am just trying to motivate myself.. Damp it. I still dont know how to PR. And live in my own world. Luckily my volunteer PR Suat Lay go through with me.
NOW:  Back in Singapore i wear practically simple. I just dont like to take public pic, just that now, I trying to find my angle at such age, so alot of selfie i am just trying to find my right angle.
 And as usual this season, 女人我最大, i wear what i like.

My face remains natural. I see many botox and filler used by artiste, I am not against it because they need to look good at all time and tough man. Heng ah, I am natural therapist so I have the excuse to look natural aging ahaha.

I refuse to go botox. I want to look up to my IDOL VIvian CHow where she has a good lifestyle and do nothing of plastic surgery. She is my idol till today because she didnt do any botox and fillers, Her face aged abit but u can see is natural beauty.

Again my success of introducing dragonblood gel, magwhite serum and antiage serum in this show, bring sales to my products wor... I have orders from Taipei now eheheh.

She sleeps early.
I am happy
In this Taiwan show I insisted on my passion, and I keep my promises to share all kind of natural remedies which no one has done before on TV.

Glad that I manage to incorporate, Bryan Aroma Touch therapy, Silk Therapy, Aromatherapy. This show mean alot to me. It give recognition to Omhealth.

A classic Pic i was sharing Silk therapy, aromatherapy. Guess what Oil she love? PAF lime, rose otto and dragonfly oil.
And is actually my secret weapon. Do u know PAF lime is a scent that all people will love it. Use some in office u will be surprise. People will start talking to u.

Trust me, my aroma oil, beak the ice for me, in many situations. PAF lime is the oil brings alot of ren yuan and attention.


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Chapter Nine: Birthday Aroma Oil Article: Forgiveness.

I have celebrated 3 birthday parties till today ahaha. Age of  8 .....

Another 2 birthday was 2010 and 2011, I organised 2 birthday was to thank friends and people who has helped me in life.

And from 2012.... I dont celebrate at all... But just be a vegeterian on Chinese date to thank parents.
For 2014 today, 8th October, a day before my birthday, I have decided to go to elderly home to volunteer work. Well of course I thanks my parents and observe a day vegeterain on my chinese birthday for their long life ahhaha.

Eheheheh well from 2014 all English Birthday will be ME time. Chinese one for parents ahaha.

birthday For me every birthday I have a theme, and this year birthday is about forgiveness. And do you know what oil represent forgiveness?

Yes is Snow Chamomile oil. And snow chamomile is the best essential to work on forgiveness emotion.

Snow chamomile calmes, relaxes, eases anxiety , anger and fear.

Guess what? I always have this oil in my healing box, I seldom use it because i dont really like the scent. But normally i use it for blending for skin.
chamo Oil that represent October is Snow Chamomile. It promotes forgiveness and emotional healing. It promotes forgiveness, emotional.

This oil was with me so long and I think there is a reason for it to resurface.

It happens 2 months agon rainy day, when I was stuck at Dakota MRT, and while waiting for rain to stop, i took out my snow chamomile, and apply wrist. Suddenly i feel an energy of clearing and peace envelopes me. So it was launched.
chm Affirmation with Snow Chamomile.
Chamomile has many species and yet this one has many medical properties.And metaphysical properties.
People very petty heart can use, people who always think of worst of people can use.

Procedure practice:
Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Take three slow, relaxed, deep breathe. Open your eyes, put 2 drop of roman chamomile in tissue, fold to half and gently inhale a distant through your nose.

Pause and inhale gently again. SAY out aloud

" I am able to forgive. I forgive others who irritates or hurt me. I forgive myself for my faults"

Snow chamomile helps you to experience forgiveness and to understand its dynamics in your life.


For stomach massagem I put 4 drops rice bran oil on palm than 2 drops snow chamomile and massage stomach every Friday ahahah.

May help in treatment of parasites by massaging into abdominal area for fastest absorption into the blood stream, or massages into the reflex points of the feet. Can also be taken internally, such as added to a tea or even in capsules.

Roman chamomile essential oil is very soothing to irritated skin. Add 3-4 drops into a teaspoon of carrier oil and massage into the area 1-2 times a day.


I am not Saint, I do have things in my heart that sometimes find it difficult to forgive. For years this has been in my heart. So probably this year birthday, I will choose to release it because i neeed to grow up too. I have many fans and students. But is so blessing, all of you are so kind and wisdom. Not blindly follow me etc.
Indeed this is the aim of omhealth, to train and spread natural therapy. Lately I have developed the black bean vinegar trend which is my way of sharing and giving thanks. Well what is there to do with forgiveness. Ahahah according to one of my teacher in five element of food. Black bean belong to water element and vinegar is detox element of fire. When they mix together, not only are they good for health but they work in your system of detoxing the past issues that are trapped deep in body.

It must be taken with food or after food.

Ibb The black bean vinegar taste to good. Black bean after immerse 24 hour in Old Vingear陈醋, u can feel it taste nice, but if u immerse in the vinegar for 10 days, the beans will be so tasty. And it cost 1/10 of market price.
How to do it? Chapter 11 ba ok. Because I talk about the benefits and forgiveness first.
Well, when you first started business, alot of time, we need some publicity if not is not easy to gain recognition for my work. I need publicity not for fame (really) but hope that with some reputation , my natural remedies will be followed by people. Because there is a passion in your heart, it is this passion that makes one do alot of positive things for fulfilling dreams.

Can u imagine in 2002, I wrote in to magazines: cleo,  her world, papers to ask for a place for me to introduce health topics. But they always ask what is your credentials etc. Even I have certificate an experience in aromatherapy, the lack of celebrity factor make it impossible for you to have a article in any magazines.

Ahahaha but to my surprise Straaa Timeees. Wanted to interview me. I waas so excited.

The journalist promised that will have a proper article for me etc with my pictures. I was so excited. And they requested to have many pic taken for my workshops.

As usual, that day I was giving a workshop at TNT Freight Express. I specially arranged from my pocket money 100 chinese fans and arranged with the bosses for the attendees and to give a workshop so the journalist can take a pic. As it meant so much....

[ Founder of Aroma Dance therapy.....]

So as they go down and took alot of picture of me and the attendees.

For a week I was waiting for my interview articles, is so important as it can show recognition etc and use in my resume....

But guess what....fd1

My appearance in paper first time...., the put my back view and half of it.

I felt lousy because , i am founder of this aroma dance therapy and because u say you want interview.... and make me do all arrangements with my clients and takes so many days to interview but you give me a one liner....

At that time I was angry , aiya still young ma.... But now look back I find I am blessed also la.

So this one I forgive the Paper 1 month after the paper.

If the paper has done a good write out, that year I would have gotten many projects. Ahahah

Also I would like to forgive all those companies who have make things difficult for omhealth when first started and people who discourages omhealth, and people who give empty promises to omhealth. ( thats why for me, now, till today, i love to help people who help themselves... why I intro companies like honey, clariancy, blk 200 organic shops, Starwater , and not ask for spokesman fees because they are good people and they work hard and sincere.....

Oh many sms me want sart up business sell chinese new year goodies, want me intro. Well this once cannot la... first food cannnot anyhow intro ah they need license de.... this part apologise ah...
Writing A BOOK Last year, a lady volunteer to write a book for me. I was so excited. So I make all arrangement with publisher and they agreed to produce the book for me.

And when all agreement done. The writer so call, called me say their office dont allow her to write for third party....

If is you, will you be angry... Because u arranged with publisher le , those big brand give me face ok:.  Well today I forgive ahhahaha

And I want to thank this from happening because now I have the most readers on line life story, Hitcount a day is 200 plus and to me is equivalent writing a book le.


On your right is snow chamomile. Is a very precious oil, u use once awhile. The medical properties can click here

Special Blend:

U can try a drop snow chamomile, a drop lavendula and a drop grapefruit pink in tissue. The scent will forgive people and soothe the nerves of entire system


U can put few drops of above in a small pail of water and final rinse from head to toes which noursih hair and beautify skin.

  • Adding 5 to 6 drops chamomile oil to a pan of steaming water and let the odor permeate the area. Chamomile calms anxiety while promoting a feeling of overall well-being, which helps a hypochondriac develop a better awareness of his actual physical state.

  • 4

    Draw a pail warm water and add 5 to10 drops of chamomile oil into the warm water, use good morning towel and than put on fore head with eye close or use the towel wipe neck,

  • Dear all, Good morning towel is best for headaches removal try it, or whole body feel lousy, u  combine good morning towel with aroma oil warm water body neck scrub. Many times migraines can be brought on by nervousness. The warm bath and scent of chamomile will help to relax.
  • Is letting go of bitterness and grudges. Is not easy. Above two issues and many issues I didnt state here was in my heart for years. But with the use of Snow Chamomile I find that it is all released.

    Nearly everyone has been hurt by the actions or words of another. Perhaps your  your colleague sabotaged a project or your partner not appreciate u or being betrayed.

    These wounds can leave you hor super scar even my oil wont help and this lasting feelings of anger, bitterness or even vengeance — but if you don't practice forgiveness, you might be the one who pays most dearly.

    By  forgiving, you can also embrace peace, hope, gratitude and joy. Consider how forgiveness can lead you down the path of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

    What are the benefits of forgiving someone?

    Letting go of grudges and bitterness can make way for compassion, kindness and peace. Forgiveness can lead to:

    • Healthier relationships
    • Very Heng
    • Greater spiritual and psychological well-being
    • Less anxiety, stress and hostility
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Fewer symptoms of depression
    • Lower risk of alcohol and substance abuse

    What are the effects of holding a grudge?

    If you're unforgiving, you might pay the price repeatedly by bringing anger and bitterness into every relationship and new experience. Your life might become so wrapped up in the wrong that you can't enjoy the present. You might become depressed or anxious. You might feel that your life lacks meaning or purpose, or that you're at odds with your spiritual beliefs. You might lose valuable and enriching connectedness with others.

    How do I reach a state of forgiveness?

    Forgiveness is a commitment to a process of change. To begin, you might:

    • Consider the value of forgiveness and its importance in your life at a given time
    • Reflect on the facts of the situation, how you've reacted, and how this combination has affected your life, health and well-being
    • When you're ready, actively choose to forgive the person who's offended you
    • Move away from your role as victim and release the control and power the offending person and situation have had in your life

    As you let go of grudges, you'll no longer define your life by how you've been hurt. You might even find compassion and understanding

    Ask for forgiveness Well, i ask for forgivness from those who sms me at night ask me questions and didnt answer u or some  I scolded u.

    ( Just treat me like thos eold School Chinese Teacher, i am trained that way)

    Hmmm, again I find that some of my scolding is not scolding la, is more like reminding you.... to email questions and wait for reply, cannot rush me because, there is only one brayan , one mobile.

    As I said many times, even I didnt answer ur questions, i do note down in a notebook and many find surprise ur issues is publish in blog so as remedies is shared.

    For newbies, search the blog. And I am still very tradition teacher student relationship ok.

    But again, those who i have scolded , sorry.

    My Birthday Wishes

    A) Parents good health.
    B) All clients and readers who read my singlish blog will find remedies
    C) An army of 20 people work for me and help me create mt website and automate my payment system and help me reply email
    D) A TV show just for me to share . Sometimes I feel why media kept invite overseas artiste and share health topic here that we already know, like toxic of meat, sleep healthy news... why not invite me and my friends of therapist with have Vast knowledge to share. ahahahah..... Also thankful for being in consecutive 2 season in Taiwan Starhub show. This show eheheh helps me, sigh this is a world people see status, I dont know... for me I am still the same Bryan Lao Shi. Same passion, less tempered, love to share, yet like to scold people sometimes.
    E) Without Botox and Filler, let me face Tahan for another 10 years. To prove to u, facial massage with neroli facial oil method, rose water and lavender water cotton dab face daily and hydrate skin can beautify skin
    F) My famous vitamin C and Hairloss serum will sell well in Guardian Pharmacy when launch. I dont have budget for TV ads... i need u to help me le.
    G) Wish on the day of my birthday every year, people who read my health blog will have even better health. And people when hears the name of Bryan Lao Shi, will remind themselve natural therapy.
    H) Go back to my schools to deliver free talk.
    Despite writing in to Deyi Secondary school for many years to give  a free talk for teachers... to give thanks to my old school, no reply... The admin must be sleeping, and the professor who says that know Deyi principal... hmmm hope one day u keep ur promises.... I have turned down so many corporate talk le... why i want do free , bochap me.

    Stay tune: Chapter 10: making of black bean... vinegar.... Also do come for FM 958 radio organised Talk show with 2 doctors. hey hey with two doctors hor... means omhealth have recognition le... ehhehe

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    Chapter TEN

    How to have Sustainable Happiness?

    As we get more matured, we find that sustainable happiness is what we actually want de.

    When we were younger, happiness is quite simple and easy to achieve.

    But when a person gets older, happiness is dont seems to come easy and is totally conditional happines...

    Oh I will be happy if i get this, oh i will be happy if i have this.... but normally even u got what u want, ur happiness cant last long.....

    Happiness is thought of as the good life, freedom from suffering, flourishing,well being, joy, prosperity, and pleasure. Learn to cultivate the four conditions of happiness: clear eyes, a quiet mind, a sense of beauty, and an open heart.


    Sometimes I will seat one corner and think..... Remember back when we were in kindergarden, happiness were all about school, singing ,play. Mama stand outside those metallic PAP window peeping, waiting for us. Walk us home after school..... U remember your PAP kindergarden uniform... U recall ? Try to recall....Your happiness is seeing mama and classmates.

    Primary School:
    Happiness is playing in school,good marks.... teacher's praises. Recess Bells....we have our 30 cent fried rice, noodles soup.Play Chatek with friends....  Happiness was passing PSLE, and get to the secondary school of our choice.Happiness is when.....

    Secondary School
    Happiness is when you understand your Amath and finished your homework.
    That time, your biggest thing in life is O -level.
    U carry ur "text book" with colorful band, walk around in school like a little professor.
    Happiness is you go for school excursion. 

    Poly/ITE / JC/ Private:
    Happiness has more conditions now with all the above plus friends,your looks.
    Happiness was whether u have the right project group for your year end project, Happiness was whether u will make the right choice to UNI. Happiness was..... so many conditions now.....

    UNI: Happiness ... Uni....END OF EXAM.U thought no more exam and work life is cool....


    Work: Happiness is all about reconigtion from your boss, happiness bound by work conditions. Happiness is hopefully u have date and get settled down. Happiness is about promotion. Happiness is about having right click to go lunch. Happiness is about doing better than your colleagues...Happiness is get a good cubicle, or not arrowed by people...

    SINGLE: Happines is a wish to have someone to love you .

    Attached: Happiness is all about your family or your BF/GF whether they understand you. U expect them to be romantic like Korean Drama. But many times they disappoint you.  All you wan is alittle bit of understanding or romance. U sometimes think about Single is good too.

    For those who are dating, if u find your date not ok, better talk it out. If not whole life more regrets.

    Married: More conditions, overwhelm, if u dont learn to love yourself, u can be a very unhappy person, u compare and compare and worries and worries....

    Actually being woman is the most Tough things
    Example on Office Girl : ( Hope dont provoke anyone, if does, forgive me)

    I observed generation of office girls to Office Woman since 1997:

    Case Studies:
    Office Ladies: when first started work, dress nicely, excited to talk to everyone and proactive. Cry abit when boss comment them.
    Few years later become Office Woman, may be promoted abit, try to be abit more demanding, try to talk about woman rights, like equal to man (woman can never be equal to man, because woman by right should stay at home or be Tai Tai, u are born to be love by man, just that u dont have this MING ahahha).... So many woman start to feel unbalance, is the hormones in you.

    Career Woman: Very sucessful, u were once office girl but now u are successful office Power woman, ur makeup are all YSL and not "cover girls", u dress up. U use Lamer skincare ($600 a bottle), young office lady using omhealth make ur eyes roll...

    But again, woman when become power woman, u gain something u lost something. Ur face wrinkled or u start to get cold hand and cold feet. Sleep no good.Ur neck shoulder pain.Remember you are a woman, Yin in Body, u need to slow down and love urself even more.... u are made to be a Tai Tai..........

    Everyday u see ur pantry aunty skin look even better than u and ur office girl all looks great... u look like Tacobell now...

    Suddenly u start to heard about Bryan Lao Shi, u secretly visit his blog,
    he is 10 years ur senior but u look like his Big Sister,  u email him, he didnt reply u within 2 days, u use ur office woman power to question him. End up u kana from Bryan Lao Shi, he more "aunty" than u, school u till u blur....... and than u find him sincere..... and start using his products... slowly from office Power Woman, u become a nice Career woman with touch of angelic looks... Ur skin get better and ur heart more open and happiness begins, using his Rose Balm and PAF lime...... ahahahhaa

    Ur hair use to be frizzy, but his hair serum makes u feel like a lady and everyday u become a better person.....

    U decided to use his skincare and u transformed

    (ahaha above is true, a few office woman ask me to write this but with a twist, they use to hate me in a way because my sms is always, one letter or "

    [Cant u read the blog, i spend so much time write?]
    [ U think I am your PA is it, email wait la]
    [ Dont be demanding, what time is it, sms me this time]

    Happiness Achievement:
    Oh gosh, by now u should know happiness is about gratitude, contentment, let go... as if u dont know... u know one. Just that u are so overwhelm by daily life events, until u just find ..... tired.....

    Tell you, happiness true happiness can be achieved only you love yourself and happy with your life. U need to change something first to be happy. Change ur thinking and ur heart!

    How to have sustainable Happiness? Breathing exercise and keeping a notebook.

    Don't be too hard on yourself. No one is perfect de la

    Remain cool and calm as a person. Ignore the negativity (negative comments, happenings, people) around you. Be understanding: many times hard feelings exist due to not understanding the other person's point of view. When you start putting yourself in the person's place you begin to understand why he says what he says and you start breaking the wall of ego. Is so important rest a day before sending an aggressive email wor.

    Be friendly truely,
    Being friendly does not mean you have to bring home everyone you meet, but you can always put up a good, warm behavior in front of others.
    When you give positive vibes, you will attract positive energy.

    Take lessons from the events in your life. Turn disappointments into life lessons. I tell u, how many talks events disappointment i have experience to be what I am de. Not say I am successful la, but i achieve the capability to niam on stage 5 hours making everyone happy....

    ry not to compare yourself with others. Everyone is unique in this world. Cherish the fact and feel nice about yourself. You have everything including a nice heart. Yeah why compare... if compare hor, u will find endless unhappiness.

    True happiness can only be found when you stop worrying about yourself and try to look out for those around you. Helping family members, co-workers, and friends can give your life meaning and joy. Selfishness, on the other hand, will only provide temporary pleasure. Obviously there are some aspects of life where you must focus on yourself, like your body's need for food and sleep, but only focusing on your own needs will never result in true, sustainable happiness.

    When you experience a thought nagging at the back of your mind, write it down as a question in your notebook. This focuses your mind and helps you not become obsessed with your thoughts.
    Again once a blue moon I may Fa Zuo... thats when u send me messages during my rest days and hours.... ahahha/

    Acupressure for happiness:

    U apply rose balm at your chest and neck. Than do the following . Is so effective for depressions, unhappiness and feeling not right.


    In other words, one hand behind head, one hand press the nose top. And massage for 3 mins can le.... (My english more easy understand right)

    PAF Lime: Use in tissue put office: It create courageous and hopeful and refresh aura of wonderfulness.

    Any many ladies: Kick start my Antiage Set and fromt here they expand to using pearl clay mask , SPF 25 and the vanilla face scrub....

    A whatsapp from a powerful Office Woman ( she very nice de)

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    Chapter 11: Powerful Therapy invented by Bryan Lao SHi

    WA 2015 le. Past few months I have stopped writing because of TV show , radio event, Mall presentation and also one of my dream came true. The launch of Goji C. The idea of having supplements and good one is important. I am very thankful really. But again I do take care of my health. U see many health therapist they teach but they dont practice what they teach... For me... I at all time when free press accupoints. I do breathing exercise.

    Hey, u all hor, dont want to say , u. Now deep breathing 3 times before proceed reading this article.

    Today I want to talk about some aroma oil stories, suppose to share in 8th March Library but teach too much that day ahah.

    My Aroma Oil Story in 1990s: I miss 1980s 90s and Bus 168 with aircon to orchard road.

    After reading do support get essential oil ah. EHehhe this is the only platform we selling good quality oil for past 15 years.

    This is one of the building that still exist in orchard road.
    In fact used to have a foodcourt at the basement.

    Early 1990s, when u walk up the stairs on the left second shop there is a powerful aromatherapy shop from USA.
    From there I learnt about a blend of rose geranium, lemon, rosemary. Do u know that time rose geranium a 10ml of my present quality already cost $50.
    And mine till today geranium still at $45
    I dedicate today article to midpoint orchard. Professor Midpoint method

    He uses this 2 blend

    Rose geranium + Lemon:

    He call it purification

    ( if u can try 1 drop rose geranium and 2 drops lemon in cotton, u smell abit, is a very powerful perfume )

    this scent is known for clearing the mind debris , anger and dissatisfaction with life or lost of happiness.

    I improve the version further by replacing lemon with bergamot , is amazing too.

    B) Rose Geranium + Rosemary

    When this 2 combine, we can it the brain tonic.

    1 drop rose geranium and 2 drop rosemary in tissue u try.

    If u suffer from brain drained or jammed. This two oil helps. U can after shower final rinse ur head with a pail of water with 2 drops rose geranium and 4 drops rose mary oil. Please careful dont get the oil to the eyes.

    U feel good after this.

    The above 2 blends is good also if u can add to handbath or footbath with each time ur own combinations not more than 8 drops.

    Gosh good oil is hard to find now. Many oil in the market are from the plants that are so dead or wrong parts included. Me ah me, still insist quality:>

    For body massage or stomach neck massage blend

    U can go MUJI buy empty bottle. Pour in 20 ml rice bran oil so add 13 drops of essential oil as ur own concoction.

    The Professor blend (see beside )

    This professor works with rose geranium, rosemary spainish and Lemon (or bergamot)

    Rose geranium is a very precious oil which has tons of healing properties especially for female system. In my blog cancer article, I always mix rose geranium with frankincense . A recent research in Taipei that rose geranium helps chemo patient to feel better.

    To me is a very sweet oil but can be over power when use alone. But the medical properties are

    :relieve tension, anxiety, nervousness, stress and fatigue,
    antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent to treat skin wounds, bruises, pimples, eczema, ringworms and hemorrhoids.
    (but normally blend with lavendula and rice oil to apply, but for me I used direct on my cyst last time and recovered)

    (Extracted from medical health news)
    The antioxidant and anticancer activities of this oil oil may be attributed to the major contents of citronellol and transgeraniol. These oil soluble compounds found in Geranium showed active inhibition of the  nchorage-independent growth of human MIA and PaCa2 pancreatic tumor cells.
    >Geranium oil or geranium essential oil is more effective on NB4 cell line than HL-60 cell line.

    In as study published in “British Journal of  Nutrition 2012”, entitled “Effects of a Chinese medical herbs complex on cellular immunity and toxicity-related conditions of breast cancer patients”, Rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens, Geraniaceae) was found to have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, and promotes wound healing. Extracts from Geranium can improve the immune cell count of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy to prevent leucopenia and immune impairment that usually occurs during cancer therapy.

    Bryan's personal blend for serious illness support
    2 drops rose geranium, 4 drops holy frankincense, 3 drops rosemary, 2 drops lavendula vera and 2 drop lemon in 15ml rice bran oil. Use this blend massage neck chest is good. For breast area u can actually increase to 20ml rice oil if u think is too strong.

    Now the above blend is Bryan's Medical Healing Blend for  many kinds of ailments. After so many years of studies.

    U can use this blend to massage foot, neck etc. But is different usage like 3 oil method to cure neck pain fast. Is a healing method to dig out the past and heal the pain.

    The above blend is also amazing for people suffering from lost or sadness in life.


    Now u can use my complicated blend above or this simple blend:

    Bryan Simple Power Blend:
    10ml rice bran oil mix with 2 drops rosegeranium and 5 drops rosemary and 2 drops lemon/bergamot

    LET GO : By Bryan Lao Shi
    Apply Oil to H: use left hand massage right H and right hand massage left H.

    And Say: " I let go and my body is renewed"
    keep massage and say this because it releases the old energy and welcome the new.

    HEAL HEART ACHE : By Bryan Lao Shi

    Betray by love one or cannot forgive urself or others...

    Apply this blend at "I" and massage clock wise and anti clockwise.

    Say" I forgive, I Forgive, love love love love love"

    Neck and Shoulder Always pain and feel burden in life. (Chronic Back Pain)

    Apply this blend at G.

    Massage "G" and feel the sensation

    And say: I release the burden and old energy that is no longer needed. I feel Good"

    After massage naim and niam. Apply 3 oil and lotion upper back.

    Dear all, those with serious neck back pain, u can should at least see doctor one time. Than go to blog look for 3 oil method and some strectch as it can help u recover fast.

    Apply 3 oil upper back. One drop lavender, peppermint and marjoram and 5 drops rice oil. Massage whole neck shoulder and roll

    Food cure Suffer from back pain and body aches or sadness

    Check On

    1) Everyday need eat 3 fruits and 1 full cup vegetables minimum
    2) GOJI C (if u have)
    3) 8 glasss of water
    4) Any kind of Qu Shi Cha as in blog.
    5) Deep breathing
    6) One time drink the detox tea at night. Second day shit like u never shit before ( i drink the 21st century brand)

    If for 3 days u follow above and u feel good means ur bodyaches and tiredness due to lack of air and nuitrients.

    My blog is

    Product list errr forget the link now ahahha wait ah.

    Highest Quality Bundle

    1) Rose Geranium $45 (market $90 le)
    2) Rosemary Spanish $25
    3) Bergamot $38
    4) Lavendula $28 ( same price remains, mama says this the only oil forever cannot increase price as it can help many people, and direct for fungus, acne or direct apply after burn etc>

    Little Story (scent change every few months)
    In 2001 mom support me to study in Australia, she got whole hand burn by boiling water and that time when I back from holidy so worry and luckily I study Aromatherapy and she apply lavender direct and now no scar le.

    Aromatherapy was invented long ago because a man lab test got burn and he apply ;lavendua direct and safe him

    So is a first aid kit and always have a bottle. My first oil is lavendula and spend me many years to find th best fresh species. And in market cost alot, actually we are selling a low low price and to thank the public.

    My 2 months super achivement record: Sometimes I think where the energy comes from. Oh, I may be not doing the Taiwan Show. Abit tired. I want to spend more time on blog and sharing eheheh:>

    In 2014 Chinese New Year Bedok Mall.I remember we cut amla and let everyone tasted. And I have a dream to produce best Vitamin C with Goji , amla and ingredients lucetain that help the eyes. And yes I met up with best Clinical Naturopath and with alot of test and launch in Singapore. True Singapore. May I call it SG50 ahahah.
    I was busy with TV show, this show I manage to introduce Qi Gong for energy, Tibetan Yoga, Aroma Oil like PAF lime, Sha Za Jam for slimming and energy and also Black bean vinegar for skin and bones and anti depression.

    Since last year I have been teaching blackbean vinegar, if u eat daily few beans, u should be able to feel the effect
    Can you believe first time in TV I light up the health sandalwood coil to share with many. Sandalwood incense is not really a religion thingy, is infact an art . I love my work.

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    Chapter 12 True Self Passion and You
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    Dont be imprison of what other people think of You. Be confident and be strong.

    Well time flies and now is April 2015. How are you doing? Lately I went through all my past database. I have few thousands students and clients since 1997, and I am very grateful many students still in contact with me. 

    But one thing I am weak at is, establishing contacts with some old customers. And many dont read Blog. I used to send monthly newsletter but stopped because in 2005 blog start to be popular. 

    What am I going to do with the 4000 database. I am planning to send a hardcopy newsletter using recycle paper once a year. All about news on health and recipes. I just love good newsletter again, to reach those who forget about omhealth ahahaha....

    So staytune my old customers....

    I have so much love and gratitude for all of you, and hope one day we can come together and talk about health improvement.

    2015 Season 3 Taiwan Show, I am unable to do even they keep persuading me. Really thanks to their 爱戴。Because I am doing my charity work and also lesson plan for you. U know when I do TV show, I focus and go all the way .

    Latest Gossip:
    Lately I overheard a feedback from one of the "big company", at first they want to invite me to give a workshop for their brand but they pull out the project. Reason....

    " Bryan laid down too many rules and not easy to handle.... so thats why we change a speaker that is more adaptable...."

    ME: I remember some companies big brand look for me to promote their things for event, but again, I told them if u invite me for a talk, I will only speak the truth and things that I have used before and for an 2 hour talk, 15mins only on ur product and the rest I want to share my health techniques....

    because of day one passion, I have "let go" many opportunities but also gain support from many big brands, like Panasonic. And Panasonic and some big brands just love the way I am. Upcoming, u will see.....

    U need to know in life, your passion and your passion.  

    Please keep on believing you can achieve everything with faith and determination.
    I thank you for there is a special bond between u and me. You are always so supportive. I mean who on earth still like u, type out what u need and email to , order products and patiently wait for courier. I thank you.

    keep on helping people if you can.... And really dont expect a return.... I helped many media free... and sometimes once I ask a favour simple one, they no reply... than I know... there are people out there, only look for u whent they need help.

    Thank you so much for your support and love. And I know u are proud of omhealth shining on heatlh beauty segment internationally. Youur every order even an item, allow me to get going and doing volunteer adn charity work.

    Charity work, is not just about going there once a year and snap a pic and show everyone u are doing. Is only when u seat down talk to them, share your experience and listen to them and feel for them. My first volunteer work was 2001 at St Joseph home, massage for elderly.

    I am glad , given a chance for me to use my skills to reduce pain for elderly and people who need help. I joke with the elderly last week, " PoPo, u stay alone ah, I also, everyday I dont know what to eat as cooking alone not easy..... , Popo says" Aiya, just boil some..... etc"

    And when i talk to the elderly, i think of some of u all who email ur questions from family to health issues, do u know sometimes u dwell in your problems so deep until if no one pull ur out, are u going to aged and be alone still with ur problems. DONT.... be different.... breakthrough

    If u have health issue, accept it and work with it by telling people how u fight the war and inspire people.

    If u have insomnia, share with people and tell them wat u are doing and tried to improve sleep..... whether it works for u anot, sometimes things dont work for u work for people.

    If have cancer, well write down how u go through and help people....

    If u are so lucky in life and happy and rich and powerful and alot of contacts and networking, help people who are struggling and have  potential.... And help them shine. If only 10 years ago, some media famous people who I approach helped me, I can go faster further, but again I never blame them, with own hardwork I am more tough... I dont have Ah Bu... I have million of aunties and uncles that support me...

    Tell your stories in a positive way to inspire people. Break the spell of negativity. In office or pantry lunch talk, once a week share with ur friends health news.

    For you all, never give up your dream and your day one passion. Keep renewing your passion. Many people and friend's advise and thinking just listen, they are not u, YOU know best what u want.

    This whole journey of facing myself is extraordinary. I meet people,events that I dont know I can meet. The expereince I been thru..... is what u given me. I feel so fabulous and I am welcoming more of the fabulus self that is coming up. The new 40s is the new 20s. I am happy. Some say why I have so much free time? Nope because I woke up 5am to work and think ....

    I take care my health by doing acupressure, using oil daily and using natural products. I juice daily and eat greens more now. Goji C my baby and Almond Cal too.

    Frankly speaking  Ten Spice oil is really the oil that inspire me to excel. It seems to help to dissolve anger and tension by using it in handbath or foorbath.


    1) Roswood Oil
    It can take away your depression and leave you smiling within minutes. The mild, sweet, spicy and floral aroma of this oil does the trick . It fight sadness and disappointment and prepares you to take on life with a new and positive perspective. It can be very good for those who recently failed or are feeling down, whether it is in terms of academics, professional situations, or relationships.

    U can add few drops to ur body lotion big bottle as it help rejuvenate cell.

    2) Cedarwood Atlas atlantic oil
    Is grounding and relaxing. A drop on ur palm pat ur head or your pet's head can calm them and make them feel good. It was use for many healing properties. Well, I put a drop with 3 drop rice oil massage stomach. Some use for sleep by putting 5 drops a a bowl of boilin water in bedroom half hour before sleep.

    3) Miracle Love Oil blend


    What touches me in 2014: Suntec Outdor event show, with many famous artiste.... yet I have the most fans that come support me quietly at one corner... A crowd of 70% are my students.People with good heart and good intention will come together.

    Never Give Up:
    In 2001, a polytechnic rejected my talk , but NTU NUS invite me to give a talk. So remember never give up.

    Upcoming June I have a class that I stopped 2 years because of TV show ahah, East meet West Kwa Sha class. Do come ba.

    This coming Saturday my AlmondCal launch with Eugene Lao Shi and Dr Xu lili, do come support.

    Product List (to be continued...)

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    A summarised 6 months

    They say when you aged... You will start thinking about the past. Think of your past and remind urself what to let go and capture the beautiful moments even it was a 5 mins event.

    I dont remember much what happen last few months or what I ate last week. But I remember the time when I have great time with my family back in primary school or earlier.

    Priority: Set your priority now in life:

    Dont waste time on people who dont appreciate u like ur bosses.... Boss now and boss last time different. Last time boss think more for people. Now zzz.

    Anyway, any boss reading this... Dont be a boss or manager that let people hate. The fengshui of energy very fast now... if u always get sick hor and not well like by people.... u know why la. So change to be a kind person.

    What is my priority lately are parents. Probably I am single so I am more observant of the way they aged over the years. As a Health so call Guru.... I try my best to take care of them. But I think most of you has the same experience like mine... Parents dont listen much ahahha. But you need to be patience and talk to them. The reason why I shifted out of my place, (away by 5 mins) is to avoid the conflicts and stress I gave them. Ahahha...

    I mean I was in Australia for 5 years, and notice by 17 most kids become independent.
    For Asian... we will take care of parents whole life. And for people being single and only child or even many bros and sis u have and u are one of the care taker , it will not be easy. And if can u need to have some planning now if u are in 40s.

    Lately I have received many email who are in their 40s and 50s (many are my fans for long time) shared with me they are stressed about taking care illed parentsplus family work..... Well I share with them... They need to also take care of their health too.

    Omhealth products always come with touch of care and concern

    thats why we have

    A) Goji C Amla with lucetein: Well their eyes and our eyes and immune
    ( first 2 weeks I drink daily, after that I drink when stress or 3 times a week or during stress period) Although i launch supplements, i also want u all to eat healthy food.

    B) Organic High Mountain Ginger Dried: With thousands of health products in market. i find that one item we lack of is pure dried ginger. I start to see many processed gingle granuales and sold very expensive. And also I decide to research on Dried Ginger root. I know for elderly , the frustration of aching, limbs, lack of stamina, insomnia , failing eye sight.

    Elderly key thing is to keep warmth, stay active and also maintain contacts with people at al ages. I force my mom to learn certain things

    Dried Ginger helps a person to be from frustration to fantastic. Fatigued to fantastic.

    [Ginger can decrease the risk of heart disease by "platelet inhibition" (like aspirin and vitamin E do) and by lowering cholesterol. It is a strong antioxidant and can inhibit certain bowel infections (Salmonella and Vibrio) and, in 5% and 25% aqueous extracts, can be effective against vaginal Trichomonas infections.]

    For me, I encourage them to make 6 slices boil with 2.5 cups water for 15mins with lid. So water wont evaporate finish. Than add brown sugar. U know if boil le leave in vaccum flask many hours even more power.

    twice a week, I make ginger water and add a teaspoon of tumeric

    Omhealth dried ginger (marketing time ahah) really use high mountain farm, mountain water and natural.

    Drink ginger water with some tumeric (half teaspoon if a teaspoon too much) and feel the antiflammation properties.

    Omhealth Ginger root is $20 and high quality. But for us is it too heaty? Well ginger is warmth. And different from heaty. Of course we drink day time and with water. Ginger people say heaty because they fried and eat.
    And when honey added, it become a remedy for sore throat since ages time ago.

    C) Ginseng ( the omhealth Ginseng, once launched, some shops start to advertisement but tiple the price)

    Well ginseng has been known in the West since the days of Marco Polo.  Chinese has used it since 5000 years ago. And now wild are rare and many are cultivated.

    Omhealth Gingseng is more than 6 years old. And this ginseng is special. First, the old ginseng was taken out from soil during harvest and left some roots. Than this roots was left in the mountain and let it grow and grow to become ginseng after many years. This type of ginseng very suitable for Singaporean, first is tonic and yet non heaty. Eat one a week or every two week is good.

    But no matter how u share. There are some still say it will be heaty. but do u know how to countereact heatiness from real HOT Ginseng (not suit Singapore). Is boil with white rice a tablespoon.

    Papa and Mama will definitely benefits from Ginseng de.  Try to boil for them once a week or once a month. Ginseng, 浮小麦,百合,南枣,淮山,玉竹,茯苓卷,枸杞。。。omhealth dried ginger 2.

    Above a ginseng, 3 slice ginger and a tablespoon rice with 3 cups water I boil and drink the water for my personal tonic.

    Essential Oil Support

    Also this year I completed my 10 blends with Four new Blend

    1) Awaken Blend:  to wake up from our worries and look forward. Carefully blended with oil that break the negative debris in our body
    2) Fresh Morning Dew Blend: A good morning is a good start. This blend reminds u the beauty of life. And very good for those who need to handle stress day.
    3)Purification and Inspiration blend: A blend that throughout the day to be used on wrist inhale when meet difficult situation. Is a must have for 2016 and forever
    4) Victorian Secret: Ahahaha, when u are lost in your direction in life. Use this blend for shower rinse , u can feel the secret of Universea and everything is in Divine order.
    5) Beautiful Love Miracle Blend: A special blend to inspire love, self love and power of love to handle all situations. Also for a person to have good ren yuan.

    u can find more la

    Roller: IS the favourite for many. Effective small bottle but take ages to finish a bottle. And rose balm helps many to release tension and sleep better.

    So from now, when u see all my blend , there are a story behind each blend. When u inhale, from tissue or wrist. Feel the effort and the combination. When u drink ur ginger or ginseng, feel the effort put in to heal ur life.

    Shopping Cart: For many years people commented the look at feel of my website ----so old fashion. But again is ok. I have find few people to do my website but many are disappointing. Either do half way disappear or etc.

    So this time I engage a friend's recommendation. The person who do my shopping cart is a minor handicapp  profession.  And to my surprise within 1 week, shopping cart is out. Although it looks simple and picture are not professionally taken,  the effort and workability counts.

     For me I will continue to work with him. Life is not just about beauty of the website. Is the beauty of a person who put this website together. As a omhealth founder, I am please with his design. I dont care what some profession talk about website beauty. For me is practical. U can see how many youngster in business produce impressive website yet cant sustain.

    18th year Anniversary

    This year I went mountain .

    For 2 years I have appeared in TV show 女人我最大。I didnt take up the 3rd season because I need to prepare my seminar. I was told, that the TV show like my segment alot because is special. yes do u know when i do a TV show, I take long time to prepare. And to me, even appear 5 mins, u need to spread knowledge and dont let Singaporean loose face. Do u know what I have introduce on TV , is so unique and pattern more than badminton, even no one know how to copy. Can i be proud for once eheheheh. Pleaseeeeee. Let me Hao Lian for 1 minute.

    Infact this year I turn down few TV show and event. Because really, money cant earn finish, if u sacrifice too much personal time and loose urself, is no good. For me balance.... and I ran to PUTUO SHAN this year.

    Old friends are hard to come by. Even we only meet during events. But you all are always in my prayers.

    Can u imagine one person together with CIndy, take in registeration of 1000 people.

    FM972: Congrat 21 le.
    Fm 972 was the first media that I attended. So I decided to go to Feng Yin show as I am very grateful to them. And do u know once a month video in FM 972 radio facebook was the highest hit rate. Thank you.

    Thank you FM 972 inviting me for the celebration. EHhehee...

    Past 6 months  busy What

    Past few months I didnt have time to update this site:

    I waas busy with friends, meeting them and make an effort to meet friends. And conducting class to marks the 18th years anniversary of omhealth.

    Do u know the face 5 element exercise class has only few students back in 2001 at Toa Payoh Safra and now alot.  I am planning 2016 a 5 element classs gathering 10 years.

    Brands to Thank You

    People are very realistic de..... If u appear on TV before brands starts to look for u. And many many many I mean many brands look for omhealth. I can be rich overnight.... but again. it takes me a lifetime to build my reputation of saying the true things. I am not affected at all.
    And do u know instead I call up and look for brand to use me. The other way round.

    Panasonic Event:
    Again ahahhaha... this year also have few new project like Panasonic. And thanks for the trust. Although u all can afford to use many BIG STAR, but enage me to do many projects. Thank You.

    Pic  from a blogger thank u.

    The Sponsors for Anniversary

    Honey Uniflora and Lifzyme

    This is the honey I drink and I support them for ages. Reason is Singapore singapore and certified organic and reasonable price and thanks to them to help me in charity and sponsor for 18th year anniversary talk.

    Till today 3 times a week, I drink Acacia Honey morning and Linden honey at night.

    And their Lifzyme is one of the products , I encoruage parents to drink. My dear students. I dont push sales or push them because they sponsor omhealth talk before. But is good. And u all try le will know.

    For years, when i do TV show, or event, I say I need some free gifts to give to students and tell them I cant promote their brand. They whole heartedly give me the products and give u all le.

    So I must say thank u. I order their items by phone 62279812. Main Acacia and Linden

    My first brand that work with me is Claraincy Singapore.  DO u know during the TV show 2 years ago. With Zero expereince I was asked to use their Tripollar stop on a actress. I was so worried. and for that 5 mins demo , I spend 2 months to practice on mom, dad and friends. And it was so well received on TV .

    And their consecutive products past 2 years engage me to do their demo on TV.

    1) Tripollar Stop (really good for skin collagen)
    2) ME Stop (Gosh I demo myself so many time , now armpit not much hair le, ahahh did i use my demo set on the artiste ahahahh ooops)
    Such a big brand and engage and sponsor my talk I must say thank you.

    pic from Yuki the famous blogger.

    Last year when i was doing the show.... I dont PR and talk much, and when one of the advisor ask me to be more PR. She stand out and say " Bryan just be yourself and I dont talk much too and talk when necessary..."

    I salute her.

    Wen Ken Group:

    How should I put it. It all begins when i want to sponsor mask for elderly home and need pipgao . And without second thoughts they sponsor for me free. And I am very thankful.
    Their pipgao is so good and I mean good.

    Thank you.

    Lately I test ou
    t some new Singapore brand by youngster.... Cannot make it their attitude. They all want gains and , dont want to say le. Say le also angry and press my Tai Cong point with healing trees oil . This point all of u must press daily before sleep. Cant prevent many illness and release anger so dont bring anger to sleep.

    At my age now, I cant stand angry customer. I will not want to please anyone. But I will be nice.

    Iweekly magazine and 8 Days

    8 Days. Hmmm my English can be very powerful on stage de ok. Ahahahhaa...
    Secret recipes

    Very random: Since have a box here share with u a recipe:

    This tea can really helps emotion stress and worries. And insomnia.

    Ingredients: Gan Cao 10gram,  Xiao Mai小麦 30g, red dates 10. Add water to a level 5 cm above the ingredients. Bring to boil 30mins. Pour off the liquid to a bowl. Than add 500ml water and cook for second time 20mins. Mix second batch to this batch after 20mins.
    Drink half in morning and half at night.

    Function: Hysteria, depression , insomnia, nervous breakdown, meopause symptoms.

    Thanks to this two magazine. And this year my first time to work with 8 Days for a event.

    Aromatherapy Thoughts

    NB: 2015 aromatheapy professional class and also health beauty with bryan can register now

    New comers: See blog, website, shopping cart

    Everyone has a dream. U too. But you yourself know what you want most. No choices is bad choice. Every choices you made is an experience for your life and be a better person.  My choice to be in Aromatherapy faces alot of Cold shoulder when I first started. But again with determination u can do it. And with heart of passion and love of nature and herbs. Life can be better..

    Back in 1998 I still remember my first intention for omhealth is all about the passion to share benefits of essential oil and aromatherapy. So when i was working as an engineer in Defence Science Technology at Bukit Merah Office (so cann CPC for army). I am just like everyone of you working 9 to 6 and have HR , Office, Colleagues. But I try to incorporate aromatherapy and herbs at work place. I dont use many oil at work but only few common one like Lime oil, grapefruit pink and lavendula vera to cotton and put on table. So the scent is not overwhelming and the thing with aromatherapy is u just need the oil awhile can le. No need smell whole day.

    In the early 80s, aroma oil start to be popular in Singapore.

    In the 90s, in office u can see many colleagues start using "fragrance oil" from BodySxxp. Remember they have ocean scent, green apple scent. But being in Australia for 6 years and study aromatherapy . I will KPO and go around my colleagues and tell them not to use fragrance oil. But again they will be amaze by advertisement. Until one day, a few ladies keep burning fragrance chemical oil until few get nausea.

    The market is flooded by mainstream advertisement. Whoever has the money to throw in advertisement , people will trust u more.

    A JOKE on candles and diffuser:

    Since ancient time aromatherapy used a candle and a diffuser to allow oil to spread around the room. Suddenly when few MLM company appear they say candle will take out oxygen in room and etc. So they use the lamp end up explode. Than later some companies will say oil use in candle burner properties of herbs will be gone.

    But this half past six aromatherapy Seller.... half right.

    Oh please. Burner was used since anceint time. When we use burner for aromatherapy, it is more on working with the scent of the oil, so certain oil we dont use on burner because it doesnt smell good. And aromatherapy is not about scent also, is the medicinal value.
    I give u one example. As u know rose oil very expensive. But fake rose scent, at first smell good. but after awhile it smell sicko... So aromatherapy is touch and go.

    . As for the properties of oil like sleep, pain etc is using on body la. There was once an Aunty at shopping mall selling aroma oil... And some oil properties put reduce joint aches etc.. She say by smelling the oil aches will reduce... I was like.... haiz.. is to be blended for massage de...

    Do u know during that time when i was doing oil business how I handle all these queries. I say use oil on tissue and cotton stick to fan best. No need to invest in expensive dfiffusser and no need scare candle fire ahhaha.

    But ironical part is now, u see many branded company selling candles and all are fragrance perfume candle and people spend $100 to buy a cup of candle. ahahah I wanan laugh.....

    Than now is very into cold diffuser: Uncle also have. Trust me, I wont want to buy again. because difficult to maintain. Need to use so many drops oil in this burner de.
    And the glasss difficult wash and each time can use only one to 2 types oil. Uncle still prefer candle diffuser.

    So aromatherapy is facing another challenge..... Candle Aromatheapy (no no no never).  But for house mood ok:>

    Still wonder why some of my friends spend $120 for a cup of candle but dont even support my aroma oil le ahahhaa... Human la.

    Essential Oil and aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that uses essential oils to enhance health and vitality on all levels. back in late 1990s. I am one of the few natural therapist in Singapore that have full passion to share aromatherapy at all levels,

    Some of the good essentil in th 80s are "coralMoon" (which I was their part time advisor), ClareAnthony oil and also Dr Vitola, and famous Esseceno aromatherapy.

    Their oil now no more le. Because that period in 90s aromatherapy was taken over by the lamp kind of oil which sell as a MLM taking over aromatherapy. I was so furious using those alcohol oil. But what can we do. So a group of aromatherapist continues to share the knowledge in Singapore on oil. Now that MLM brand sell as one for one or dieing off le. Many invested in that business lost money, especially in Malaysia friends who invest alot and loose money.

    One day I saw this people sell this alcohol oil to people trying to ask people use the oil for footbath... Gosh if the aromatherapy ancestor sees this, is going to rise up from the coffin.

    Till today I must say.... we are determined. Lately many "fake Oil " aromatherapy that lamp exploded and people start to be aware of the usefullness of using oil.

    Luckily in 1999 period I started all my mini workshop till today. U can see the aromatherapy knowledge is really handed to u.

    In aromatherapy market : I have invented the power of using Powerbath, (few drops of oil in a pail of warm water) and use "good morning towel" to scrub neck and body. This method of usage was actually invented for many of us who do not have bathtub at home yet can enjoy the benefits of water therapy with oil bath.
    A) Powerbath:

    1) Clear negative emotion in body systems
    2) Serious body circulation activation
    3) Only when u do , u will know the refresh energy.
    4) Compress on head with the towel awhile can clear headaches.
    5) Improve digestions also when u scrub ur lower back and stomach witht he warm towel.

    2) Facial Steaming

    My first workshop is to share with people useing rosegeranium and grapefruit pink oil in facial steaming and ocassionally frankincense. After facial steaming for not more than 3-5 mins. Add cold water to the hot water and do hand bath. Oh after facial steaming remember to use cold water rinse face.
    Well , clear sinus, boost immune system, anti wrinkle, fight freckles.

    After handbath, rinse toilet.

    3) Mouth wash

    Well this is the safest and most natural mouth wash. a drop eucalyptus  and a drop lavendula vera in a cup of water rinse mouth.

    Or 1 drop peppermint and 1 drop lemon oil : mouth wash.

    Or super tongue or mouth  ulcer ahaha: I use frankincense and myrrh for mouth wash. Powerful

    Have u tried to u
    se natural oils and products to Improve your Health

    Lately in market start to sell natural or scar related oil. But if u look at the ingredients is terrible chemical contents. I dont suggest that.

    When I design my skin care I ensure is fresh and natural.
    Are you tired of using cosmetic products that leave you with dry skin, rashes, or blackheads?

    All omhealth skincare products contain chemical free natural ingredients. What’s more, the skincare are formulated with essential herbs that most modern cosmetic products lack. This allows you to use beauty care products that promote a healthy, glowing skin.

    I have 2 types of hydrating mask: One is rose mask and one is Antiaging face and eye mask.

    I use my rose mask daily. Put the rose mask in the fridge. USe it daily 10mins and rinse off follow by rose hydrosol. See how ur skin need the hydration.

    Frankly speaking my skin glow is due to my cleansing, rose otto or lavendula water water ( I use with cotton dab on skin 3 mins a day, means I put cotton around face daily for 3 mins) and also I use facial Oil massage face and neck 3 times a week follow by i wipe away with warm towel. In Singapore u cannot just leave oil on face to sleeep. But body please use rice bran oil massage. After 1 month u will see ur legs become smooth.

    Ok I want everyone to look at ur legs and hand.... is it very dry? Well no body lotion can help except using pure carrier oil like Rice Bran Oil and Jojoba oil (my latest species of JOJOba that suit Singapore weather)

    My personal Body Oil (SUper Sui)

    10-15ml rice bran oil mix with 2 drops rose granium and 2 drops lemon oil and 1 drop peppermint oil.

    Body skin apply daily with this mixture until the 15ml finish and blend again.

    Cure of Constipation or bloated stomach
    4 drops marjoram, 2 drops peppermint oil and 3 drops rosemary oil in 2 table spoon of rice bran oil. Blend mix and keep in small bottle. Everyday use this blend massage stomach clockwise morning and night.
    Better sleep and constipation will reccover fast.

    Constipation have 2 types mainly. One is too heaty and one is too cooling. Too cooling should avoid cold food for a period of time. Cooling constipation has become common in Singapore. Is like no strength to PUTT PUTT out. Weak la.

    Do u know stomach is the key to better sleep also. If u have chronic insomnia, take care of ur stomach, u will be surprise how it cure.

    Oh if u have bloated stomach and u do a foot reflex massage with lymphatic oil or rice oil (for body not cooking) u can find little "bubble trap" in foot.  Masasge 3 mins away this bubble. Ur sleep will be better and stomach digestion better.

    Do u know stomach massage can help with many health issues?

    Abdominal massage is highly useful for entire abdominal organs and digestion.

    Stomach massage cannot use be too hard is gently clockwise and when u do stomach massage say relax words out and relax ur stomach too and with deep breathing.

    Abdominal massage is not for people who have:

    Juice for health

    Drink juice must also have technique. When u past 25, juice should be taken before 3pm
    And try not to have cold cold juice. If not it will worsen ur freckles and stomach issues.

    My favourite Juice is Popeye Juice

    1 Red apple
    1 celerly stick
    some spinach
    some watercress fresh
    1 teaspoon wheat grass powder blend in when juice.
    Above I use juicer. But as time goes by, me throw in all in blended mix with water drink. Taste ok not bad de.

    Above juice provides u all minerals and nuitrients. Is like a powerhouse drink. And is high in antioxidant.
     I drink above 2 times a week. Of course my Goji C power power also can mix in. Which has immune and eye power.

    U know u know, Goji C feedbacks endlessly good. Thank you.

    Using aromatherapy can be creative. To washing machine, to pail of water to kitchen etc.

    Anyway I can spend days to write... Thats why in 2016 I have a series of aromatherapy professional workshop and also newbies can come for the health and beauty with bryan lao shi.

    Event list will be updated monthly
    U must come for the 300 runs of the health and beauty with Bryan Lao Shi.

    Anyway: New oil launching  staytune to the blog.

    Aromatherapy knoweldge will die off if u dont share and practice. Whatever brand of aromatherapy u are. Remember we do this business is from nature. Be kind, nice and respect all brands which are good. Is not about money ok:> Money must earn but with heart.

    Dont forget the blog and also my shopping cart website. Dont be affected by mainstream advertisement. Just look at the person who see the oil and skincare ehehehe.

    My skin is ok at age of 45. Eye bads and darkcircle and wrinkles, we will all have one day. But we can prevent it from worsen. Just have a beautiful heart ok.

    Start using omhealth shampoo, really chemical free shampoo is best and prevent headaches also.

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    Well 2016 will be an exciting one. Upcoming will have

    1. Health and Beauty with bryan lao Shi (for old students and newbies)
    2. Pyramid and color mediation class with mini crystal knowledge
    3. 5 element exercise class Gathering with POWER.
    4. Bai Bai Class Gathering with updated news
    5. Thinking.....

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    Chapter 15: IF only and Journey

    Looking at Chapter 14 of this Ebook. I was thinking hmmmm, what was the state of my mind at that time. And what is the state of your mind yesterday and now? What was the state of your mind when you were in ur 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s.

    10s: Studies and pass exam, all about exam and play (restricted by schools, parents etc)
    Ur main wishes is to pass all exams and get over it. Probably after secondary school, u starts to worry about Uni etc...
    (The education systems here, is stress and worries)
    Endless projects, assignment ECA.

    For omhealth we come out with studies articles and what oil to use to support and many many hsa benefited from it.

    (IF only someone)
    If only someone : Educate us on human energy system, how emotions affect ur personality, breathing exercise, nature and care giving, nuitrition . Techniques of acupressure for simple studies stress.


    20s: Relationships and career and choices and____________________ (u fill in urself)
    Well you are concerned about how people think about u. U want to be popular (for some) or acknowledged by people, impress ur boss see u. Any parents advices , u ignore and find it irritating (for some).

    (IF only someone)
    If only someone: If you have someone to guide u at this stage of your life, handling politics, anger and problems with compassion. Someone who are successful or balance state of mind to give advises to people who are in 20s. People in 20s dont take care of health, they go all the way in one directions, they skip lunch, they eat salad as a meal, they just want to shine. But if someone tell them the basic structure of life and forgiving and diet. Well they will have great 30s.
    And also start to niam ur parents to take care of health

    Omhealth care: We work with oil like victorian secret , rosemary etc


    30s: In relationship or single or family issues
    U wanna have power at work. U want to have a good relationship in life. U want to be recognised. Ur parents continue to advice but hmmm u listen abit.  Sometimes u stuck at work or relationship and resist to change.
    If u are in relationship or married...> focus on family , bread, education plan for children.
    U wan bigger house, car.
    Single: Worry again about wanting to be attached as friends is settling down. (my advice dont worry, enjoy ur singlhood, because it may just come)

    (IF only someone): If someone able to tell you about taking care of your health more and parent's health because when u 40s, u body system starts to go down, ur parents starts to age. So start teaching urself a skill (attend some course on healthcare etc). [ Omhealth courses ahahaha].

    If u are in family, well establish good communications with husband or wife. Start planning charity work to help people. If u are struggling with career or money, u can still do charity in other form. Socialise with some friends.

    Omhealth care: basically all kind of omhealth workshop helps:>


    40s: Memory lane starts to appear obvious, U starts to  think about past.
    Suddenly, u look at ur parents and find that they have aged. But  what have u really done for them. U start to make it up if you are in clarity of mind, if not u continue to be trapped and kept visiting fortune tellers and do funny things.

    Ur focus is on ur child educations.

    For single: Errr u may give up, but never give up because u never know.

    In ur 40s, u should start to have a religion (proper one) that u can go to and learn from the teacher how to have a better character etc.
    (  for free thinker, i always believe u are not totally free thinker becasue when things happen, u still say OMG. eheheh, but u can read some inspiration books.
    for me I religion balance. I study the qualities of all different religion.
    I love the friendly charisma and care and openness of christianf friends, I love the mind transformation zen way of handling issues from my buddhist friend. I love the respect and care of elderly and responsibilities YIQI from my taoist friend, I love the gentle patience and kind loving of my muslim friends etc....)

    For those who are lucky that parents are still around, u should now really look into their health and emotioncare.
    For those whose parents not in the earth planet. Do charity and live well and strong and dedicate this joy to them. They are not gone, but they give birth to u, so ur body is has their auric atoms.

    U want to travel back in time. Infact what u decide in ur 20s shape ur present. What u have achieve now in life, u should start giving younster advice.
    If u are healthy: Great, continue to maintain and take neccessary supplements, fresh food and exercise.
    If u suffer from health issues: Take charge of ur health , start from simplicity of eating well, breathing exercise etc.

    (If only someone): If only someone in your 40s, share with u about meridians flow. ABout emotional release teachniques. Work with nature to balance body mind emotions. Connect with parents to maintain their health. Someone there to tell you, even if u are fully prepared, always be vigilant and have a clear state of mind and emotions to handle all situations in life. Life is unpredictable but a faith of loving kindness, compassion, wisdom and pure hearts stays.
    If only can tell u, ( remember, in ur life, ur memory of people are their kindness and their smile and their attitude.... if u think carefully, u cant really remember very powerful classmates who scores in school but what leaves an impression in ur heart is the kind person who give u a helping hand or smile to u or inspire u when u are in school)

    SO in ur 40s dont waste ur time in unnececcsary issues but instead keep ur life activate and help urself and help people.

    Illnesses: If people in 40s 50s in critical illnesses. Just work on ways to extend ur life and live everyday to the fulless and actually u may live longer than normal people like us because although some people can live till 100 but they "eat waste rice". Is the quality of life not quantity. 

    50s: I dont know yet but roughly few more years.....coming

    I will write few years later.... But u fill it up yourself.

    Omhealth direction of education:
    Omhealth was set up in 1998 by Mr Gan. But the research work started in 1996. All because of a crystal shop in Brisbane. I was in despair in Brisbane in 1996 because financial burden and also studying something i dont really understand (Engineering). Errrr, I am Hon Degree in Bachelor of Science ok (ok let me proud abit). So one day i went into a crystal shop where a motherly look lady who give me valuable advices on stress and gave me a fluorite crystals. I think i hold this crystal till 2001 and got thru all my exam)

    Looking back at omhealth 10s, 20s, 30s are all struggles. People only see ur results but they dont care what u have gone thru. But you are what u are, so who cares what other think. Many of us stress because we care about what other think of u.
    So let it go ok.

    So after I am back from Australia ( u can read the previous chapter). I started omhealth educations on wellness and balance.
    I go to so many schools, offices and organisation to give seminar. In the past is not easy to target in. Imagine i write hundreds of email non stop to have a chance to share in company and many know, my first company to give workshops are

    HDB, URA , Prime Minister office, Istana (given workshop to all secretary to many ministers).... and many many more past 18 years.

    Journey of omhealth is not easy, we face threatening email from compeititors and even stalkers . But because we 到处结善缘, our database of clients is enormous and many are friends, from aunties, lawyers, civil defence etc. SO whenever i need some advice all kinds of protection comes. Do u know when i first started the business , some company send veyr rude email to omhealth that why we sell essential in low price etc... (not forgeting omhealth boss is Engineer background and full of contacts, we able to track down who send funny email) . But we let it go.

    Problems foresee people in 40s and 50s

    Perhabs the greatest issues people face now is loosing a job in your 40s and 50s.
    This has nothing to do with luck etc, is the current economy world situations.

    People who've spent a long time developing a specific skill set have more limited options when they go out looking for something new or they have work for long in a company etc.
    Infact  53 percent of people who lost their job in 50s changed occupations.
    Employers can be reluctant to hire someone who might come with higher health-care costs and have a shorter future with the company.
    But the top reason why older workers themselves say they've had a hard time finding a job is that, well, there aren't that many jobs out there. Job scarcity, according to workers, trumps age discrimination and even negative self-perception as a barrier to employment:

    Well if you are in ur 40s and 50s and u cant secure your job, dont be despair. Before you worry about staying positive, take steps, no matter how small to get out of crisis mode. Once you orient yourself realistically in the right direction,
    the doors that need to open will begin to do so.

    Remember, everyone has a few door, just find the right keys. May be since young u have been working in a job that u dont like, so universe take in this message and free u.

    Thats why i tell many youngster, ur words and what u deliver to universe and ur mental thoughts pain ur future.

    Take myt advise: No good will come if you stew in your own juices and keep reliving the past,  trying to make yourself feel better. If u have real wounds in ur heart when u are in 20s etc....  even they are invisible. Take steps to find a way to heal them.

    OK EVERYONE SAY" Heng heng".

    When i was young no matter how Jia Lat things I have been through, i enter temple to quiet myself and leave everything to God.

    CHECKLIST of things u should release and let go:

    I am stuck in a bad situation
    Somone else is controlling me
    I feel powerless to change my circumstances
    I feel like a victim
    I feel that I will never succeed
    I am drasric lack
    I have mood difficulies for a long time, but cant seem to figure out why.

    Above are things that if u are feeling now, is good u are aware and find ways to handle

    As Health Lao SHi. My advise is transformed your mind. I must say this article is the one many of my friends even in any religion u can read and apply and for me, i read this almost daily the 8 verses. If u are of other religion, u cut this article out and remove those mantra and replace with ur faith. U see all the words inside is about handling ur worries and being strong and compasssion but not a looser.

    Remember human ego is the main obstacles that disallow us to progress. The ego of CHinese TCM and ego of western doctor if they can put down and learn from each other. This will benefits all. Brances that has fruits bend down . Is like if a person with ego is like a brance with out fruits growing straight up, but branches with fruits will have a bend. So start to have fruits in ur life by being humble but not stupid humble.
    I am not a doctor or TCM but i work with them and hope to combine their knowledge in wellness for all.


    Omhealth Aroma Oil

    If you look at omhealth 10 essential Oil blend, u will understand each medicinal scent targets in diffierent aspect of life

    1. 5 element Oil: To clear ego and negative debris from enviromental pollution
    2. Bryan relax blend: To remove inner frustration for balance and relaxing future
    3. Healing trees oil: To ground yourself to solidify ur thoughts
    4. Dragonfly Aeonian oil: To feel balance with environment, to be in peace with all and the dragonfly energy of cleansing and courage
    5. Ten Spice OIl: To handle all sort of emotions and worries that affect ur immune, to view anger, fear, worries, stress as part of human emotion and not to get attached with it
    6. Purification Inspiration blend: To instanly clear of anger and negatively (wrist method best)
    7. Awaken Blend: To be able to release urself from the lack and trap situations. And see things clearly
    8. Fresh morning blend: To wake up early in morning with fresh ideas and also keep the blue at bay
    9. Victorian secret: When situations appears or when u are in ur happy state try using it, scent change everymoments
    10. Love miracle blend: If u have been taking care of others and carry others burden work with this oil.

    How I use my Blended OIl?

    Tissue inhale but for healing trees oil is very strong, so for me, i apply bottom of feet before i go work or go exercise.
    5 drops in water final rinse ur body
    few drops in washing machine wash ur cloth to have that aura.
    Add few drops to a squeeze of your own body wasy and shower.

    I blend my massage oil for massaging my body after shower.

    12ml rice bran oil/jojoba./coconut oil and 6 drops of any above or combine few until 6 drops

    Anyway shopping cart is thanks for all the support all these years.
    Skincare is all about simplicity and hardworking:> HEheheheh do try my skincare series, u will love it. My secret of youthfulness is be urself, at all time confront ur fear and protect yourself. Help others and use natural skincare and eat well .

    Most Powerful Wellness Talk and Flash back
    Get Younger with bryan 2016

    25th Sep 2016. Register now with mobile and full name. Will inform u once confirmed. fees is $45

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    Quality of Oil since 1998;

    Omhealth has been around since 1998. I still remember back in 90s the path of aromatherapy research, the quality of oil is something we are very particular about and in the past, aromatherapy oil quality depends on the reputation and trust of the teacher.

    The quality of essential oils is often a contentious subject bringing up feelings of protectiveness and challenging beliefs.

     I have written this article, not so much as a definitive answer to discerning quality, but rather to raise some valuable points of reference.

    When I first began my aromatherapy education in brisbane (1995) there were only a few companies selling essential oils specifically to the aromatherapy market. ANd only aromatehrapist can access to great oil like frankincense etc.

    What is interesting to note about the ssential oil market is that the first few aromatherapy companies were designed to meet the needs of aromatherapy practitioners. And not to public.

    As an aromatherapy practitioner I feel blessed to meet all valuable and  to speak, with the aromatherapy essential oil trade. I feel even more blessed to have first experienced the high quality of essential oils and then to have come into the Singapore and Australia like brand, Sunspirit, and Coral Moon (all no more le) to experience essential oils from different companies here. I must say, however, that even after 18 years in the industry as a practitioner, an educator, a student and a researcher in the field of aromatherapy, it continues to be a challenge in answering the question “How do I know where to buy high quality essential oils?” or “where do I find high quality therapeutic grade essential oils?”

    This difficulty arises mostly from the clever marketing that happens in the essential oils market and the fact that not a company out there claims to sell low quality or adulterated essential oils, after all, how could they do so and still have sales?

    This paper is being written not in the hopes of bringing the question of quality to an end but rather to offer up information to better enable you to understand some of the fundamental issues you may encounter when searching for a high quality, unadulterated, genuine, and authentic essential oil in the market place.

    Qualities to look for good essential Oil (everyone can sell essential oil but what quality u look for)?

    1) who is dedicated to supplying essential oils to the aromatherapy practitioner market and educated public.

    2) Passion of oil and owned by an aromatherapy practitioner or essential oil specialist

    3) who has a strong unquestioned noncontroversial reputation in the field

    4)who has preferably been in the field for a number of years and is well known to other aromatherapy practitioners and/or educators

    And I must say Mr Gan Bryan Uncle, has work above for 20 years and also with group of TCM doctors and even given talks for 18 years and trained more than few thousand students.

    In aromatherapy practice, the teacher supplies good oil to students. And a human able to tell whether the oil is good or not.

    I think although I look young , i exist very long time and live with oil daily. Quality of oil to omhealth is very important because we also use the oil for volunteer work etc. Omhealth is a very niche market , we dont sell on shelf etc, is actually we sell to students and people attended workshop and know me. All oil when u receive is 2 weeks from the day from the supplier or farm to me.

    How pure? well all oil i have ensure there are COFA cert and oil quality proofs. I have newbies ask me, where ur oil comes from and is pure.  I am from very old school.

    My aromatehrapy teacher were Clare Anthony from New Zeadland , sandra moloney and Marilyn from Brisbane. And in the past if we ask our aromatherapist teacher... is ur oil pure... well is a kind of no respect. I still have this old school of thoughts.... So when newbies ask me this i will errrrr......

    Is like u spend 20 years in oil quality when someone ask u is ur oil pure... u just ,.... But i think is my ego part. So i learn and so reflect how i feel in this articles.  I mean who on earth for 20 years, do blog, do youtube , do education about oil and share daily almost on healing method..... AHahha

    Is like u sell KUEK for 30 years, suddenly someone ask is ur kuek pure .....

    I am glad omhealth has many customers that grow with us for past 20 years till now. ANd i thank God for giving so nice sweet customer like u all and thanks for the trust too.
    Up till date we have put in public responsibilities in gathering to help cambodia kids  education etc. Anyway good good.

    I know many are keen to introduce my oil to other friends:> Thank u so much. But remember dont be pushy and respect all brands, if ur friends are already using other brands, is ok, let them use and share with them the usages techniques in blog. Oil is about love care and sharing.

    I niam repeat again
    Omhealth is a very niche market. When it first started, I do ol blending for people at takashimaya using my oil. But times goes by started selling my oil direct here. And of course my sticker label never change to commercial branding method and a simple lavendula vera, as base on trust. 
    My passion and style of selling oil is very old school. And since 1998 Aroma oil has been in Singapore till today. But when your business expanded, people no longer use their senses to feel the quality of oil.

    Do also read our passion and profile in

    Back in 1990s when I was studying in Australia. My aromatherapy teacher says" Essential oil freshness or quality is base on the trust of aromatherapist, it is not commercialise and people trust u and u need to use good oil to blend for people"

    So since than a group of aromatherapist like me, we source and research for good oil and ensure it is fresh and good and use for blending. SO in Australia, we blend diluted oil to customers base on their ailments, and I extended my service in Singapore with a Takashimaya Essential oil brand in 80s 90s famous call coral moon.

    I niam again
    Back in old time, is considered "rude" to ask a teacher " (my teacher la, but u ask is ok, i am ok)
    Is ur oil quality etc.... , that was consider a no respect for a teacher.  Since 1998 I was trained this way, all my oil are direct from Australia and USA and New Zeadland.

    Different oil are from different countries. Like omhealth Lavender is from Bulgaria, rose otto is from bulgaria, Peppermint is from USA etc. Of course is trade secret that we cant disclose which address supply and farm address, but we can provide MSDS that is good safe oil.

    For 18 years no one ever questioned me quality of oil etc but can see my passion and effort of using oil in society, in old folks home and effort to guarantee good oil since 1998. But times are different people ask now forgetting the role of ME:>

    If oil is so easily avalaible in market why my students still go all the way order from email and courier. Because back in 90s many students know that I am their filters. Dear newbies, I am not a salesman but a aromatherapist experienced in this field for 19 years.

    omhealth oil like lavendula vera is from Bulgaria, (no we cant get from farm , but we need go thru a procedure to the distiller and supplier to supply omhealth) and comes with a proper test that is why sometimes I go overseas to inspect also

    Can see below is safe and good.

    omhealth suppliers test using Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) to make sure they are PURE oils and that no adulteration, fillers, or extenders have been used.

    Also the GC/MS and other testing tells us the plant the oils come from have not had or been used or near Herbicides or Pesticides.

    Which plantation or what is our trade secret, we cant give u which farm right. As long as the cert test is good means good. 

    Time has changed, people changed. And probably my school of thought from my teacher Clare Anthony on trust is not there for newbies.
    When people asked me, is your oil quality , where ur oil from etc, it sort of anger me for a minute. But i know this shouldnt be the case because we are not living in 80s or 90s. I remember once a person ask my teacher is ur oil fresh, she totally walk away.

    I saw the frustration in my teacher's face, even in her fields of aromatherapy for 30 years.

    Below are some of my teachers. One from Sydney the rock , he famous for using eucalyptus, and omhealth has the best eucalyptus i must say. I dont  need anyone to believe to market this oil. My families my friends and my students using this oil for 18 years. I use more than 20 years, i think i look young right ahahha.

    My purpose of today's article, is to let my students know the oil teacher sell u is real good. And also each blend teacher blended like 5 element oil etc.... are out of love.

    Beside a teacher  who guides me in many ways. She is also well known in aura soma but she taught me oil blending and aura of good oil.

    Sydney 1997

    Her words: Only good quality oil can be use for blending and the blend is the art and magic of a aromatherapist.
    This guy give up his Engineering and ISO auditor job and since 1999 educate the public on essential oil. Will u trust him?
    Istana, prime minister office, all invited him etc... Look at all the bottles of oil on the table:>

    An aromatherapist a practical aromatherapist with so many testimonials. SO when someone question his quality of oil, u cant blame him from getting abit more serious. He is educated by old teacher in a stringent manners.
    ----- respect de.
    But beging logical he thinks thats ok, no one see ur effort, people want data.

    But many forget aromatehrapy is passion, is the scent, ur body will tell u whether the oil is good.
    In 1996 beside my Sydney teacher who taught me Eucalyptus radiate from USA that is in what u have now.

    Dear all, please dont just look at oil cert, look at feel it and trust ur aromatherapist.

    My students without questions use my oil for 15 years, and sometimes newbies ask me alot of questions, although is ok but the way u ask the question is like.....

    ahahah i am ok. But think. The person selling oil put in 10001 effort.
    Clare Anthony

    --- my teacher who has passed on lately ----
     She is the one who inspired me five element oil and manuka aroma oil.

    Again even I have 19 years of aromatherapy experience I find it neccessary now to tell u all more about omhealth oil quality here.

    How we find the quality of Oil

    Omhealth has a strong unquestioned noncontroversial reputation in the field •
    omhealth has been in the field for a number of years and is well known to other aromatherapy practitioners and/or educators and if u dont know , Wellness guru in Singapore .

    When I first began my aromatherapy education in Australia (1998) there were only few companies selling essential oils specifically to the aromatherapy market.

    For more than a decade omhealth passion for aromatherapy has put in efforts in writing more than few hundreds articles on Magazine iweekly, Blog and education. 
    What is interesting to note about the British essential oil market is that the first few aromatherapy companies were designed to meet the needs of aromatherapy practitioners. And in Singapore the best oil were in clark quake, orchard Plaze, Takashimaya and Tiong Bahru Plaza that time and one in Chinatown point.

    In 80s, 90s, this few companies is like omhealth has their own brand and their oil i must say best..... Alll close down le... U all la no support local. They close down because of rental and some old le.

    With such an increase in companies offering essential oils, differentiating between companies selling high quality and low quality essential oils became incredibly challenging particularly for the newcomer.

    As an aromatherapy practitioner I feel blessed to have trained by teachers in Singapore, Australia and New Zeadland and marjoram eqypt, so to speak, with the aromatherapy essential oil trade.

    I must say, however, that even after 18 years in Omhealth as a practitioner, an educator, a student and a researcher in the field of aromatherapy, it is a challenge in answering the question “How do I know where to buy high quality essential oils?” or “where do I find high quality therapeutic grade essential oils?”

    This difficulty arises mostly from the clever marketing that happens in the essential oils market and the fact that not a company out there claims to sell low quality.

    Ahhahah there where omhealth came in:>

    How I test quality of OIL?
    All the oil from omhealth supplier has MSDS and  COFA
    for essential oil; And personaly bryan lao shi tested and use.

    First and lowest quality is the essential oils used in Food and Flavoring industry. They do not possess the properties we look for in Pure Therapeutic essential oils as they are added to and maniupulated to make a consistent product that will reveal the same flavor as is expected time and again in the industry.

    Next is the essential oils used by perfumers. They smell good but do not necessarily have the contituent we look for in Therapeutic aromatherapy.

    The Third and highest quality of essential oils are those that are PURE and true plant essenses - coming from one plant species. This is the Best of the Best. They are not adulterated or altered in any way. ( THATS where omhealth is and see the cert above, if u dont believe, u take my oil and go test in Singapore again ba)

    After speaking so much, enjoy aromatherapy oil ba. No matter what brand u use. Look at the history and the person selling:> Use ur heart.

    NB: This is for protection of omhealth hardwork reputation.
    At all account omhealth took pride in his product and will have all law and order to protect its reputation. Untrue claim will severly dealt with love and light:>

    Back to COntent

    17) Lady First Show

    Ok Xiao Kai Lao Shi totally is Ming Xin look. He looks super good at all angles. 

    Time flies and is the season 4 of Ladies first show. And uncle me turning 45. Is like gosh u are the oldest in the cast beside the Queen. Frankly speaking i find that i look better in real person ahaha.... Anyway who cares, at season 4 i dont care about makeup or what to dress. I just want to share my findings and my works and spread them internationaly.Yes this show is watched internationally.

    I still remember in 2013 when i got the news to be selected by the Starhub to involve in the first Ladies First Show in Singapore, I cant sleep.
    To anyone is the most prestiges show. It can upgrade your portfolio to the next new level and a recognition at your work. As Pauline Lan Xin Mei is the Queen of beauty  internationally.

    Of course I am so excited with this  show till today. So for 2013 and 2014, I did the season 1 and season 2.
    2015 I  miss it because I was busy with my 18th Anniversary Talk show and it clashes witht the date of recording. But 2016, i was being called back. And I heard the Guru invited for the talk show are all approval and final says by the Queen.

    2013 (season 1)

    Requested to do the show in Feb 2013. I was overseas and the call surprise me. Recording was June but I started to prepare since March. Almost everyday i niam talking to myself, even my segment add up time is half hour.

    It was kind of exciting period for me. I was concerned with what to wear, how to face camera etc.

    I was so kia xi kia su, i rehearsed my part for this show. And I ask my mom and dad be my gunea pig to use the equipment demo for the show. (in this show, u are suppose to also demo equipement for the sponsors).

    Fear factors:

    1) Uncle me appear in alot seminars and talks and is fun and relax because i share my passion and health topics.
    But for a show and TV show I have less than 10 times experience and everytime in singapore TV , i appear awhile and really less than 10 times.

    2)Totally stress out and for the show as the Queen dislike NG and infact totally camera rollon and no NG.
     I was like ....

    3) What to wear and how to put on foundation makeup?

    This part is a headache. U know me, most of the times u see me wearing the same clothing when seminar or outside.  so 靠自己做自己。Of course make up wise i ask some friends but this people give me a very brush off remarks.

    I know in this line people many are PR kind so I go taka buy lipstickes for mom and ask those counter staff how to do makeup and guess what?

    I make some very good friends and they do make up free for me before those roadshow etc. Thank you Willy, the makeup artist from Shanghai.

    In 2013 the show recording was super stress up for me. But very happy the WAWA production company is a nice nice company with very helpful staff.

    During recording ahahah my armpit sweat and some exercises was removed from the show because of that ahahha. So again i learnt what to wear...

    My armpit never sweat de, unless nervouse and gosh it happen that day.

    Results of hardwork:

    During recording i teach about acupressure and foodcure and for sponsors product I demo like a pro (do u know this 5 mins demo takes me months to practice).

    Till today all the crew treat me very nice and the sponsors company always wanted me to be their spokesman but i cant la because I have my own skincare range and may conflict of interest. But we are friends.

    Lessons learnt:

    If u know your work well, u dont have to do so much to impress people. Just be yourself and do well. heaven know, people know.

    Be yourself this two words sound simple, but again it takes u to experience things than u will know what i means. And last time when some Lao Qian bei as me be myself, i really dont know what it means.

    Treat people all the same with sincere heart. Life is short. no matter hor successful u are, one day u will also become "normal" again.create a good energy plant good seeds when u are with people.

    Is cycle of life. Example u think back. Last time ur previous job, those difficult boss or manager, look at them now, many retired become a normal person. The people u fear most when u were young has aged. From here u should even learn to be kind and open ur heart.

    Some people at work get upset and offended easily. This is because our heart - door  is too narrow. If our heart-door is wider, people enter and go wont affect us.
    So from today, widen the door of your heart.
    Who cares about the difficult colleagues or bosses...

    omhealth is not media of fashion star. I dont really bother what people says about my dressing etc. My role is to teach and share. Once I know my directions i dont just work accordingly.
    Season 2

    I was asked to perform season 2. And season 2 was very interesting. I am asked to demo a hair removal equipement and also a machine for skin beauty. Again the kia shu me do and do and do until today my legs dont have much hair ahahhaha.

    And i am glad the sponsors even have the right to choose many famous teachers to talk bout their products, given me the chance. But guess what this season 2, I manage to able to share on hand mudra for health and my teachniques of breathing exercise and color crystal therapy. I am thankful

    Year 2014 was having a serious haze and starthub ask me to record a TV clips on Haze season health protection. It was a saying now whenever have Haze when this video shown ON TV. The Haze will weirdly decrease or disappear. HAhahahaha...
     And weird also 2015, there was a serious haze and when i am back from overseas, jokingly one of the starhub crew text me, hey post the Haze video on facebook. And sometimes may be is coincident, once posted that two days haze figures goes down ahahah.

    Again season 2, my dressing was better but i tell u ...... almost cannot make it.

    Season 3:  I turn down the show because need to prepare 18th Year Annivesary Talk at 4 season hotel.
    Season 4:

    My aim: To demo things that are new to them and the show (is not easy to convince, but i did it. I can choose to just appear and smile and anyhow talk but for me is a responsibility)

    Was requested to do season 4 in Feb 2016
    Script was given to me in May and recording in June. This time i was asked to cooked.... First time in the show need to cook.

    Again to demo one of the recipes. I cook daily for 1 month to perfect that 8 mins of cooking.

    I shall share on 25th Sep 2016

    Well this season 4.2 days before the show I anyhow go buy some shirt and pants. Errr really dont want to waste time on what to wear. Some says I can ask people's advice and get sponsors... aiyo hmmmm is ok la.

    Incident happen in one of the episode, jia lat my armpit sweat because nervous and the marks appear in the yellow t shirt. So I no choice put on a jacket.

    And as usual kana suan " why Singapore so hot, u still put on jacket" . Uncle me reply: " Because we 4 season summer no chance wear jacket only ur show can wear one time".

    But infact that recording that day I was abit tense because of the sweat marks so when i wear jacket to do the exercise is not easy. but again successfully recorded.

    Look at the yoga matt there are 2 crystals one clear quartz and one smoky quartz. I set up the most powerful crystal healing formations and taughht them. And is totally new to them as this was not sh this jacket gosh tight until i need to HOLD zu and talk and explain. Thank God , completed.
    own at all in tv.
    Above pose is difficult, as u can see is ur leg and hand up the same time. et why my armpit sweat so much that day ahahahha.... And
    I was abit upsThats why put on jacket. If not is a yellow shirt.

    A Surprise action from the Queen

    And I am so glad this season, the Queen, personally ask me what smells so good and feel good. She even initative to take my oil and took some pic. I thank her for this. She willing to help people who put an effort at work. U know there are companies want to pay her alot to hold things on her hand but she cant be bother de.

    ( My mini effort: As u know, for me during the recording , i cant PR and dont know how to PR and for years I am like quiet dump. Normally in the show i will dab lavendula vera and grapefruit pink on my wrist or jacket. This is call ren yuan and makes people feel comfy combinations, it works ahahah)

    Again this season, ignore my dressing ahahaha.  The yoga exercise this season was challenging. The day before recorind my aircon home spoilt so i didnt sleep. There are times i fell asleep and because that day I woke up 4am to cook again. Gosh ....

    But my health info shared was amazing.

    I think the Taiwan people lack of knowledge on healing and chakras. So when i demo one exercise for heart chakra it becomes topic of the day even after recording. There was a teacher who has been thru alot in life. So after that heart charka activation (obviously they dont know). She laugh giggles non stop. And many thought what happen.

    Is a she.

    Is she: She was known to be seldom laugh one. many were shocked after i teach her the heart chakra acupressure. She laugh until tears and even when i am on my next session of teaching cooking, she cannot control herself....zzzz

    Back to COntent

    What is Omhealth Healing

    Healing Blend is blended once a year in September ; Name and astrolgy sign is emailed to and address mobile too. Is $45 a bottle.

    The word healing comes into our  mind when we are not feeling well or when i have aches or chronic pain etc.For past 19 years thru searching and finding ways to improve my health. I have managed to meet many masters and doctors and therapist. Is blessing I have the chance to share this with u and achieving good results.

    Taking care of my health is priority.

    When a person is sick, the process to healing or healing seems to be a miracle sometimes. You will be wondering when ur pain or aches or issues will end. Staying positive is important. And as long as u let go and forgive and welcome good thoughts... This thoughts will be sent to Universe and healing takes place.

    In medical Science Healing takes place when 3 things happens

    1) Injury :
    when a person have some injury or minor accident or suffers from issues:
    Within 72 hours inflammation occurs,  Inflammation occurs when ur body is pulling all the blood together and fight the inflammation.

    Healing Analogy: Is like when a human have alot bad habbit or always lost temper, or always depressed, ur body when send out signal to the Universe and Universe want to let u learn a lesson so u can be a better person, end up ur luck always blocked. Like everything also not smooth.
    But when u aware like all things is not smooth, u should consider lucky because u are aware. And time to make effort to change.

    Or u always no rest and work day and night, end up neck pain, cold hand cold feet. Ur body telling u to rest but if u dont, u face ur consequences.

    2) Repair Phase:
    When u are in repair phase , means ur inflammation is going down and body begins to repair the injured. So now the body will use the reserved and vitamin C to replace the damage tissue. Oxygen and Vitamin C are
    are used to aid in the collagen formation.  This process last from 72 hours to six weeks after the injury.  

    Healing Analogy:
    Now u regret and aware ur sickness or issues in life. Now u are ready to accept the healing to take place. And if in the past u have done alot of good deeds. There will have enough methods to handle ur issues and it takes time. And now u learn that this issues are cause by ur negative thoughts or may be the past action.  U accept this, and universe will send the right energy to heal ur current situation.

    3)  Remodelling Phase

    once body collagen is produced in healing phase.
    The collagen is similar to sticky glue at
    first.  It needs to be molded in certain alignments in order to be able to perform the functional capabilities of the 
    tissue it is replacing.  This phase is largely one of an improvement in the quality,
    orientation and tensile strength of the collagen.  This phase last from 3 weeks to 12 months (some research is 
    showing up to 2 years).

    Healing Analogy:
    Ur life change and improve in luck and health seems to show result after ur patience and determination and even it may takes weeks, months or years but u know u are in the right track. And my answers for those who have cancer or terminal illnesses, never anger or give up. healing take place in this life and in future. For us, at all times be positive and have strength and faith to face ur issues , u will be no regret in this life if u make an effort. And ur healing effort will give u future compfort.

    COmmon problem if proper healing is not promoted in each phase.

    1)         If the inflammation is too much,it may spread to areas that are not injured, or last for periods of time longer than what is 
    2)        Not enough  nutrients can lead to poor tissue formation, increase in pain and more probable 
    susceptibility to injury later on. Too much inflammation and body cant react.

    3)        The new collagen to repain body is not the same collagen body needs and end up do alot of repair work and recovery is not obvious. And need to recover.

    Healing Analogy
    Some healing didnt take place proberly because issues is so big and many end up, wear down a person heart. So this time is good to seek religious motivation. But again if people listen to wrong advice or go wrong advice , it create more issues than before.  Is best to have advice from right source.

    I first comes across healing in a form of crystal and mountain water therapy back in 1997.  I went to a teacher for consultation on my dilemma about my future , that time I was still studying my IEEE at QUT in Brisbane. I have sleepless night and stress and fear almost eaten me up. The fear of if I fail a subject , I will not have enough money to stay on to complete the Uni. Even when I called my parents , they say dont worry just come back. But I know the amount of work and OT mom and dad performed just to sponsor my oversea studies.

    The healing taken place near my house in Brisbane. When I enter the healing room. The teacher perform muscle testings and listen to my situations with loving kindness. And there she blended something for me. And that session is around AUD50 , and to me is alot. But I truly need help support and listening ears.

    What I learn is our thoughts pain our future. Our problems and illnesses are the reflection of what we want internally and subconsciously.

    Alot of health issues or mind issues, like chronic aches, pains and diseases are the body way of telling you your incapable to let go of many things that maneifest into issues.

    I have designed recent year the healing blend for people who are interested in natural healing.

    Is the body way of telling us, we have a false idea in the ssytem. Every illness is a lesson for us to learn. Dont just complaint, i dont want headaches... We want to learn what need to be release and to move on.

    Once we began to understand the process, we are able to take conscucious control to make changes we want in our life. I believe everyone of us, has a computer system. Once we are ready to let go and change and will allow the anti virus programme to work.

    When u re reading the piece of article, it means ur body is ready to accept healing. Every cell response to your thoughts .

    Is ur birthright to be healthy, abundance and happy. Well  I try to make it simple for all of you.

    Please use this healing blend when work with ur doctors or physician as a complimentary treatment. I believe all issues and illnesses are self created. We create an atmosphere where diseases grow and flourish.  We need to do more to treat disease, we need to go into the cause of illness.
    We all create our experience in life.

    Universe will attract what u choose to believe. So today change ur thoughts and life.  After I say these we learn that we have unlimited choices actually.

    Healing Blend: Blended with herbs and flowers more than 8 types.

    When combine with affirmations and natural flowers it activate the geometric energy structure for us to realise and less anger.

    How do we use healing blend?

    Each healing blend is blended with date and need to be finished within 3 months. Last week of the month if u cant finish using, apply all to body and massage ur body in shower and than shower. U will feel renewed.

    Ways of using healing blend?

    Hold the bottle with ur left hand put near ur chest and do some deep breathing. Put 3 to 15 drops to ur palm, massage chest neck and wrist. And than both palm swing from head to toes. Saying ' Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, "
    Massage daily stomach with healing blend till the bottle finish is important.

    Apply to aches area.

    Additional: U can perform following exercise :

    (All , 8th October 5 element exercise class will learn alot useful exercise)

    After apply healing blend on stomach and neck. Perform left to right below slowly 8 times and in ur heart says i allow healing energy to me. Inhalation is first two pic, and 3rd pic hold ur breath for 3 seconds and than push down exhale for last pic.

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    Chapter 19 :5 element Exercise Class (8 October 2016 , 10 years anniversary)
    (scroll up for chapter one) --- newcomers... forget about language grammer, read... suppose to be given to a writer and produce a book
    but cant wait for them....  This 19 chapter , if u are a powerful writer, u can re write for me... ahahha

    Alot of emotion for bubble up during this 5 element exercise class . But  I have decided to call it a nice closure after 10 years.

    The first five element exercise class was created by me in 2006 trying to make understanding of 5 elements, meridians, acupressure, exercises and foodcure easy to public. To inspire attendees to stay healthy body, mind emotion and in the moment.

    Alot of times meridians, acupressure were like very "Chinese" for many, so I created this class so all english speaking attendees can benefits.
    My first public class in when omhealth was launched is

    1) Health and Beauty Part ONE with Bryan in 1998. That time  I created this workshop is to let people who dont know me get to know my work like aromatherapy, music acupressure and tea and foodcure. (4 in ONE)
    This class took me 3 months to prepare and 2 months to make it perfect. And from 1998 to 2014, I have repeated giving this class to all beginners and many student repeat attending this class like a refresher course

    Many ask me , why is it call Part One, is there part 2?

    Ahahaha ahahaha there are no part 2. As this class is so details one part covers all.
     The reaason why I put Part 1 in 1998 because i thought I may create part 2 but I didnt. Because this class is so special one topic can expand to many healing methods... give me talk 10 years also not enough.

    Every workshop my intention is to able to share as much and benefits people. And i think I have make it in a way.
    Oh, do u believe even my skincare was launched more than15 years and till today i didnt really promote much in class. Everytime I wanted to promote my skin care, i thought of what acupressure to teach and by the time I wanted to share my skin care, no time ahahha. Lucky now has facebook live/

    Well, 5 element exercise classs was the second class created by me follow by HB Part one.

    The first five element exercise at the OLD toa payoh safra , almost weekly one class that time. So my weekends was unlike many youngster..... i work.

    5 element exercise class to awaken the healing energy in our body

    Every five element exercise class start off with breathing, stretch and movements, To deal with emotion, organs, taste to balance body system. Can you imagine to design a training material that other people use 20 lessons to teach. Why i want it to be this way because , all these are our daily life, why make things so difficult. Why must I impress people with how much i know in theory... I should just give the direct recipes and teach. Dont waste people time.

    All of us possess a powerful physical healing energy in our body, in greater abundance than we realise. We can awaken this energy through mindfulness breathing , movement and smiling. So to promote this internal healing energy in our body to work again. Is important every morning we perform 10 mins of any breathing exercise and movements for yourself.

    Deep breathing can awaken the power of tremendous healing energy in ur body. I hvae clients who has serious back issues and countless doctor cant cure. So i advice her to do breathing exercise. Much relief indeed.

    Sit somewhere comfirtable and warm ur neck with scafe with some oil on scafe. Eyes closed or half closed. Breathing in and out deeply 8 times follow by normal breathing. Slowly imagine your body as an amazing, wonderful thing, smile to ur eyes organs one by one , smile to your bones, muscles, nerves and billion of cells of every sort needed for the miracle of life.

    U are picturing your body to be in a positive place of vast energy and resilence. It can be very helpful to begin by imagining one cell of your body, to enter to the cell and to see and feel its wondrous viitality. Imagine its vastness.. Imagine ur body cells is glowing and bllion of celles fill your body with light.

    For me, every morning i do deep breathing and visulise myself emit bright light.

    Most of us our mind is scattered by phone and too much thoughts this deplete our energy. So using oil and breathing few mins a day gain back our energy. Visualise ourself with bright energy soothe our negative thoughts and memories

    Ok too much to write le, today my birthday i shall stop here. This article is writeen up and down and up ahahhhaa.

    My little thoughts

    Live your life with good heart, good action and ur health will be ok. Even is aging, our mind will be so strong and alter our body to have better life.

    Enjoying wealth will bring happines now
    Giving wealth brings happiness in future
    Wealth that is wasted by not enjoying or giving
    brings only suffering and no happiness

    So have money must also spend wisely and help others la. And to me best wealth is to share knowledge , and giving the poor and best happiess is happiness of mind.


    Below is a picture using a fuji camera.. and developed from negatives back in 2006 and is the only picture we took

    2006 - 2016 Five element exercise class
    Between 2006 to 2016 I have conducted 100 over 5 element exercise classes from personal class to going many offices to conduct this class. The most memorable was TNT freight express they hired me in 2008 to conduct a classs 5 lesson in a day for their different batches of classs. And my parents follow me and waited me for the classs patiently.

    I was very 担心whether omhealth will succeed because giving up Engineering Job in 2007 ..... is not a easy decision either u make it or u dont.

     But for me, as i mention earlier all my weekends are working, writing and planning. Even till today, 2016, 3 months ago when i was planning half way... I decided to plan something for myself. And announce 5 element exercise class a closure till 2019.

    Do u know every class of mine even is a repeated class, the content  change 70 percents , thats why to me every class is taxing. If u notice in the market , many doctors or speakers, they can repeat their training material , reuse every time everywhere. But for me every workshop i design new topics (thats take alot of time).

    U can see how many carton of handwritten notes I have ahahah.

    This 5 element exercise class is like a Taiji it can transform to many patterns of exercise if u think carefully.

    2006 first batch class 20 students 2009 we have 50 students 2015 we have 100 students in an exercise class

    The class 2008

    5 elemenet exercise Class goes international

    5 element exercise class goes on to media

    The 5 element exercise comes to a closure when the club house has upgraded and do not have CD player anymore. And yesterday class, i carry my CD player there ahahahha.... And i know i need to upgrade myself to burn all my CD to MP4 format....

    Can u belive some of the CD used is more than 17 years ahahahhaha....

    2016 5 element exercise class
    The class yesterday was amazing.  We incorporate the new exercise ball to the class and this create alot of happiness and understanding five element exercise can be applies to different tools.

    And yesterday mark an important History for 5 element class. We created the first 80 people exercise ball students.

    This group take note. We may have a class next year at $28 just to gather and play "balls" and chit chat ok. And because yesterday not enough time, i owe u all porridge recipes and legs massage ahahah. Reason yesterdya hire the famous Music movement teacher.

    remember last year our 5 element exercise class use the the red thing to hit and improve our merdians

    5 element exercise class goes to Public

    All in all this page i just want to wish all 5 element exercise class students happy and thanks for support all these years. Even though this classs has come to an closure for next 2 years. I hope to be able to conduct again in 2019.

    Next year we will have in March period Health and Beauty with Bryan Loa Shi PART ONE 1998 version. Stay tune....... it will be a memorable one.

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    Positive Energy and Workshop

    It was a wonderful Sunday 2nd April 2017. I conducted the workshop that i first started off back in 2001 although company founded in 1998 but this workshop part ONE health and beauty with Bryan all begins in 2001. From 2001 till 2015 I have been sharing this workshop in many places from Schools to Statboards and companies event. And after 2015 i start be busy with TV, Radio and person workshop now:> One thing about conducting company workshop is there are always time constraint and I dont like to be rushed.

    So in 2015 I have turned down many companies in request for giving workshop and conduct privately.

    Talking about Health and Beauty Part one is really full of passion love and memories. Yesterday there were some students who attended the 13 years ago part one and they appear once again. Some of them their kids was in primary school and now is already working.

    There are different stages in life and i can see parents always worry for children no matter how old. I still remember this lady always worried about the child studies , so in 2006 i came out a study oil techniques working with rosemary, grapefruit and lemon ahaha and i tell u this particular articles has created so many  smart kids in Singapore.

    Blog Study Link (CLick Me):

    Standing infront of a group students and old friends like u all eraased all my tiredness from preparation of a workshop. Alot of businessman laugh at me.

    " Bryan u are alone show using up all ur energy to teach and u dont promote ur things much in the class..... this is not the way of business and ur company cant grow fast"

    Trust me especially this few years alot of my friends in business tell me this. But nothing shaken me because able to share quality topics with everyone of u and ensure u learn and improving ur health is my concern.

    This few years as I get older when i re look to the set of notes i have given u... It really means alot. When i see in the notes:
    Grapefruit pink bring joy and happiness . When i was in my 20s i was thinking why do i need a oil to bring me joy and happiness. As I get older now and conducted more than a thousand classes.... I know alot of people are not really happy.

    How to handle unhappiness all begings from within. Essential oil goes within and seems to remind u of the happiness and joy and gratitude.  That is why back in 1998 i have experimented the most powerful blend between lavendula vera (bulgaria) and Grapefruit pink... When they combine in tissue or cotton u put in pocket. people around u smile.

    My aim in omhealth is to conduct many workshops and I dont have to wait for people to register. Although I have many many supporters but nowadays people dont attend workshop anymore... They watch youtube and video. But I want to tell all of u, attending a workshop is different. It raise ur energy.

    Omhealth iam is to share with you how to connect with the flow of energy within and around you and how to optimise if for health, happiness, peace, joy and creativity. Every of my workshop even is repeated topics i relook and relook until i cant sleep because I only have one chance once a blue moon to share with u LIVE from you best self and hope to movitivate u that health can be created and ur thoughts paints ur future.

    I say
    1) Breathing exercise 3 mins a day
    2) Stretch legs and hand 2 mins a day
    3) Drink water and start day with essential oil. office a bottle of oil and before sleep apply rice bran oil to sleep/

    Do not rush ur day in and day oyt and staving off exhaustion. Are u overcommiteed , afraid to say "NO" In this world now there is a hidden energy that suck ur energy out of u that is technology.

    GO back to the time , if u can remember when there is only pager.... Can u remember ur relax lunch and dinner and family.

    Facial Steaming since 1998
    Since 1998 i have taught many to perform facial steaming and is something so easy yet it benefits body mind and emotion.... But how many has really do it? I have done it and see beneficail to skin and mind and body.

    A boil of boiling water: 2 drops lavendula vera, 2 drops rose geranium and 1 drop grapefruit pink. put the oil on it.

    Wait for 10 second let the first punch of oil goes to the air than put ur face 20 cm above water level steam ur face with eyes close for 1 min ussing mouth to inhale than later slowly inhale from nose.

    This facial steam clears ur mind, anti wrinkles, antioxidant.

    After that wipe ur face with rose hydrosol or lavender water.

    The hot water add some cold water become warm and immerse ur hand in it to do hand bath and add few drops more or eucalyptus. This reduce headache and improve neck should circulations.

    Things like that I have taught for 20 years but u ask urself, have u done once a week or even once a year ahahha.

    Let me tell u a secret, the will to change ur life is to start off by doing things that good for u . Its about energy, creativity, determination and rhythms of existence. When I am doing facial steaming my mind will think positive things. So the smell and steam and the circulation makes me youthful And this dispel negativity.

    Sometimes i will use frankincense for facial Steaming.


    When many was still young we dont understand exactly what neck or backache. There are many doctors or chiropractior could not really relate what chronic neck or shoulder or back pain is. As if u know me i was disgnose with cervical spondysis since young. And some degenrative disorder of the joints.  

    But with TCM and aromatherapy help, i survive. To me , ur body is a smart element, if u give it proper food and rest and breathing exercise , u can recover. Thats where my famous 3 oil method comes in which helps many many to recover or to feel better.

    Having neck and upper back recovery requires patience and normally is 3 days.

    A) See a western doctor if needed to get disgnose or if is a pain aches inflammed get doctor to prescribe u arcoxia and ask if u are stuiable. This is a very good quality antiinflammation drugs
    B) Use 3 oil with cream apply ache area and drink alot of water.
    C) Take more vegetables for 3 days.
    D) No cold drinks and food.
    E) Make a soup of 粉葛,赤小豆,排骨,陳皮.
    F) Drink omhealth ginger water morning with the Gold Tea.
    G) Do not eat nuts this period it will worsen all pain.

    My 3 oil method can be found in
    3 oil Method

    Aromatherapy is a highly effective treatment for many joints and aches condition and also u must see doctor to reduce inflammation too. When combine it can reduce pain of arthritis and also improve and maintain the mobility of joints.

    Once again ur diet is very important.

    Once a month: if u can put 15 drops of rice bran oil on ur palm and than 8 drops any oil below and apply ur spine.... Wa lao is best for body tonic.

    Essential Oil for pain detox and improve circulation are

    1) 3 oil method : Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram
    2) Pain killing are: Roman chamomile, geranium, rosemary
    3) Detox : Juniper berry, Vitality blend, Lemon and cypress
    4) Improve circulations: Ten Spice oil, peppermint, Purification blend, awaken blend

    Dont be surprise how Purifiaction oil helps many with tennis elbow, when they use daily with a dash of rice bran oil
    I have done so much research on heel pain and my first testimonial was a nurse who recovered from heel spur which save her from operations. We are not trying to avoid u se doctor. U must see doctor, but heel operation is like u consider first. So give natural therapy 2 months and see how than decide. I have a client went steriod injection 2 times and it came back for the heel pain but after follow omhealth some natural therapy , her heel pain recover. Really wearing shoes , cushion, using oil and calf stretch and diet is the key. So read the blog ok, I provide the link here.
    And lately many has heel pain, at the heel apply Purification oil and do the
    Footcare and Heel pain

    Lately I am quite busy with my work and TV show coming up. And yes I may be doing the TVB with some HK actors. But again i dont know how it will turn out. But i bear in me is a great chance for me to share my knowledge. Not about fame because I cant be bother as u know i cant dress well or PR.:>

    While I was preparing the life story, i make a phone call to CSC club, is one of the first club house in Singapore that I work with since 2001:> And yes I will be conducting my 20th year anniversary here. But the thing is it has only 188 seats. How ah? I wonder... Let me think...


    Orange Cloth

    If u see the picture below. This are the 3 items that is in my class front table all the time. The orange cloth was from Brisbane back in 1995, and everytime in workshop i will put on my desk and put some oil on it. So anyone who enters the classroom brighten up. And also the pink quartz and the clear Quartz was a gift from my teacher. To represent light and love to all people who attend the class.

    Now I have upgraded with a fan ahahahah, so when i want the room to have another scent i drip the oil to the cotton and turn the fan on:>

    Bryan Lao Shi ways of using essential Oil.

    Shower /footbath /hand bath


    To wake up sprinkle, awaken blend or sometimes fresh morning blend onto a damp sponge

    Or add rosemary and lemon to ur showergel

    Feet Feel good: 3 drops lavendula vera and 3 drops peppermint in a bowl of warm water soak ur feet for 10mins or put in a sponge oil and scrub ur feet

    Cellulite issue, use sponge and put vitality oil scrub body.

    To soothe painful and arthritic hands or fingers:

    3 drops chamomile and 3 drops lavendula vera and 3 drops frankincense ina bowl of hot water and soak ur hangs for 10mins

    Power Bath:

    Gosh this works wonder but how many has tried? When u are totally depressed, lost, ache, Pek Chek and like everyone everything gone wrong... Do a power bath with Bryan relax blend.

    Please do power bath,


    I love to use compresses:

    Use 6 drops of any oil u like;

    To relieve fever fill a small bowl with cold water and add 3 drops lavendula vera and 3 drops peppermint and 2 drops purifcation oil. Soak up with a good morning towel and apply compress at forehead and back of neck.


    Everynight I will apply either coconut oil or rice bran oil on legs and hand, u will end up feeling great next day.

    But for people with constipation u can massage abdomen with rice bran  oil adding 3 oil and a drop rosemary. Massage stomach clockwise works wonder.  
    Essential oils can penetrate the body through the skin, and have multiple benefits beyond a nice smell.  They affect your mood, alleviate pain, help the body detoxify, and a variety of other effects,  depending on the essential oil.

    omhealth has a series of high quality oil for u to choose

    I am so glad to launch two wonderful oil this season

    1) Ginger lily flower oil

    This oil is so suitable to Singapore weather and helps many who have bloated stomach issues.
    But as far as the scent goes, when tentatively smelling this oil I’m so excited as it is heady, nose clearing freshness of wonderful and clearing of dull blocked mind and body wind and damp energy
    . This oil bring smile to my face everytime I smell and the lovely flora middle note oil really bring wonderful experience

    2) Hinoki Oil

    Such a rare healing oil.

    Hinoki essential oil is perfect for diffusions and inhalations on a daily basis. Not only will you feel like you’re forest bathing, but you’ll strengthen your immune system too.
    U can add 10 drops of Hinoki oil in ur shampoo to prevent hair loss.


    Omhealth one of the wonderful Shampoo that received tremendous feedbacks when launched

    頂好運 shampoo.  U will love it:> And now all Ding Hao Yun Shampoo comes with a crystal yellow and blue tiger eye ball for u put inside the shampoo . While using also good luck.
    Key thing is this shampoo heal ur hair:>

    Shampoo promotion at $35 a bottle:>

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    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Chapter 21 : A letter Just for myself

    Looking back 20 years of omhealth is not easy. The time from pager to mobile to now Social media. The entire way of information sharing for health and beauty is so different now. I still remember back in the 90s or 2000s, people love to attend workshop. Libraries, CC and club houses are flooded with Young new therapist and herbalist giving natural therapy workshop with full of love and concern. But ever since the invention of social media etc.... People dont really attend workshops. Many has forgotten the fun and energy of physically attending a workshop.

    I take more time to organise workshop as is not easy to find attendees. But again I spend alot of time to conduct a workshop for 20 years I seldom and almost never repeat the topics. Sometimes people of my same line says why not i reuse... Sigh uncle me dont reuse. Every time everyday i research and prepare training material makes me happy because I wanna see ur health improve.

    I remembered that I  used to give small workshops at Herbs shops (5 to 10 attendees). The relationship is amazing. Past few years I have been conducting big workshop due to my schedule but last month I re conduct small class teaching workshop in a teahouse..

    Passion never dies but everyday it grows
    My passion has never one day replaced by achievements or where I am now (as if i am very up there , no la, u know what i mean).  I am still like the DAY one Bryan eager to share just that I dont have no time for nonsense (i think older le ba).  I turn down many TV show because I wanna conduct workshops. Sometimes my workshop let say is in May, and if i was asked to do tv show in April. I will turn down as I wanna focus on training material. Is zzzz siao right . But thats me.

    Anyway Until lately I do notice omhealth's work really kana more recognised in Singapore expand to Hong Kong and Taiwan show now. Sometimes I really dont  really care where I am now. I am still the same Bryan. Wake up 5 am:

    go market
    do breathing exercise
    write blog articles
    plan workshops
    Quality check of omhealth essential oil and skincare.
    And get irritated to customer and sometimes still call up and scold scold customer ( ahahha make customer angry than never come back buy items, but after few months return ahahha, we are like kids)
    Those who are with me for 15 years or 20 years... u really can see I am still the same Bryan ehehehe... I still dont know how to PR and many times I have De zui customers or media...
    I remember I rejected few media show because i dont want to share things I dont believe in.


    Omhealth main intention is to have a blog that serve to help u when u are stress or worries in health or luck with simple remedies.

    Also I ensure good quality essential oil and skincare reaches to my customers and I do take care alot of my old customers.
    Newbies u can read more to understand me but dont whatsapp me or message me and i believe in proper channel email and sometimes if i dont reply because too many email and most answers can be found in blog.

    Also dont challenge me, but ask questions that can benefits people.
     There was once someone challenge me with quality of oil. One shot I disallow anyone out of no where to doubt omhealth effort and quality. Is like u asking a 20 years old hokkien noodle uncle , whether he knows how to cook hokkien noodles. With the freedom to write and express ideas in social media. We have forgotten the need to respect a person works before u say anything.

    One thing I want to share with my 20 years omhealth friends. U are awesome and many from ladies to woman now. And Bryan from young man to uncle now.

    LIFE is not just Collecting Pollen

    We live like honeybees, who usually dedicate their entire lives to collecting honey but than, at the end , give it all up to someone else and sell in supermarket.

    Just like we human place more value on the amount of money earned---- and the inflated lifestyles it buys === than on the purpose of the work, failing to consider whether the work benefits ourselves and others. We put our precious lives at risk (stress, fear of work, promotion, boss being difficult, family tension) in order to make money to have more than what we need, so we end up health getting bad and also some indulge in bad habits like drinking or gossips or unhealthy eating to alleviate stress.
    Money has become the master, meaning and ultimate goal for so many people.

    Stress is everyday and till u are 90 u also will be stress unless u learn to be mindful now. 

    Do u know each day I received 100 over email and sometimes i randomly read... is all about"  looking for job and boss and stress, relation stress.
     Dont u miss 80s!  I miss the 80s where we have more time for lunch and the word multi tasking dont even exist. We have off peak MRT not so crowded and we have simple Thomson Yaohan , we have once a blue moon aircon bus 168 to orchard road and we are happy. May be that time u and me were still young ba.

    AIM of Omhealth

    The purpose of omhealth blog and facebook is to share with u all to be more mindful and get in touch with ur inner child too. I am not suggesting that we can or should ignore the modern life model. We cannot survive without satisfying our basic needs now. I mean we are not farmers... the era now no ten cent also cannot take bus.  But we should try to put everything into perspective. It is important to understand who we are , where we stand, what truly valuable and how to live in the world in harmony.

    Thats where omhealth special blend appears Like 1) Purification, 2) Love miracle blend, 3) Vitality 4) and more......

    20th Year Anniversary Oil (100 bottles only)  [ Dont forget 20th year anniversary Talk ah, CSC, 1st October 2017]

    And for omhealth 20th year anniversary i am launching a oil call Golden Aura Blend. With agarwood, sandalwood, Buddhawood and a series of herbs. I just want to remind everyone, peace is within us, we need not look elsewhere for it. Our main aim now as we get older is to have more happy moments everyday. Our aim now is simply to go from negative to positive state for the time being, even is few minutes a day, than if you are positive now, u must  slowly learn to maintain and enjoy that . Than from sickness to healing. Once healing occur you know what i mean.

    This new Aura Gold oil remind us to be a little open, a little positive, a little more relaxed everytime u inhale this oil.  If you are new comer to omhealth, it is important to be read the chapter one and understand what omhealth aim is------------------ sharing of knowledge.


    Charity Project: I dont want to talk too much on that. Up till now, we have provided 4 villages with water supply, build road, food and medicine. Anyway is part of our mission to make the world a better place to live :>

    Upcoming I have a small class teaching class in September and also my 20th year anniversary talk at CSC, I hope u can attend ok. Details in blog.

    Small Class teaching last month and yes I love it, and will conduct more soon. DO stay tune with

    Hong Kong TVBS actress interviews Bryan Lao Shi on herbs care.
    I think is great achievements for omhealth de.

    Actor TVBS interview me on acupressure I do daily. Till today for 20 years i do acupressure daily.

    My passion to share

    Product News:


    Glamor Dew Mist (with Frankincense and Dragonblood
    Witch Hazel body Mist

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    Omhealth 20th year Anniversary

    U can have 200 certificate in natural therapy or experts. But if u do not have the passion for benefits of helping others to improve life.... the cert is just a cert. U need to set good intention whatever fields in ur life to excel.

    When I began my natural therapy findings and passion on TCM and Western list healing methods like  .

    i) reiki level 2 certified
    ii) Crystal Therapy
    iiii) Music Therapy
    iv) Color Therapy
    v) Certified Positive Affirmation healing

    some 20 years ago, I never imagined that practicing the art of aromatherapy and healing would lead me so far into the study of Wellness and study of Herbs for healing. My inspiration to train hard in those early years are from stories of many Masters in Australia, Nepal, India and New Zealand (Clare Anthony , certified me in aromatherapy). And never ever think that my works is published in Magazines (more than 300 articles, and TV show in Hong kong and Taiwan)

    During my earlier year of natural therapy training I met many healers from Australia and USA. The learning process is not easy.
     And after going through so much research I have decided to start to my obsession with the art of aromatherapy , music , crystal acupressure(since 1998). So  I added apprenticeships in herbology and QiGong Music medicine (remember the first butterfly dance exercise, few years of training in acupressure and natural therapy from Professor and TCM doctors (one of them is Dr Xu ), and endless study of books on Chinese medicine and English medicine.
    I am blessed to be able understand both languages, as many translated English text may be able to express the essence of Chinese medicine.

    Gradually I become familiar with the many facets of natural therapy. And they all come back to 


    So in 2001, I began to share with many how to handle pain and aches with 3 oil method (which is now a famous techniques, if only all TCM will use 3 oil method before accupuncture and for kwa sha, now adding Purification blend in final process double up the energy). There are many variety in Chinese and western medicine. For example, Ang Mo will ask u drink Chamomile tea to calm down.  Chinese will ask u drink Chrysanthemum to calm down too.
    But both which are more effective in which situations... things like that will be my fields of studies and infact no one ever done that, and it takes me months to research on the energy of herbs before I can disclose in blog or newlsetter.

    Chamomile flowers:  Good to take evening time for handling worries and blocked mind. But will be beneficial to add peppermint to it to move the energy. Or add aged orange peel for indigestions.
    Chrysantheum flowers : Good for clearing the anger in ur body , help to to let go of unwanted energy.  But with added herbs it can be transform to brightening eyes or insomnia issues remedies

    One of my enthusiasm is that Chinese Sports medicine uses all therapies avaliable in Chinese medicine like: Herbalogy, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and diet therapy to treat illnesses.

    For good health drills down to

    i) Inner Joy
    ii) Forgive, let go and move on
    iiii) Service to society
    iv) Gratitude
    v) Breathing exercise and acupressure daily
    vi) Drink 10 cups water daily
    vii) Greens daily (helps insomnia, many insomnia, take greens daily for 2 weeks can see good result (cooked greens).

    In Bryan's Healing methodology, receiving the right treatment at the right time makes all the difference.
    Working with crystal like Black tourmaline works wonder and a pendant of healing balance body energy. Since 20001 i used black tourmaline and to my surprise many health products use low grade tourmaline powder in their concoctions.

    Omhealth workshops and classes well, less than 5 a year yet is not easy to ask people to attend workshop like that past. Because many are so busy and unlike the past can take time for urself.

    Bryan;s workshop and event was born out of many things ------ the urging of  knowledge sharing and benefits others as well as the debt i owe to many masters and teachers to pass on their knowledge, but mostly born out of my frustration at seeing so many people who would need to go thru sufferings that can be treated with just patience use of aromatherapy and acupressure (after seeing doctor la).

    This journal life story and my blog is my attempt to make Omhealth Natural therapy avaliable to everyone so they can get back doing the activities thet love as soon as possible. I hope it makes difference.
    { In my blog the heel spur and pain methods has cured many with heel issues in 2 months}

    I find that no matter how high ur healing power or knowledge we cannot stay at same level or be proud. I find many healers ebery drop when become famous because they refuse to learn and ego high up.

    I today still get myt inspiration from my teachers and even new aromatherapist. This passion and down to earth is very important in natural therapy wellness. This keep our ego in check or even docto's ego on check and offset the praise of my old students and satisfied customers, it is not merely a device to keep me humble.

    Everyday I will spend some time to think of my masters to remind me the vast experience and accumulated knowledge that form the foundation of omhealth and makes sharing enjoyable.

    Healing Aspect of Omhealth Products

    Omhealth products do not focus on packaging. We focus on quality. And u can tell is good if ur customers stick to u for 15 years and they look good.  
    Now omhealth has many healing items (religious free).

    Heng Heng Body Scrub
    5 element oil
    Oil Blends like (purification, awakening , love miracles blend etc)
    Even the shampoo ahahhaha

    Aura20 oil

    Aura 20 Oil was created this year: Aura20 oil is an hybrid of crystal, herbs and energy medicine. I remember the market rate for a one to one healing session is $200 and also the products in market for healing is $100 over. So for this 20th year anniversary I decided to produce a blend to balance body mind and emotion at a affordable price.

    This Aura 20 150 bottles was launched and with great success many told me the feedbacks on the subtle healing force felt. Is like 5 element oil.

    The all-natural aura 20 essential oil calm one’s active mind effectively, for that reason bringing inner peace to those that are searching for spiritual and healing. It stabilize our human body blood pressure. It creates mindfulness of life and awareness of happiness. For mental stress insomnia, u can put a drop at ur wrist and inhale before sleep.
    For kids having stress or exam stress, U can put few drops at five stone and let them play .

    Aura20 is also called the Oil of Forgiveness and Move On

    When you feel that you’re stuck in some situation, or when your health dont improve even u try all methods this usually means that there are things u need to forgive in life

    because when ur energy don’t flow freely with life and ur meridians, it usually means that you’re holding on to a past moment. This can be regret, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, blame, anger, resentment

    This comes from the refusal to let go and come in to the present moment. Only in the present moment can you create your future.

    Forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing the painful behaviors or actions of another to continue in your life. Sometimes forgiveness means letting go: You forgive that person and then you release them. Taking a stand and setting healthy boundaries is often the most loving thing you can do-not only for yourself, but for the other person as well.

    Work with AURA20 oil and says:




    Do you know the below items,
    the healing mushroom stone for facial massage and also the mist and grandeur oil is recognised by World Beauty Queen le:> Enjoy all the good products omhealth brings u. This healing stone has great effect for face.

    Upcoming Workshops are

    1) 1st OCtober Bryan lao Shi 20th year anniversary; Wonder u all are waiting last minute to register ma.
    2) 3rd December National Library Book read with Bryan

    Make an effort to register ba...

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    Chapter 23  Health and Beauty

    Turning 45 to 46 is a no joke thing. Especially in this beauty and health business everything for me starts late. In terms of Media ahaha. When I first started business during my Golden age media never look for me until i am almost 40 ahahaha.

    In this career many people strive to look young and will go for aesthetic procedure. But I am still not game enough. At most I use clariancy home machine to rejuvenate skin with my own products.

    If u ask me what one procedure I have done with aesthetic doctor before is laser in 2012. And that resulted me to have allergy skin for  1 month and luckily rice bran oil and aloe gel save me.

    Beauty from within:
    Sometimes is a decision whether u want to look young or old depends on your effort and results can be seen after 6 months of eating healthier and exercise. So ask yourself, have u started taking care of your body?
     I suggest if u are above 40, do more neck and spinal relaxation daily and use a drop of frankincense daily which is really part of my antiaging routine.

    Lady First SG Seaon 6

    Introducing omhealth aloe gel and witch hazel

    This will be be the season 6 of Lady First. I cant believe i am sixth year in this show. As usual my character belongs to the "quiet" type. Never can I mingle with the media artiste after show. But i sincerely answer their health questions. And in the show i give all i have.
    As my intention is  to share and benefits people . Of course do something for omhealth essential oil.

    100 over email a week:

    Many times i received emails, people compaining getting tired of job, boss or things, recurring problems.
     I mean human get bored to any thing everything because is ur nature. And as long as u are human beings u need to face issues and obstacles and no one can escape. Is how much attention u want to give it.
     Even now u change to a new good job after a year or 2 u will get bored. But if u put in intention in everything u do. Then u will find life is more meaningful. And email about health and unhappiness.... Well let me handle this one by one.

    Learn to be selfless and good intention with Wisdom

    " It is through selfless action that we can experience our own fulfilment"

    I ask myself what is my fulfilment in life or omhealth? I ask myself now and then? To me is to serve the needs of others and all your own need wil be fufilled. Through selfless action , fulfilment is attained.

    But again i need to be careful with this statement. Is selfless in sharing in blog and class and facebook but not sacrificing my rest time or life. Thats why I am very very careful to protect my life and energy. Many whatsapp me or sms me, i cant reply. And sometimes newbies may think just one question... but never did they know 100 new bies think that way, if i am oing to reply every single question, my life will be that phone

    So I miss the early 90s where people are aware of  rest time and work time.

    Impromtu Class

    3 days before 1st May 2018. While going to my market for a bowl of noodles. Something came to my mind. Instead of writing blog to address many problems, time to step out of the house to Nature, working with Nature to send the message across u all that health and happiness is really about peace and is reachable . Is your choice. Just that our mind taken over our heart and keep on making decision and worries that block the heart from exercising beauty within.
    When intention to benefits others is strong. I just do it. And there is a risk it may not have much people register. And guess what is super full house. we need 30 pax and end up 45 turn up.

    And by right the weather forecast there will be rain in the morning. And we were so lucky half hour after the event the rain started.

    And 1st May 2018: omhealth launch our first new peacock exercise Qi Gong.

    Peacock dance : ( can click here to see the dance)

    U all remember butterfly dance was launched in 2012 and when a green butterfly appears where I manage to invent the new moves. Guess what the day before this peacock dance was invented, the green butterfly of transformation appears.

    " When Action is pure and selfless, everything settles into its own perfect place.:"

    So even when u are lost or angry or disappointed. Let it be, is nothing. Say out loud is nothing, is nothing, all will pass".

    Use Awakening oil and do above exercise. (Side track, when u life very block,  and angry, use purification oil with a small clothe wipe the fridge inside and throw away expire things:

    Upcoming Event are

    1) 15th July 2018 CSC club Health and BEauty with Bryan lao shi and 2 doctors
    Fees: $35 and include a $20 Han Medical Voucher

    2) 5th August Meditation Class (details will be in blog soon)

    Shopping Cart

    I would like to thank all for making effort to order products from shopping cart. Sincerely thankful . Thank you.

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    24 )  A Challenging 2018

    Omhealth past 21 years shares many essential techniques to youthful health, no matter what our biological age. Omhealth together with TCM group of doctors, yoga teachers , physiotherapist, nutritionists and experts in both western and traditional chinese medicine and Ayurvedic reveal proven and practical methods for restoring our natural vitality through balancing the body's energy system.

    Time to Take Back Your Energy and Hope to see u all in 2019 health talk:>

    Star Signs That I take it with pinch of salt:

    2018 according to my star signs should be a challenging one and may face alot of issues and advices given "must lie low" . But if i totally follow the star signs to live my life that will be a sad thing. And I will miss all kind of opportunites. Guess what this year I have taken up many challenges like prudential health talk and EXPO food fair etc. All completed.

    I still remember 20 years ago a fortune teller told me that I should continue to be an engineer and wont succss inn business. I remember that year was thinking to start omhealth anot. If I listen to her I think I wont be where I am now. So from that time , I take everything with a pinch of salt and in my blog I often share, try not to complicate urself with too much fortune telling. I have seen the goodness but also the damages it can do depends on who u visit.   Guess what de, till today this year 24 events and gosh i wonder how I handle ahahha:> Really thankful to Universe and You all:>


    Vibrations of our Brain
    You may wonder why humanity so often chooses negative consciousness vibrations when the brain's natural inclination is to choose positive ones.

    In fact , when you look at the event of  your life, we seems to choose negative more than positive.  Basically human are addicted to choose negative. That is why during talks or event i kick off the class with tapping exercise.

    So today in this chapter I just want to share a positive techniques with you. that you can try to gain back ur energy and positive mindset day by day. You can use your favourite essential oil but I decided to use this "many people say good" new blend Universal Love oil.  This oil u can dap abit on ur wrist.

    Daily 5 mins:

    1) Deep breathing 5 times 648. Exhale all air from nose. Inhale 6 counts, hold 4 counts and exhale 8counts. Repeat 5 times,

    2) This techniques is to completely quiet the mind and put in positive thoughts. Once u done the breathing says the following words

    " I am whole, I am one" And if certain part of your body has issues. Touch that area and say or says

    " my knee, I am whole and I am one"

    Up and Down in Life

    In life and also in our body there is always an intersection of positive and negative, Yin and Yang or darkness and light. It reflects the fact that negative energy in our body will be expelled when we take care of our mind and body, and fresh and new energy comes into the body.  Some people experience this transformation in the form of body aches as if they have a cold or fatigue and heaviness in the body.

    So when sometimes u do something good to ur body and there is a transition period of uncomfy is normal. It is also a sign that your body is improving . The symptoms should be mild and temporary. But if all along ur body is serious pain and long lasting u should see TCM or doctor.

    So this can be applied to our life. Sometimes when u do alot of positive things and good deeds and often we expect something good will happen instantly but this is not the case. We should not expect because there are ups and downs. So if u face up and down in life just observe let it pass and go:>

    Aging and Part of life ( Massage stomach to gain back the energy)

    As we age we need to preserve energy. I notice if I spend alot of time on computer and phones, i will deplete my energy. So many times a sms , facebook messenger and whatsapp i try not to read and all queries should go thru email. As omhealth now has over thousands students, and if everyone think " Oh is just a message..." than I really have problem with  replying ahah:> So nowadays I prefer if u have questions do email or check our blog.

    So if we have "a age"  now  or if we can feel we are older or weak. you first need to learn to stimulate your physcial energy. Massage your stomach daily before u sleep.

    Use 5 drops of omhealth carrier oil like (coconut or jojoba or rice bran oil) mix with 2 drops Bryan relax blend and massage stomach.


    This chapter is to share with you all. 20 years of omhealth 11th November 2018. 1111, omhealth will launch a new website. And Also now preparing my welcome 2019 Year of Pig talk on 13th Jan 2019. U can email to to register.

    Stress and Life

    dern science looks at our emotion, craving and desire from the point of view of stress. Definitely stress will result and affect our hormones. There are two main hormones involved in this high tension society. The first is the adrenaline, it sits on top of kidneys and we call it the fright and flight hormones. And this is one of the hormones that really affect a person health and sleep. This is tightly related to nervous system and is human nature to have this hormones to react to danger or stress condition. But over productions result over active of mind and we cant rest.

    Second hormones is cortisone, also produced by the adrenal glands. Is called the sugar hormones sometimes responsible for raising the blood sugar. Our body has this cortisone of course has its usages like reduce inflammations etc ... But over production of this hormones from body due to stress can be toxic to our immune system and aging effect of skin.

    Of course u can read up but at the end of the day we must learn to manage stress. Sometimes when u are sick the doctors normally suppress the symptoms but a good doctor will teach u how to release stress.

    Working with Sleep Oil Blend

    helps to soothes our mood, reduce tension in liver, inner harmony and irritations release, grounding and assure u are safe and ok.
    Obviously is not possible to eliminate all stress as in life we may not have many choice to choose what we desire like work or etc. But there is always a way to have emotion without depleting our Kia nd deprive ourselves of healing and vibrant life.

    USE Universal Love Oil blend day time and night time use Sleep blend (4 drops in tissue put beside ur bed, usages in blog do read)

    The Day oil let u feel what love is again and the night one really helps in sleep quality improvements.

       Promo Code:

    It has been a trend many businesses started to have promocode and guess what I have tried to work with this in sales but end up that makes omhealth bussiness runs into some difficulty as people will only get things when there is promocode. I start think..... hmmmmm..... . Some big quality brand stick to promo only on special anniversary etc. So from now till December wont have promo code and I hope u all continue to support omhealth as all products quality are at its best. And alot of effort is made this 21 years. And I wont let omhealth run into problems with promocode . Definitely clients with me for 20 years understand the hardwork and effort i have put in omhealth.  Of course those who make effort in attending workshops and also in mailing list , twice a year will have promocode at special occassions. Thank you all once again:>

    Launching of New detox MasK; Most powerful mask with Stemcells from herbs:> Stay tune:>

    New products launched in 2018

    1) OMG Whitening series
      a) OMG whitening serum
      b) OMG whitening moisturiser

    2) Universal Love Oil Blend : A very powerful blend of essential oil to use for renewing energy and happiness and good house energy.

    3) Sleep blend essential oil: Yes improve quality of sleep

    Do support

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    25 Journey to the West (on going in search for healing)
     Despite market now not much people attend health workshop but we are determined and with passion of sharing i hope ui can support local speakers and we teach with passion

    Omhealth launched the website

    2018 I must say an exciting year for omhealth. A fengshui predictions once say this year will be a year i have less event and also facing issues etc. But to my surprise with art of positive thinking and do things with passion , compassion and heart. omhealth this year excel with  30 events and last event we had a 1000 pax yoga sharing in front of  Sir Raffles ahaha.

    A spectacular event where omhealth demo bryanwellness Qi Gong developed by bryan

    Being a natural therapist in Singapore is not easy especially an independent party not to be tied down by commercial constraint. FOr me I make my stand strong and till today I willingly sail thru different products and doctors to introduce to my students and fans. No one can pay me to share things which i think it wont work. I research and try and send spies to test out before sharing.  Last year I overheard some stories about why Singaporean health therapist didnt do well on TV show etc. The reason is we are not given enough chances and exposure and one after an another set back many are discourage. Unlike in Taiwan all the media take care of the therapist and give them alot exposure . In SIngapore is all about cooking show and a boring TV show on thereotical health topics I must say (sorry but this articles will be be famous enough to be read by the media party but I stating fact).
    During Body SOS show, they invite expensice branded Taiwan Instructors to give talks and have all priviledge and exposure but for local they cut short. However omhealth Shine and show local media what we can do and I  must say because of the support of all omhealth students and u all.

    Alot of young marketing manager for products dont know what omhealth and who we are even we are in the market for 20 years, they only into young influencer etc however never underestimate our Autnies Uncle power :>

    Discover of Doctors and TCM and Physiotherapist

    Many seems to wonder what is omhealth relationship with HAN TCM,

    Short Story:

    Back in 1998. I was still an Engineer and working in Singapore DEfence Science Technology. That was my 2nd year of work after I am back from Australia. I put aside all my aromatherapy , acupressure skills aside and focus on my work. But one day in office I had some magraine and decided to visit Ma Guang Clinic at Toa Payoh ahhahahahha. And with 1 acupuncture i got heal follow by my 3 oil (lavender peppermint marjoram, which I bring to the clinic)
    Dr XU was the first TCM doctor i know. And my impression was gosh she is good. So I introduced some my offce colleagues who have serious digestive issues to visit her. And some who are on antibiotics for 2 months recovered just 1 week of her herbs. And that time my dream was to be a TCM doctor. So i almost took up courses at Singapore TCM. And there I met my professor TCM doctor Xu (another XU , male doctor ) ahahahha.

    I didnt pick up TCM certification because it may size down my time to do more research in wellness. But my dream is to go around Singapore in search of good TCM. Well, for past 20 years u name it, i have went to different TCM doctors, Chiro, Tui Na etc for research. And love to share with many. The last two doctors which i research on was Dr Lin Qing (she is so famous at Fu Lu Shou for her compassion heart and skills).

    And one fine day , i then notice Dr Lin Qing and Dr Xu are good friends.

    1 year ago. Dr Xu was hesitating to open a clinic on her own and I say why not. SO she and Dr Lin Qing created HAN TCM. And I say I will share with readers and followers without asking anything in returns but u all must continue to serve the world with skills compassion and  passion. And the doctors u hire all must be in this criteria before u can hire them. And yes HAN TCM has the best physicians in Singapore and yesterday a very skilful Tui Na doctor on board.

    NB: I always pray that i can meet good doctors and can benefits my students. Yes heaven answers by showing me the path and my intention is to share and benefits people.  Life is short, if everything I want to look for benefits I cant benefit help more people. Han TCM and me has no monetary exchange. The only exchange is exchange programme that she will provide me any TCM doctor if i need for talk to benefits people.

    Han TCM now has this few doctors.

    Dr Zhu and Xulili

    XU Lili:   National Treasure for her skills, errr everything can see
    Lin Qing: National Treasure for her skills, err everything can see

    Dr Pan Qian Yin

    Within Short period of time all doctors are exposed to media and many many many big bosses, sportsman, , Aunties and uncle like me, goes to them and within 6 month from opening of Han TCM , they excel and maintain the standards.

    Dr Nie at Watson event with me

    The Powerful Disciple:
    Pan : Gosh looks young but her skills imparted by her uncle in Taiwan which is doctor to many famous celebrity. her skills in accu for pain is amazing. Treated many sportsman and well known now.
    Zhu: Gosh look even younger, for skincare and stress liver detox can look for her and her needles skills is good for people who are new to accu. really if ur blemishes serious go see her and combine with omhealth OMG skincare series
    Nie: She is like Xiao Long Niu hidden at Boon Lay Clinic. Her skills of accupuncture is amazing for headaches and pain. Super headache migrainecan go to her,
    Deng: I am new to her  but she is good also. I heard she famous in slimming skills ahahah
    Nicholas: International Taekwando instructor, Sinagporean TCM. Skills is like Kung fu show beyond ur imagination . I tried many chiro and tui na, his skills are GRADE A as he was imparted by some Grand Master.

    Ok u will ask me which doctor better. The problem is everyone will have ur TCM and Han TCM will have all that suit u. I love Dr Pan accu stomach and eyes for improve Qi. I love Dr Zhu for her skill brightening antiage and she is the only one do fire Ba Guan. I like Nie doctor she is like Shen Diao Xia Nu the Xiao Long Nu her Ping Po Shen Zhen is amazing, during watson talk on spot she did a neck accu for me.

    The purpose of this article is not to ask u see doctor ahahaha. I want to share with u what i promised since 2001( those students who follows me long time, know that I keen to research and share).

    Also dont wait till serious problems that see doctor. If there are early symptoms , do make effort to visit Han TCM.

    Disclaimer: Uncle Bryan is independent sharing and Heaven and Earth this is not a paid article because life is short, eat how much is fixed , we just be compassion and help people more.

    Upcoming 2019

    A series of health workshop that will benefits u:>

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    Gratitude and Sleep Quality

    I am so glad to be in the season 7 for Lady First. It has been a wonderful experience for omhealth . It shows that  our local products from skincare to oil  to this year crystalsshine. Thank you and   I love my , a one stop shopping cart for many.

    Today this life story I am going to talk less about omhealth and myself . But all about methods to relax your body with my essential oil. Hmmm isnt it about omhealth? whatever la.... Ok la ahahhahah.

    Deep Sleep

    Talk about this deep sleep it challenges me when I turned 45 ahahhah ( i know i look like 30s but without Botox fillers, selling melon again)
    Something bothers me that time when i dont sleep 7-8 hours. Often I tot the need to sleep 7-8 hours is important. But not till my detail research, sleep quality is actually more important than the time. And the emotions u carry to sleep. This year I face the biggest challenge in my life but with omhealth i handle it well. I will share soon;

    Most of the time I sleep at 10pm and wake up 4am and 4am to 6am i will close my eyes and apply aromatherapy oil and press some nap nap acupressure.  This is norm for me now and  i feel great.

    Only time when I sleep poorly if I drink too much soup in the evening (sometimes i cook too much and not to waste food i finish the soup).  Or because of friends I have my dinner at 8pm (oh gosh my dinnner is often 6pm or 530).  To many friends finds that i am a weirdo sleep so early . But  is me. ANd may be is the fountain to youth.

    Sleep are also affected by emotions, worries, food and thoughts. As we get older this are things we will face. Emotions can be worry for family health, work, relationships. Food can be no time to eat proper or having some gastric. Thoughts can be , cant let go or forgive things or people.

    Well let me share with u few tips for better sleep. (I am still learning)

    A) work with a good favourite aromatherapy Oil

    I love to use

    1) My sleep Quality Blend
    2) Cedarwood and Lavendula vera
    3) Melissa and Bergamot
    4)  A very weird thing but is like poison against poison. I use rosemary and Egypt Geranium and lemon. Err sometimes some sleep is cause by Yang and Yang energy u will use another Yang to kill the Yang. As if it sounds powerful (is Yi Du Gong Du)

    Above oil, I will pump some carrier oil on my palm and few drops massage neck and stomach,

    Visualisation to Sleep

    A) Floating Feather  ( For people alot worries use it)

    Close your eyes. Think of a gently , flowing river. Now visualise the many times in your life that you have been carried easily from wakefulness into a deep and peaceful sleep, as easily as a feather floating gently downstream. Just as a river has a set course, recognise that a part of you already knows the way to restful sleep. Now let yourself be carried downstream . Let everything go. Feel yourself being lulled and carried safely on that gently current into deep rest and finally into sleep.

    B)  Raindrops  (for people have aches and pains and body tired)

    Close your eyes and imagine the sky above you. Notice as the clouds ebb and flow, gather and disperse. Notice as a soft, gentle summer rain begins to fall. notice the sound as each raindrop lands== on roof, a window pane, a blad of grass and in a puddle. Notice the smell of the rain through an open window and the colors refracted and blurred by the raindrops. As each raindrop lands, feel any tension within your body disperse, and flow away. If your mind wanders, acknowledge your thought then let it go and gently refocus your attention on the raindrops as they softly fall.

    Sleep is  a very tricky thing. U need to first handle

    1) Food u eat in dinner
    2) What stress u have and write it down and breath in and out let go
    3) Time u sleep and amount of time spend before u sleep on gadgets.


    Chapter 27: Motivation of Our

    I wish all of my students and new friends you have a great 2020 . Despite the "CONV" we will be ok and blessed we have gold standard of handling things and to me is a blessing living  in Singapore. As long as we take care of our immune system , we will be shielded from any negativity. Since 1998 I have been sharing Wellness and Beauty. And now is 23 years if u continue to do aroma healing and breathing exercise u will be ok.

    Time flies.

    I dont notice time flies until when I see my parents aging but this is part of life.  Many ask me why i wanted to look young and be healthy. What inspire me? If u keep yourself young and healthy, ur parents will feel peace in heart as this tells them indirectly that they are not that old. And also they feel peace at heart because you can take care yourself well.

    Well since young my body type belongs to the "weak" body type. Thats why I am the only child due to my mom's heart when giving birth to me. And when I was borned , i stayed in Hospital for long time. So my childhood health is beyond u can imagine. 

    When I was in Army, the inspiration to have better health strike my mind as I kept getting sick in army.
    I wanted to have better health for my parents and myself too. After army , I met the most respectable, crystal healer, tarot reader, energy healer and ahahhaha i wannna say back in 90s and 2000 , Australia and Singapore has many good healers, respectable and Simplicity Healer. And Uncle me do crystal healing since than. All I want to say, dont 迷。I have seen some people lost their own energy and do this and that until confuse. Hope they get back in track.

    Personal Experience:
    At  the age of 19 I was diagnosed with a number of health and bone issues, like bone degeneration, sinus, scolosis. And when I was sent to Australia for my Study, health worsen. But luckily with the advise from the natural therapist. My health improve.  So from that time I watch my diet and health with aromatherapy herbs qi gong etc (u can read the above chapter).

    When I started omhealth business 1998 , I tell you frankly, i wanted to get away from coorporate world of working as an auditor. And of course you heard the story how i work part time in Takashimaya aromatherapy company doing blending.... .

    As time goes by I find my motivation is more like sharing to improve health and wellbeings for all. Thats why I started Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Color therapy, Music therapy and Qi Gong class. And also now i have start sharing good TCM doctor like HAN TCM which has helped many in many health issues.

    Main Aim for Now:

    Main purpose of omhealth now is to create Oil Blend that can help more people in body mind emotion wellness.  March 8th I will be launching a new oil blend call Bubble of Protection.
    Why is this oil call Bubble of Protection? (8th March 2020 ok )
    Since young I learnt the importance of protection of our inner heart and body aura. So that we will not be affected by
    i)  negative thoughts ii) emotion of surrounding. iii) worries burden  

    When a person  lost focus and directions most like they have forgetten  that deep inside their heart there is a  strong young energy , fountain of energy that can help them at time of crisis. To search within the light. Also deep inside our heart we want to do good, say good and emit love and compassion. But it has been clouded by delusion, ignorance, anger , burdens and worry. As a result ur " Bubble of Protection " And healing cant emit out la.

    Bubble of protection activates the inner self from ur heart to emit a ray of light in connection with Universe Love of twin heart to surround u and ur love one and people with bubble of healing.

    And motivation behind this blend is to remind all to take care parents and elderly. Filial Piety is really important. Alot of people didnt success well is because probably u have neglected ur paretns feelings and health.

     Let me share with u a secret. My dream if there is a next life , is to be a being or an angel that anyone who love their parents or take care of their parents and just mention my name or use my aromatherapy , their wishes will come true.  Like if their parents have health issues, once my name mention, no need pray, no need offerings, no need chant , no need puja, no need anything. Once a person is filial and look at the sky ask for help for love on or parents. Aroma will falls to the one who need help and recover quickly. And this new oil also for people who are filial to elderly or parents will receive good healing energy.

    This is a oil blend for us to have good energy from within and understand that happiness can be achieved and slowly things will be in ur way with highest good.

    Picture taken few days ago in Feb 2020. I see a Guan Yin riding a dragon. And blessing all with love and compassion.

    Ahahahah, thats omhealth bryanwellness motivations.

    But now since i dont have this power, I just send good intention to all people who use my aroma oil. With love and compassion and daily practice of reflection. And a  bubble of protection created around when u just say " Bubble of Protection:".

    This oil will be launced 8th March 2020. The bubble fof Protection is not about selfish bubble of protection . Or live in ur bubble. IS also about sending bubble of love to ur surrounding. This is one of my 2020 very powerful oil blend.

    Also every bottle of essential oil and oil blended by are of good quality and freshness is beyond my words.