Year of Rooster 2017 ( Preparation)
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2) House Cleansing Date 2017
3) Taisui 2017
4) 2017 Powerful Item (updating)
5)  2017 Important Dates

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6) The New 2017 Coin 百无禁忌八仙coin
7) Flying star 2017  
2017 News: Will update daily from today

8th Jan 2017 Welcome 2017 talk ready for registeration
This 2017 omhealth waited 2 years after BBC coin to produce a very powerful coin that can be used forever. The reason in 2017 we have a very strong star in North and this coin will extra harvest good energy to u and prevention of being to sensitive to negativity. The gui ren LiuHe helps a person have mentor luck and allow u to have good things happen in right time.

6D coin and 5 D coin are ready for order for 2017 but when to put will be announce in this articles as i need time to updates:>
(one man show to prepare articles... need time, but will update often)

For new comers u can refer to 2014, 2015, 2016 old informations on the yearly welcome as every year i have articles that can help many to improve their life.
Remember super new comers do refer to www and (label / Bank Account articles) they are all prepared with good information to motivate and remedies for difficult period of our life.

If you keep your heart simple, than you will have the energy to handle things in your life and things will not be complicated. We must learn to manage our life but not let planets or people's words affect our aura. Life is not easy already so is neccessary to think positive by working with oil, breathing exercise and be gratitude. Once you get the simplicity by observing the law of cause and effect. All things can be resolved. Like when u stress, u go read a book sometimes the sentence will wake u up. Like u upset, u use some oil and inhale quiet urself and will feel better. Like u facing so much obstacles and really no energy to do much, work with crystal black tourmaline and do affirmation 5 mins a day.

The world is filled with tools and techniques to handle things. So keep it simple.



2017 Planetary Star

Aroma oil recipes: Put the few in cotton and thow in ur bag or wallet or pocket once awhile. When not feel good use the combination to final rinse body.
Affirmation: Do the affirmation daily

Stress and worries is the body's response to life's demands and also sometimes the energy of the planetary arrangement. This can be overwhelming. And i think if u are in ur 40s 50s 60s now... U will notice, that there will be a year in your life that can be so challenging. Your belief system and faith in ur religion may be shaken and you keep asking why this and that happen to u. But when u look back now.... wow u are so much stronger.

But I must say when a person is in issue year, u may be too overwheilm and  sometimes help from higher level want to help u also difficult because u are just blocked. So omhealth always advise many to do breathing exercise.  

Your body is a galaxy of stars and for people who know how to work with it receive calmness and peace.

If negativity and stress overwhelm you, the bad luck state or stress energy will linger in ur body and result in damages to body system.


 to 2017
, Mercury retrograde many timesand especially beginning of 2017 (thats where omhealth launch the small coin(百无禁忌) .
Do u know
, 2017 is the time to buy a note book and pen to write down what u want to achieve and what u need to let go and rethink and things u need to do again to resolve it so u have good year ahead.

And in 2017 remember to change ur 6D hulu behind ur main door. And do refer to the flying star chart to put a 6D hulu in the corners with 3m hook where sickness star arrived. And those affected by Grand Duke Jupiter star do carry the 5D coin can reduce alot stress.  Yearly this 2 items are the one need to be changed yearly. U can disposed at recycle bin.

So I suggest in 2016 u get a Notepad , a pen and also a cotton (use love miracle oil) and write ur worries, dream and pen it down.

Sign Health General Luck Tea Cotton Auric Oil Blend Affirmations
Aries: Is a year of Joy and creativity if u allow. Simple exercise or start to exercise will help u to repair quickly.
Do not make empty promises.
  • Avoid: Spicy food, salt, and alcohol
Stretch before exercise prevent injury Ginger with rose
Tuna Sandwhich
I treat myself with unconditional love
Tauras:  Is important to note that u want to have peace and harmony as ur greatest aim in 2017. And never let fear affect ur luck. If u have been eating well in 2016 congrats if not exercise some diet plan. Alot of changes . See a TCM to improve health or get some organic powders foodcure add to ur diet (like wheatgrass powder) Chamomile tea with peppermint
Rose apple
Snow chamomile
I am aware of now and I love myself totally in the now
Gemini:  This will be challenging and a test for u but in a good way depends on how u think. If u have always been stuck in situation u should learn to resolve it. Mental stress is the key. Careful of ur spending and think before buying or investment. Ask 3 person for advise. Go garden once a month u need to for grounding. Use healing trees oil. Omhealth peony white tea befre 12pm
There is solution to every problem and my body mind spirit are a healthy team
Cancer:  Alot of  Q and A for u in many aspect of your life. U need to watch the health and emotion of ur love one like partners and parents.. To acheve stability u need to balance and good thing is help will come if u allow Once a month make donation to charity like Hospital. And just donate dont think of what benefits omhealth peony white tea before 12pm

Watercress soup
All my experiences are right to me
Leo: Good energy and positivity shine on u and u need to spread this goodness to people around u and be helpful. Wealth luck is on ur side. Ur energy rise and fall sometimes very fast so using oil and tea method is best to maintain
  • Avoid: Spicy food, and dairy products
Choose a music / song u like try to listen when energy is low. Save this music in ur iphone or play the song from youtube Gold Tea Omhealth with slice of ginger


ABC soup (if can cook urself once a month)
spinach, broccoli
Clary Sage, Lemon and
Lavendula vera
All my changes are easy to make
Vigro  : Now you need to rethink of your ideas and decision that u have made in 2016 whether it is correct. This is a year u need to rethink .Any relationship issues with family and colleagues u must address it with peace.

Do remember to eat well because when energy low u eat some nice food, ur luck come back  and attract good energy. 

Put a star sticker in ur iphone. This will encourage positive energy Red dates and ginger tea day time


dessert like green bean soup once a month helps
Bergamot,lavendula vera and rosemary I am totally adequate at all times
This is a year of inspiration. U have any ideas u need to pen down in a notebook so it will happen. Is so important to dedicate time for ur family and love one, At last ur energy came back and will suceed if u think before acct.
  • Avoid: Alcohol, carbonated beverages, yeasty foods, and refined sugar
Having curry is good way to boost ur inert energy Barley water with dash of omhealth ginger works wonder.


Cucumber chicken soup works

 oats, apples, grapes, strawberries, raisins,
Lavendulla vera
PAF lime
I dwell on positive thoughts
Scorpio: Alot of things to think about. U are just trying to handle up and down. U have alot of work to do but u will get it done. Start talking to people u love and also be profesisional with ur work. Physically and mentally will be challenge as everything u wll succeed but need to work with both
  • Avoid: Oily foods, yeasty foods, salt, sweets, and refined sugar
Have saunce ketchup with food sometimes.

Gold tea works


onions related soup helps
  canaga , lemon, rosemary I release the past with ease and i trust the process of life.
Saggittarius:  U have the power to change what you want this year and if your determination and zenness if you can, all will be fine. U need to watch out for skin issues. Can be hectic la but every year every one nowasday also hectic.
  • Avoid: Spicy food, sweets, refined sugar, and alcohol

Beetroot apple juice rose with omhealth ginger day time.

Evening jasmine flower tea

Garlic related dishes.
Clary sage, Lemon and Rosemary All my relationships are enveloped in a circle of love
Capricon: sometimes u can be too practical... do add some creativity and roundness in ur life, dont be too square. U find this year u are  more concern with relationships. Take time to do things u want to do and love.
eat some figs is good for u
Blue berries is very good for u.

While u can also sometimes have ribena
Red dates with Ginger and Gan Cao x1 tea


Peppermint,Bergamot and Lavendula Every experience i have is perfect for my growth 
Aquarius:  Well just a very good year for u if u allow and plant in this thought by acknowledging this is agood year . There will be alot of work for u to do.. Energy level may be abit low so think of ways to recharge by going foot reflex Chicken soup once a week if can


Ginger and red dates morning is so important

ban mian / or noodles related or ramen


Kaya Bread
Tangerine, Eucalyptus and Cananga I follow the path of right action.
Pisces: Well being cool this year is the key. Cool at everything. Now there will be illusions that u may not succeed and u may fall to this trap. So be very confident u will success even the situations dont look promising. Also u are like to make alot friends chamomile tea with dash of mint

sweet potatoe soups

Papapya with dash of lime


Tian qi Flower tea
Rose geranium rosemary and lemon I am totally adequate at all times.





2017: House Cleansing

For house cleansing Items

  1. Omhealth Spa grade sandalwood powder
  2. 5 element oil
  3. Protection Spray
  4. Tranqulity Spray
  5. Purification Inspiration Oil
  6. Magneto Scrub
Now above items u have le, so just use it. And remember house cleansing applies not only before CNY but in future anyday u can do house cleansing.

Also remember sometimes the wet cloth put oil on top and use hand wipe floor at least twice a year.


KM YAN + 5 element oil + Sandalwood Powder + Protection spray at $126

Toilet Cleansing

we need rose geranium , Lemon JIF, Coconut Brush

refer to the video

Omhealth House Cleansing simple preparation Video

Using a cloth wipe floor can bring in good energy to ur house and urself. Will explain more in the talk


KM SET $76: KM Yan, 5 element oil and Sandalwood Powder, And add Protection spray is $50

The following are the cleansing date: U can use below date cleanse house , office, altar cleaning. Means using KM Yan set. U can use any other days to clean house with 5 element oil etc. Just below date u select one day to do the procedure on your right.

16th Dec Tiger NO
21th Dec goat NO
28th Dec  Tiger NO
6th Jan pig NO
18th jan pig NO
22nd Jan Rabbit NO


How do you know when to clear your space beside above dates:?

If there has been an argument or heavy discussion and you feel the mental and emotional effects.

If you have been feeling a little out of sorts or not quite your happy self.

If you are beginning a project or are working toward a goal and want a 'clean slate' energy pallet to work from.

If you want to 'prepare' the energy of your space to 'receive' something such as bringing in new specific energies of love, harmony, joy, compassion, open heart energies.

If you want to prepare the energy of your space to 'receive', on your behalf, a new job, a trip, new ideas, new friends, etc.

If you want to improve relationships within the home, and outside the home you can use the clearing to set the energies to bring in these things.

If you do energy work with people, you'll benefit from clearing your space just as things are releasing from your clients - they are releasing from you as well.


House Cleansing Day (打扫除)

Cleansing of house or office is a important way to clear the negative debris of corners and area.  This is to welcome good new year energy.
One whole year of negative debris will be cleanse away with this cleansing method.

Please do not rush not rush and do not focus on time, focus on removing energy, do not think of anything but removing and inviting positive matters (think of your room glowing brighter and brighter like the sun).
Some may not like KM yan, so u can just use sandalwood powder.

For other religion: If u cant burn incense at home:

Use 10 drops Purification Inspiration Blend and 5 drops 5 element oil in a pail of water and wipe the house. And than spray house every room with Protection Spray.

It works better and faster when done in conjunction with FIRE, EARTH, WATER, METAL, WOOD with the famous KM Yan Set

Full Space Clearing Set is $126 of 4 items. 

  • KM YAN a BOX
  • 5 element oil : Fight and peel off the negative aura in house
  • Protection Space Clearing Spray (please if is 1 year le, change new one) Water element wash away the bad and bring in abundance.
  • Bryan's sandalwood powder: Bring in good energy and blessings.


Before cleansing say out aloud

 " Today is house cleansing day, I am starting to cleanse the house now, all bad things please leave and good energy stays love and light:

Om Mani Pade me Hung x 9 times all negativity emotions and energy dispersed and all good things continue to stay". Start cleansing the house.

Open all windows and curtains to let fresh air and sunlight in. An easy way to clean a house or room energetically, opening windows and curtains allows cleansing solar and air prana to flood a room or house. 

A) Now put 5 drops 5 element oil at base of KM Yan or if dont want KM YAN use sandalwood powder alone.

B) Light the KM Yan and put a teaspoon of sandalwood in the lighted kummoyan, than 

C) Chant “OM” too if can. This mantra disperses dirty energy. And walk around the house with this set. And finally place the set in center of living room till burn finish.

D) Finally spray each corner with Protection Spray. (include toilets)

E) Apply purification oil on palm and Clap hand 21 times center of living room.


Suggested Date for House Cleansing ( If this date no time cleanse at least use KM yan and spray to symbolize cleansing and than u can cleanse another date urself, no need ban dan)

How to DO it?

Toilet Cleansing Day (Famous Luck activator)

Date: Similar Above date

Jif (lemon favour) Rose Geranium, coconut Brush. Buy a coconut brush from market (cannot plastic ). Gif floor cleanser. 8 drops of 5 element oil and 5 drops of Rose geranium and scrub the floor together. If can add some 

lime, dont forget this PAF lime do wonders.

Properties: Dissolve toilet "SHA QI" that affect our health. And also remove of obstacles in life. After cleansing toilet, have a good shower and final rinse yourself with 5 element oil. 

Step out of the toilet spray Protection Space clearing spray. Sometimes can alternate with sandalwood powder (but not many like smoke smoke)

Coconut Brush : It has a powerful healing cleansing mystical power and when combine with 5 element oil it cleanse and dissolve negative energy, Unlike plastic brush when negative energy may retain. SO toilet should use this coconut brush.


Salt cleansing once a year only can be done after u KM yan your house. To have best effects. For those whose health and personal family luck really kana upside down. Salt power with oil


Anyday before CNY

Use the brand beside cheap and power. A box can divide into two rooms ba. But I lazy, I cut  open and put oil inside (ten spice oil, 5 element oil, PAF lime ). After 3rd day throw away whole box. 

Salt behind door bedroom method. ( u can any day before CNY, a bowl of salt, 5 drops above any oil on salt and put behind door for 3 nights. Absorb whole year of bad energy.

When Salt mix with ten spice or any above oil:
Salt comes later once your cleansing has been completed and the atmosphere feels better to you.

(But if u not staying this house for next 1 week and going overseas, i think kaffir lime is good or 5 element oil ok) and leave in empty house during this period. But Take note again Kaffir lime is strong.

And I mention for many years, dont use Kaffir lime in office as some colleagues may not like, Office use PAF lime ok. They love u.

Extra Notes on Cleansing.

TaiSui 2017
(elaborate more in 8th Jan welcome 2017 talk)

In short we have
1) 5 D coin for affected one.
2) Tianlu ruyi for all to use and carry to temple every year and increase the positive energy

After all these years, we find that people affected by Taisui normally is stress out by emotion and health minor issues. But with care and preventive measures , many rise above all odds and infact has better luck than others.

Just think of Tai Sui star is a Commander and he is like giving u task so u can promote to better level after the war.

So dont be always frighten by Tai Sui interpretation by FSM and instil fear. Although ancient books will point out alot issues which may be true but with do and donts u are ok

Anyway can pray to Tai Sui beginning of year .

Omhealth has launched the Tian Lu Ruyi in 2014-2015. This can be a cure all for Tai Sui effect.
A 5 D coin itself can be used too. Need to be new one for Tai Sui affected animal

TianLu ruyi suits all for those who also no affect by Taisui but may be ur bazi affected, just have one. Rub the ruyi daily.

Now is a bit tricky. Sometimes even ur animal sign not affected by Tai Sui but ur time and day born may be affected. Thats why certain month more challenging. And I dont call bad luck.

When Tai Sui appear, is like a Strict teacher taking a CANE and push u further. Please la, ask urself, all are lazy now and wan more pay.... ahah how can.

 The 2017 Tai Sui is known as Ding You , Tai sui was born during the Tang Dynasty at An Xiang (安乡),Hubei.
His name was 
Tang Jie (唐杰).

And he loves martial arts and very skilful and strong. During the imperial exam he is a very powerfil leader in military.

That time he was asked to stabalise the bandits at the South and he manage to behead 58 bandits and the leader.
And he was awardd for his merit and vitrues

So u can see that He is very "commanding decisive" . So this will be a year of Justice and if u are a bad person always bully people or "hai ren" u will face consequences. Good people like u all is ok.

So those with the Tian Lu Ruyi, continue to use and touch it. U will enjoy the good fortune. Touch especially on the arrival day and say good positive things and send love to Universe ok.

I go all the way to China Mountain to request all clients who have this to have a good 2016 and forever with this item. A dragon shaped smoke appear at incense when smudge.

For those affected by Tai Sui

U can carry the 5 dynasty coin activated by omhealth Bryan Lao Shi from 4th Feb 2017.

Activated 5 Dynasty coin can help to reduce the effect of Tai Sui .

Also all animal sign can carry the Ruyi Tian Lu super good.

Date of Arrival of 2017 TaiSui
3rd Feb 2017, 2336Hours.

Zodiac : Rooster
Conflict with Rooster
Clashes with Rabbit
Incompatible with Dog
Damaging with Rat
Xing Tai Sui: Horse and Monkey

Simple remedies is carry 5 D coin, and to enhance use cypress oil in cotton thrown in ur bag sometimes. The scent will reduce the adverse effect of the stars if it has.

For those affected by Tai Sui, u can prepare above set to temple after 3rd Feb 2017 with 5 Orange and packet of sweet and tea and oil.

And say ur name, address, date of birth and pray will do. Bring ur new 5D coin and go over the incense burner and carry.

So carry a 5D coin is good. This coin cannot be reuse and not sharing. U can keep in bag. Those who buy now, just keep in drawer first.

Commercially they always give a wrong concept that affected by Tai Sui will be bad luck. 

This is wrong. Tai Sui is God of the Year, his task can means push u abit especially mentally to achieve a higher level. Some may view as bad luck. But to me is challenge and results always promising. Double confirm.

They say Tai Sui Cong Shang Lai. 冲上好运。

U only start praying to Tai Sui at temple after that day timing. Anyday earlier is praying to 2016 Tai Sui.

Pray Tai Sui good because a good start of the year is equal to good luck le.

FYI, no affected by Tai Sui, u can pray also with 5 Oranges and a packet of tea and sweet.

WHat to DO when affected by Tai Sui?
1) Carry 5 D coin.
2) Do charity work or donations for medicine after donations look at sky or temple that month, say u will want to dedicate the merits of donations to Tai Sui of the year (look at sky, and when do donation no need tell people),.
3) Go Birthday Party or Wedding.

Sometimes on the 15th of each lunar month, any animal sign can just go temple and put a packet of sweets at the Tai Sui Altar.

And if u have your Tian Lu Ruyi, go over the incense yearly. year by year this tianlu ruyi will absorb alot good KI.

And very useful.

More will be explained in 2017 welcome talk.


Above was a magazine interview of Bryan Lao Shi 5 D coin, see famous le right.
This 5 Dynasty coin by Bryan Omhealth is as good as those $108 from Fengshui Master. Is only $38 and applies for many usages.

Is a yearly need to change. U cant re use this 5D coin only the living room $1 coin and the rice urn can use every year.

But I wanna say for those affected by Tai Sui, carry this is good enough. And sometimes when go temple, u go over incense 3 times.

But this one cant re use. Is the one u need change and no sharing. We try our best to minimise spending yearly and keep it simple.

( for rice one, change the red packet yearly can le, and the coin can reuse yearly)


6、化开口煞:屋宅大门,直冲电梯、停车场、马路、向下、向上楼梯....等皆为开口煞。宜在进门处,吊挂一串,予以化解。 But I prefer behind door knob put 6 D hulu.

Pagoda COil Incense ( Sandalwood and herbal )

Omhealth Coil incense of the year is the Sandalwood one and the Herbs one. This 2 when burn often can cleanse sickness star and bad energy star. Is also a good energy for Tai Sui star .

Pagoda Coil Sandalwood Incense: Spirituality, healing, protection, astral projection to heal and protect, also for purification. Brings in Auspiciousness to house. $55 

Herbal Coil incense: Activate the healing properties of surrounding and blessings and motivate one to health and luck and fight negative emotions

品香習靜 -- 心靜是一種境界一種智慧一種思考

Light my coil incense abit and let the incense envelopes u, and u can feel cool. Tai Sui energy effects dissolved and feel the support from Tai Sui.

Agarwood/pagoda Coil Incense u can light weekly once a week to reduce the effect of Tai Sui at home.

Well if Tai Sui visit ur location like sofa u are facing etc. U may get agitated easily. Tihis year Tai Sui Located h West of House. If u facing tai sui at W. Or sofa there facing W. Well..... not very ok de. Or bed.

So W of house this year u can put a 5D coin. Also light an Pagoda Coil incense at living room. The incense will dissolve house bad Qi.

Just a suggestion :

For house fengshui we need to take care one. Just like u manage Qi Well, Qi manage your house luck.

Personal Preference:

Sandalwood Pagoda Coil incense light on 1st/15th  lunar day of the month

初一十五 (or light every friday of the week)

My this quality coil incense consider cheaper than the branded one but again is pricely i think but is the quality. We have send for testing.

So I always teach people save money la. U can light twice a weekh . If u wan daily also can .

Or twice a week. Normally Monday and Wednesday .

Anyway is up to u. Above suggestion de. And I want to thank all who trusted omhealth for the incense. I ensure all tested done in Singapore and all results free from chemicals I am glad.

This year 2017, if can light coil incense in living room once a week can move house stagnant energy and also envelop ur luck with positivity. And disperse negative energy. Use Herbal or Pagoda wish fufilling incense.
Joss Paper DIY set Tai Sui What to Do?ts

How to pray 2017will explain in 2017 welcome talk.

Fruits to eat for those affected by Tai Sui 2017 are

1) eat dried  Mulberry fruit
2) Ginger tea + Gold tea dried only drink before 12pm
3) Chant Cundi Mantra 108times 3 times a week.

Things can do once a month
1) Salt behind door (put cypress oil or those oil i mentioned in house cleansing)
2) 15th each month go temple, talk to Tai Sui with packet of sweets

Normally u pray to the main God that governs Tai Sui and than pray to the year tai sui and than pray to ur own birth year Tai Sui. Will elaborate in talk.


2016-2017 Important Dates

Aroma Oil for 21st Dec 2016 (DONGZHI) to use is Awakening blend , it is so powerful to use this oil in cleaning house, tissue stick fan blow house , wipe office table, be creative. bring ur BBC coin and If have ruyi tian lu to temple. Oil will awaken energy when SUN energy high.

Now remember the give thanks dates还神 starts from 7th December to 21st December 2016; So u can go ur favourite temple (yellow related attire best) give thanks to God. Rem 21st DEc is special. Also today do donation to Tong Ji or Shan Ji hospital online also good because merits la and dedicate to all beings. For me I will go temple before 21st Dec to avoid crowd ahahha. But 21st will at home look at sky thank god and ancestors, say thank u ancestor from ur heart.  Giving thanks to ancestor remember to do it as remind us of饮水思源。

Why Le?
Because 21st December 2016 is 冬至,冬 至(Winter Solstice),是中国农历中一个重要的节气 ,也是中华民族的一个传统节日,冬至俗称“冬节”、“长至节”、“亚岁”等。 早在二千五百多年前的春秋时代,中国就已经用土圭观测太阳,测定出了冬至,它是二十四节气中最早制订出的一个,时间在每年的公历12月21日至23日之 间. This day the SUN YANG energy best to clear urself and power day.  SUN ur crystal like Black tourmaline bracelet and also hold ur wood do breathing exercise power.

This year 21st DEc Dong Zhi remember additional add 8 slice or omhealth ginger on top of fresh ginger. This day eat ginger very good.
For All give thanks to GOD can be from 7th December start to 21st December. I tell u 21st December u do correctly hor, whole of 2017 cannot go so wrong one. Even met with bad luck start, the things u go thru will be fast recovery. remember things u need to go thru u can reduce but cannot avoid ok.

So between 7th Dec to 21st DEc 2016, buy a good quality fruits (BIG BIG ORANGE 5 is best), a packet of sweet to temple.

omhealth organise big give thanks at Tian Fu Gong 2015

GIve thanks Temple to Go (easy )

I suggest:
1) lor 29 Shun Tian Gong
2) Toa Payoh Suan Lin Shi
3) Loyang Da Bo Gong
(will update here soon)

1) Bring 5 BIG Oranges ( for all Gods one, of course u can add ur items)
2) A packet of tea  sweet can buy from temple and their Joss paper.
3) Bring extra Shen Ding joss paper.
(those want give thanks Tai Sui just bring extra sweet and a bottle of oil too put at tai sui side)
Taisui one u can buy Tai Sui Jin and Gui ren paper together a set.
4) Before u go temple brew ur Ginger , Gold Tea. OR Ginger and Red Dates. But for Winter Solistice, GINGER and Red Dates and Honey Best.
(come back drink or temple drink)

Pray and pray give thanks saying ur name, address and say thank u.

Bring the items with ur BBC coin in pocket.

Bring 5 Oranges or Mandarin. A packet flowers (no white one inside) and pray. Than pray le  bring flower back.

Add 5 drops Purification Inspiration blend oil to the flowers and wait 10mins. This water is used after u shower as final rinse. After that dont rinse with water again.

Flowers use plastic pick up or bloom.

Do you know first day of CNY if can vegeterian even half day or till 6pm or whole day is good. Is so good beyond
CNY 祈福吉日

28 Jan 2017 Rooster No
31st Jan 2017 Rat No
3rd Feb 2017 Rabbit No
4th Feb 2017 Dragon No
10th Feb 2017 Dog No
12th Feb 2017 Rat No

Now all animal signs can enter temple. But if u want to hold special blessing ceremony, the book says u not suitable so choose another day.

Awaken oil is very special and is really good to use when enter temple just like 5 element oil and cypress. But awaken like Ma jam , tell all Gods halooo ....

I always feel when people go buy fruits pay to God, many like look for cheapest. u see u pray must show some faith ma. 3 orange $1 type and 1 orange $1 type, of course buy the $1 one orange and pray .

saying this is not about god want ur orange but this demo our sincerity and not greed, keep asking and asking and never give.  This orange pray le, can bring home eat. When offer things offer best. And is different by $3 . Think.

When I go temple QI FU. I will make an effort to buy good Oranges. And my wrist will dab essential oil like Awaken Blend. I tell u this blend is so powerful. Is like awaken all good energy.

For those who pray to  Tian Hou can bring ur rose otto hydrosol and pray . Request blessing too. Tha pray le, can bring rose otto home use. This very good for ren yuan

To me any day you want to go temple and pray is fine. The special dates describe here are the special moment where energy will be at the tip top according to planetary arrangement in CNY so prayers will be great. They say good beginning , rest of the year will not be so hectic.

NB: Pray to Tai Sui only starts after 3rd Feb 2017. And u can bring omhealth suggestion Joss set to temple.

Practical Things to Do during Qi Fu CNY or even in general if u go temple 初一十五:

After prayers at temple:
1)SMS to 1-3  friends or relatives who is very successful. This is to activate the energy of Aura to ur phone also. If cant find, just sms ur boss and manager la.

2) SMS to 1-3 friends who have a difficult year u know with positive encourage. This represent ur compassion heart and good energy will surround u for being loving and compassion.

3) Qi fu Day, try to drink red dates, ginger tea.

Now u know why?  Well let me explain to u. Ginger dried from high mountain clear the "Suayness" in body and red dates bring in good energy. Add some honey will bring luck. Normally i will brew this tea and put in water bottle. And when in temple i drink ahahha.

4) At home, hold in Jin Gang Quan, bend body downwards and keep shouting. This energy is powerful to rraise the earth energy up to body. And say thank you mother earth. When a person is more grounded and give thanks to the Earth. Luck starts to rise. We start to appreciate the earth and be grateful

After temple prayer dont talk about ur own issue again. SOme people after prayers step out of temple, start to complain about life .... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Keep this energy. U want complaint tomorrow than do it.

For those who have my items: Bring ur flower coin, BBC coin and Tianlu ruyi to temple over incense.

Start Work Good Day

31st Jan 2017 rat no
3rd Feb 2017 Rabbit no
4th Feb 2017 Dragon no
8th Feb 2017 Monkey no
12th Feb 2017 Rat no
13th Feb 2017 OX no

Ever since BBC coin was launched 3 years ago. It has become a very power coin to bring and rub for improving own's lack element and protection and day for open work luck

Start Work Day:

Bring your BBC coin this year and put at right side of ur Office table this year for a few days. Display out. Is good.

Rub the BBC coin and say the following auspicious words.

If u can choose the start work day u choose. If not when day u start work.

U can say


" 时来运好,财喜并至,五行生运,开工大吉,旺旺旺 "

Items: Tranquility SPray , Purification Blend, Awaken blend


BBC $48, Tianlu ruyi $68, Cundi pendant $55, 6D hulu $48, 5d $38

first two items are the one use for start work day or business.

BBC coin rub to say good things. Tian Lu ruyi put table for awhile to represent confident smooth at work and authority.

Handling difficult people office
If your colleagues or boss pass 1 year giving u problems hor. DOnt worry rub BBC coin and say say" Good Energy surround [That person name]" Om x 21. Tha rub the ruyi tian lu 21 times and say " Love and Light surround me , love and light surron [That person name].

Beside welcome 2017 8th Jan talk. 2 very powerful talk so u have a wealth and health year

Niam Ni Gao Gao Good Luck talk (Super Bai Bai content) 

Date: 19th Feb 2017
Fees: $50
Venue: National Library
Small class of 80

All will receive a special blessed gift

Time: 930am to 12pm

Our yearly niam good luck talk
1) Joss paper DIY formation new version
2) How to handle difficult emotion with sweeping
3) Art therapy of Symbols (10 years anniversary by bryan)
4) How to work with TZI beads for good health
5) How to find out what numerology number u lack of and in details how to increase chance of success
6) Guided Music therapy breathing exercise for
1) Abundance
2) Health
3) NOW
7) Meditation 5 mins a day with bryan
8) Ah ma method clearing negativity

3) Health and Beauty with Bryan Lao Shi PART ONE
Date : To be announce 2017 (
fees: $38

For all newbies u will love this class and for old friends u will too

2017 Powerul items

(my direct words)
Every year I will have few new items for students to  adopt. Frankly speaking is of course a source of income for omhealth but we go further than that to research and find and produce items that helps and suit (we cant be like some big company produce 100 items yearly) but to us less simplicity is more.... dont u want that or put 101 things in ur house with compass, is so tiring.
 But u know the effort put into each item is tremendous. I think for ur wellness, balance and activation and make it affordable.
Yes for me omheallth wellness is a business and also we give back to society in many form but keep it low profile..

Compare to many companies, every year they introduce 12 items and each items is around $100 to $400 and yearly need to change. But for omhealth,
so simple items like 6 D hulu main door, covers 80 % and 5D coin to amplify good luck stars and the 3 items i mention the tianlu, tianlu hulu, ruyi tian lu (lauch between 2014 to 2016) can be reused. And yearly few new items are for people who like to collect.

Past 15 years we have, Gui ren bag (BIG HIT till todau), Flower Coin, Mystic knot (only appear certain month), BBC coin (most powerful Bazi Balance coin)

This year we have ( i will one by one write here)
1) Healing wood
2) the Liu He Animal sign
3) 百无禁忌 pendant
4)Yellow exclusive fu dai after lion dance infront of the  stage for people adopt heng heng at $15 (limited) those attend talk can adopt.

Healing wood of mindfulness Cater many unhappy stars in Ancient astrology ( i am still spending time to write the 12 animals because the prediction of those stars from ancient books is like stereotype, if read by positive people will feel negative. I think this shall be revamped. I feel the ancient forecast of 12 animals sign focus on unlucky star and than people in business will instil fear in u to buy 101 things, if dont buy u feel lousy after consultations. For me, i keep it so simple, from temple to foodcure and acupressure. At most ask u carry simple items and many are reusable like flower coin, hulu, tianlu which many carry for years.

So this year i have introduced u the 3 wood.

Omhealth have introduced many collectiable items past 15 years and normally u will see in the market start to have the things we introduced in massive form. Quality of healing wood is amazing.

Healing energy of wood from special Jungle (not road side one)

When we design our house, we often focus on design and price and style. We dont always consider the material use and for example wood like Birchwood table or chairs or oak table etc when u use it or seat on it very grounded and can affect a person luck. Trees are cut down to make to furniture and it does contain energy.

Omhealth have 3 healing wood, their origin can be from man places but only from certain jungle has high resin and healing energy. For chinese always everything go to them is wealth and prevent bad luck. But who willr eally explain actually wood represent deeper level of healing.

Wood teaches us lesson selfless love, inspiration, and comfort ourself. Help us to healing our emotion
 And the strength of our will and overcome difficulties in life with wisdom and relates to our positive energy. But can wood do all these? Well wood create a healing aura that clear the fog so we can think better.  This healing wood ward of negativity.

Open the door to healing wood and feel great. Each wood omhealth spend time to activate and with care. Wood in market range at different price so is up to u ok:>

Omhealth have three
1) Dragonblood wood Grade A  $18 (King of wood to have the royal aura so do things smooth)
2) Ge Mu Ge $28 (it was said in History text " A person own a Ge mu ge no matter how small can deflect negative and harm from "the others")

3) Black Diamond $28 (market cost alot, this are very rare too) (may have bigger one u need to ask)

NB: is not a charm or religious item but activated with omhealth care and love energy. Is a positive auric item.

Put anywhere or carry with u at times when u Bazi or luck is low where u need extra boost.
Sales: Put cashier
House : u can put balcony side
Water bottle can stick one for house use, drink when tired. feel it
Personal: Put oil in wood rub let wood absorb and put at chest to do deep breathing.
(the new oil DING will be great)
Healing: Hold for 3 mins only and feel balance.


2017 COin and Forever Use

无禁忌/八仙 开运牌 PART ONE:

 a coin forever to keep. (more to write ) And we decide to make one at $28 as the economy is, ok , u happy can le:>

U can order by with name, address and mobile. Payment need to be made once confirmed.

Is launched together with the DING Oil which u can read the properties at


Ur creativity. U can hang at door side . U can carry when go weird places. Or when u feel down u can rub the words and say the poems below.
U can wear as pendant daily if u want. Or wear on auspicious day where u will meet alot people. U can put in wallet.

Rem this is designed call Bai Wu Jin Ji... U can carry to anywhere.....

This year omhealth decide to use a tradition material for this coin. Material used will be more expensive as we using Brass and more difficult to make. And also i want to maintain the natural tarnish green when aged and can be polished. But first I ensure spray gold paint in it to ensure nice nice for u.

This will tarnish but not rusty and it will become a aged coin when u carry long.

Below is the blue print design by me and drawn by omhealth designer. And exclusive from omhealth only.

U can see the words have a FAN shape there.. Yes to amplify the words when u say it:>

Story behing each omhealth coin?

omhealth has few important coins. Each coin has a deep meaning:
1) FLOWER (base on ancient design and few hundred years history design but make it smaller coin to bring in new energy and lock ur wealth (every year many hang this coin with flowers at home)
2) BBC(design by Bryan ) coin to balance bazi element and improve health and for open work day use rub and remind us to be compassion
3) Now.... see below. (super design by Bryan)


Coin is motivated by the Chinese word


Why i choose the word bai wu jin Ji: This is because the word remind us if u are not a bad person, there will have protection from angel and if ur mind is mindful and positive , u will be like a SUN and no negative can get near. (this is dedicate the teaching from a master to me which has move on, a great master that taught me that)
The coin is to clear "Pan Dan". U see we meet different kind of people everyday. Some people positive some people negative... And some people suay suay like to say negative things in auspicious day or hour.

Example, sometimes u heng heng wan good luck that morning and go temple, but on the way some one " Tsk u, tsk There" or the temple people very rude.... So it affect ur mood.... But we forget this are external but we are affected.
on CNY first day... by right very lucky, but ur child naughty u scold or ur relative come ur house but some misunderstanding and TSk Tsk. Or u break a cup..... Thanu think whole year no good.

BUT with Bai wu jin ji coin u rub and say


Ang Mo Motivational energy of Bai Wu Jin Ji

a) My mind is filled with positive thoughts that nourish and heal my life and i am protected
b) I am blessed in many ways and I bless all that I have
c) Thorugh my connection with Infinite Wisdom all becomes possible

八仙 法宝

To me it represent our ability with inner wisdom and connection with ur inner wisdom and all become possible

Look at the  FAN. We use electric gold color to it. Although it may tarnish with time but it become this look. And very nice:>

  1. Fish drum: Sound of healing and knowing the future with wisdom
  2. Sword: Remove fear and negativity with courage and positive
  3. Flute: Sound of peace and growth and nourishment health
  4. Lotus : Mindfulness compassion awareness and cultivate our personality
  5. Hulu: Helping the world  , help beings and five merits accumulation
  6. Fan: Fan is to fan and be awaken and alive again
  7. jade square sound (make sound with 2 piece jade: Purify the environment
  8. Flower Basket: Assess to all treasure with wisdom and divine energy to overcome issues.

When i was in my secondary school. A rediffusion or radio they have fengshui master sponsored programed. And one of the fengshui item is so famous in the 1980s and a simple coin cost $50 that time and is called JinWei Fengshui Kai Yun Pai.

Of course i got one that time for myself ahahhahah using my piggy bank. That period of time is the most challneging in my life. Tons of loards of obstacles to handle and one after another bad news appear and I dont know how I have gone thru it. And infact the coin i got it is to buy a hope.
When a person face alot of issues... sometimes u may think gosh when is this going to end. But few years later.... u will appreciate the life challenge that make u a stronger person.

Everytime when i see TV drama, life experiences make u stronger... I think only people with UPs and Downs can come to terms with that sentence.
People are born with different spoon in life.

Some born with gold spoon, some stainless steel spoon, some plastic spoon.
Gold spoon ur this life is to enjoy life one (but if u over enjoy and forget to give back to world .... u will regret). Many rich people live day by day but when they reach older age they use all their money to keep young but they fear old age and fear of death bevause when young too happy le... They fear lost of wealth....
Well for those born with gold spoon, step out and help the poor, gloom and support young businessman and motivate people .
But so far those Gold spoon i know... rich la, brain simple and cant take challenge. Errr but exceptional one.

Some born with Stanless steel spoon
Stainless steel spoon is most of us..... We are tough and wont get rust.... We have the chance to go thru life challenges that gold spoon dont have... but we are not like plastic spoon that so jia lat. We have the chance to think positive, do good, feel how gold and plastic spoon feel and have a chance to improve ourselves. Stainless steel can sail thru life with fearlessness as gold or plastic is in the 2 extreme.

But stainless steel people may always fall into negativity if dont watch out and become disharmony.

Some born with plastic spoon
Plastic spoon is 3 meals not full. And i want to say Singaporean , u are never a plastic spoon. But may be plastic spoon mindset.

NB: Each coin for first 100 a small amount, omhealth will donate rice and neccesity to elderly, we will also light lamp in temple for brightness)


Flying Star 2017 Fengshui

Well for me flying star fengshui applies most to landed properties and ancient house where there are less environmental disturbance and pollution. For me more focus on handling the negative stars and amplifying the good luck star and sector of house to keep things really simple.

Gridding the floor plan. Once you have a floor plan, you draw a 9 square grid  is proportional to the floor plan. But if too troublesoon u can treat each room , bedroom or living room etc.  U dont have to put everything shown here. U can selectively find which affect most.

Divide equally. If not just find out using compass which sector your rooms are.

For me in 2017 we take not of the Sickness Star, The Disaster star in the house or living room or bedroom. In FS some use the whole house. But for me  i check  for the house where  star 2 and 5 located than handle it with 6D hulu. Than main door put a 6D hulu coin. But handling this major unlucky star we can than activate the goodluck star.

Flying Star fengshui details since the day it started back in many years ago. 


Items we use for flystar
remember u dont have to activate all the stars. Some place no people even seat or walk so just keep it clearn
For me normally i will look at 2,5 than activate 2 of the good luck stars.

are example.

3 Star: 5D coin, burn Coil incense
1 Star: 5D coin, Spray tranquility  ,House Item (any year), bowl of $1 coin with 5d coin and marble
6 Star:  5 D coin , House item (any year)
2 Star: 6D coin hulu or with the HULU tian Lu with ten spice oil
4 Star: u can reuse the 9 level pagoda for this area or keep clean will do.
5 Star: 6D hulu
9 Star: 5D coin (or house item)
8 Star: House Item (any year), Tian Lu ruyi or BBC coin or wealthbowl
7 Star: 5 D coin Spray Tranquility

Above doesnt mean ask u put all coins la. Just see which is more u want to put than put. Many has House items of mine past years. U can re use by wiping it with awaken blend to awaken the energy. And put.

6D hulu
House Items ( Mystic Knot, The Elephant... , Tian Lu  or ruyi tian lu)
Tranquility Spray (use alot)

Living room: Without looking direction a bowl of coin and marble with 5d coin will be good enough

2017 Energy Pattern

Our house main door  determines almost 435% of our house whether is in good energy or negative energy

The front door is like the mouth of the house.

This energy that the mouth inhale whether is good or bad affect the people who live in it. when the house's mouth eat in good Ki and expel negative Ki, this energy will help in financial , family relationship, health and family bonding

Front Door you can use 3 methods to enhance

 Get a clean piece of cloth, put 8 drops cypress oil  in a smal pail of water and clean ur front door.
A) 6 Door hulu behind door knob (yearly change), simple yet effective to reduce the negativity from entering.
B) A floor Matt outside main door and every friday put 5 drops 5 element oil
C) A heng ball according to the chart below

North facing door: (1 area of ba gua) 
Heng ball Color: blue, clear 

North East facing door: (8 area of ba gua) 
Heng ball Color: orange, purple, yellow

East facing door: (3 area of ba gua) 
Heng Ball Color: green, blue, Antique green

South East facing door: (4 area of ba gua)
Heng Ball color: green, antique green, blue 

South facing door: (9 area of ba gua)
Heng ball color: red, pink, purple 

South West facing door: (2 area of ba gua)
Heng ball color: pink, orange, yellow

West facing door: (7 area of ba gua)
Heng Ball color: yellow, clear

North West facing door: (7 area of ba gua)
Heng ball color: clear, yellow

Door Facing floor matt fengshui is fun. Just put compass facing main door, see where it points. and choose the doormatt color.

Doormat fengshui is very powerful because it serve as a first filter for ur house depend where ur house face. 

Simplest way is, take a compass stand infront of door see which direction it faces and put the door matt accordingly and put 6D hulu. 
There is a method is to once a week 5 drops of essential oil on floormat

1) All purpose 5 element oil for protection and small people disperse
2) Healing Trees oil if family people always not decisive
3) Dragonfly Aeonian oil if lack guirem
4) Bryan Relax Blend , if family health so so
5) cypress SPice oil, to bring and unlocked wealth.
6) Pomelo oil brings wealth to family.

Door mat fengshui is powerful, as if main door facing u put right doormat and put right oil oncc a week. It can help to welcome good energy and disperse negative energy.this year I work on door sector floor matt rather than door facing.

But if u dont know what color to put for front door. Just put a doormatt of brown with welcome word best.

House Items: Omhealth all these years have House Items: And they can be reuse and use on auspicious Location like 1,6,8,9

House item A : Tian LU Laugh in luck
House item B : Tian Lu Hulu Health improvements
House item 2016 (POWER): Ruyi TainLu Fu Qi.

Above Tian Lu: Bring in wealth to u and remind u smile and be courageous.
Hulu Tianlu is so important to reuse for 2017. Put ten  spice oil on it, let it absorb and put on office table or beside bed to bring health energy.

Tian Lu Ruyi Fu Qi. Is energised for long time and is very good to use it as an exercise for luck. It bring the energy of Planetary courageous and Energy to people who rub with thumb daily.

Remember bad luck star need to take care first if not your good luck items cant expand. Some people see fengshui keep buying expensive fengshui items but didnt work well, because the bad luck star is not probably taken care of.

So handle 2 and 5 with 6 D Hulu ok. And number 3 and 7 with 5D coin. But if this location is no people seat of no chair or active area. Than Ignore.

Burning of Pagoda wishfulflling incense and Medicine Herbs incense in living room  is very good this 2017

 Bad Luck Star ( I personally find that if u confuse, just big door knob behind put 6 d Coin Hulu)

Star Properties Items/ Color Cloth


Sickness star 

The 2 Black Ju Men Star visits the northwest section this year. Its element is earth. This 2 Black Star is beneficial for medicine, doctors, attorneys and women’s rights.

2 Black Star represents also illness,, gossip, and alot of misunderstanding.

But dont everything blame on illness star, normally year end many people flu or cold because of diet and CNY celebration. And is ur own fault:> 

Period 8 . The northwest is the home of the 6 White Fortune Star, which is metal element. Earth and metal have a productive relationship. However, in 2017, a number of inauspicious stars are mixed together in the northwest section.

If you stay in this sector , do watch your health. Also take note of old illnesses as may relapse or get sick easily

Health Care Care!!!

This #2 negative Star brings illness, gossip, misunderstandings and loss to the center and its effect is strong. Without placing cures, particularly the Matriarch of the family can suffer


6D hulu at this location is a must.

If not the brass hulu set

or the tianlu hulu

Do u know your coin like
1) BBC coin or
2) Bai Wu jin Ji coin can handle this star well.
3) Medicine Tian Lu Hulu useful.
to carry is good.

Burn Medicine Herbs coil incense.


Bracelet Black tourmaline bracelet wear one is important

Maindoor at NW:
Green Floor Matt

Heng Ball: Green Heng ball  door gate

Aroma Oil to wipe: 5 element oil and Ten spice oil

(u can drip few drops to the wooden tianlu hulu)

3 (W)

The 3 Jade Star is west sector of house or living room.
The element of this number 3 star is wood. In 2017, the Wen Chang Literary Star is also in the west.
This is very good for people to have expansion promotion at work or people in media related work

However this number 3 star is a star of robbery, arguments, misunderstandings, and gossip. The west is the home of the 7 Red star, which is metal element.

Wood and metal is not harmonious.
There are few good luck star here the Golden Cabinet; but other inauspicious stars including Tian Ku and Sui Xing are together here.
So West have a mix of good and bad Possible of good luck and bad luck of legal issues and problems and law suit and conflicts

Spraying Protection Spray this year 2017 at WEST of house can help expansion in business, promotion and also speakers (like me ahahha)

So if this area is a corner , just ignore. But alot gossip, quickly clean up this area , spray protection spray and put 5 D coin

So if alot conflicts quickly use

If suddenly I find got alot alot gossips or unfairness, you can light Purification Inspiration Oil blend on cotton and put on a bowl put at W of house.

With the #3 Star landing W, fights, litigations, law suits and big misunderstandings can easily occur. 

Spray Protection Spray W of house. Office put Tranquility spray if u work in hostile environment and spray above ur head and let the mist envelope u daily. 

Bright lights and all things red (fire color to burn wood 3) help ward off the trouble element is wood.  So aromatherapy burner is powerful

If this year u feel many Xiao ren and Shi fei. Boil dried ginger and add honey.

A 5D coin is the best remedies to put.

Also Gui ren bag is powerful too. U can choose either one. When 2017 Shifei star is strong, carry ur Gui ren bag will be great. Once u carry, although u meet Shi Fei but u can resolve it. Remember no one can escape from shifei attack but with our positive thinking aura , it can be dissolved.


5D Coin

Maindoor Sector  West floor matt: Yellow

Heng Ball: Yellow

Aroma Oil to wipe: Purification Blend



Fearsome Fatal Scary Star combine with

年煞 this 2017

This BIG diaster star 5  falls in the south.

This unlucky star is called 5 killings and bad unlucky according to ancient and if u feel ur prjects has alot delays, obstacles, fire, lawsuits, sickness,
We quick;y go see SOUTH of house is it got dirty or not clean or something spoilt put there, the diaster star is earth element.

South its orignial state is HOME Of fire element and we know fire grows earth so maing SOUTH diaster star strong. Furthermore, Nian Sha is in the south.
 If the bedroom or entrance falls in this section, the potential to develop sickness and books says tumors can exist if no remedy is applied.

It is advisable to avoid spending a lot of time in this area. In the south section, ground digging especially should be avoided to prevent the occurrence of misfortune.

Set back Damage Obstacles:
This year if ur sofa or bedroom at South, is more prone to alot of problems. But aiya scare what? just chant more mantra, and also if is sofa, put a heng ball of blue color if u want.

The #5 Misfortune Star is a particularly dangerous star of the Flying Star Feng Shui as it brings tragedies, mishaps and bad luck. Sudden business lost and health family break down. Spray protection spray around this area is simplest.

2017 it comes with Year beaker so can be quite problematic. But if is an area no sofa or not bedroom, just ignore.  Put something metal gold here is good also.

6D coin hulu and even House Item Tian Lu B is so powerful. If ur door knob put 6D hulu, this star is more or less weaken le. And if can South  of house put House item B.

 If maindoor face SOUTH , put a grey door matt. 6D hulu behind door knob is good.

u see i use blink blink metal to put here also

Remedies: 6D Hulu

Maindoor sector South Floormatt: White

Heng Ball: Clear Heng Ball

Aroma Oil: Ding Oil on floor matt


破军星Misfortune Star 


The破君星located at SW in 2017. This is a metal element star and flies to the earth element 2 black star. And we know earth and metal is productive relation, so although is a bad luck star but also means females , doctors , sales people may be more successful and be working hard u will see good results.
 But this year the unlucky stars Sickness Charm and Dead spirit star also falls in SW and can make people who spend time SW of house easily fall sick and no apparent reason angry.

So if happen that month has trouble maker in ur life, look for SW spray the protection spray and put 5 d coin.

With hard work, substantial rewards can be expected. However, the yearly inauspicious stars Bing Fu and Death Spirit fall in the southwest; they can make people staying in this section easily fall ill for no apparent reason.

Using Metal decoration and 5 D coin best

South West

This is a star we need to be careful as it can be a damaging star, best remedies to this star is blue water related item.... Of course is tranquility spray la cheapest and most effective in town. This star cause robbery and losses, is a trouble star.

Trouble maker alot ma this year, well check SW sector of house is it messy . Clean up and put 5 D coin and spray Protection Spray healing spray.
This can  bring roller coaster emotions and, by extension, cause disputes, violence.

People who spend alot of time at this sector will regular disagreements and quarrels. Keep in mind that if your front door is located here, you might be more susceptible to theft and loss.

Moreover, the star 7 can mean unhealthy competition and rivalry in your career. ( a bai wu jin ji coin carry or office table fight this 7)

That is why 6d hulu once for all main door important.

If SW is ur bedroom or sofa area put a 5 D coin and use protection spray around this area here will be good.

If is a window here (keep close or 5 dynasty coin or door here .

And best oil to use is Awakening oil once a week.

Dont be surprise if u can put either

BBC coin, flower coin, Or Bai Wu JinJi coin here too. Or carry this coin prevent 7 star affecting u

Remedies: 5D coin 

Maindoor sector SW Floor Matt: Blue

Aroma oil:.Fresh Morning Oil wipe or on floor matt

Heng ball: Blue


Good Luck Star: 1, 6 , 8[ For Kitchen remember inside the rice URN I ask u all put 5 D coin (u all must change red packet and use back same coin). 5 D coin in rice urn and keep putting for 3 years the coin will become power:>]

Every year there are few good luck star like 1,6,8 and 4. So they will fly to different sector in your house. Many FS book just talk about how good the star is and ask you buy expensive LIU LI ($300 to $800) to activate. Dear ah, no need de. Sometimes simple remedies is best. And alot of times, a good luck star can be not so good if they fly to the different element . Also sometimes they may accompany by bad luck star. My 5D, 6D, Spray are simplest and follow ancient time activation is easiest.

Actually no need to activate all because not all houses can find all these sectors. But u find this sector got place to hang things or put things. Try to do it; U will see good result.

This year we re show the 2012 power items limited

1) Liuli Elephant

2) Liuli Mystic knot

3) Double 2 hulu

4) 3 legged frog with ingots

Things to use can be

1) Wealthbowl, House Items A and B, Fu Ruyi Tian Lu, Heng ball or incense coil burn twice a week. 

Liu Lu Money Bag is ready>> 10 Jan 2017

Star Properties Items/Color Cloth

1 (center)

water element, incharge of travel,marriage, ren yuan and love luck in a way



For 2017 this lucky star visit center of house or living roomThis is a good luck star that benefits people in media, sales m transportation and fashion. However this water element star flies to to home of earth element 8 star. So earth and water is not in harmony meaning the peacefullness of the world will be affected and economic crisis quite obvious too. So when travel please take note of safet very important.

Travel Safety coin is avaliable . Weather will be very extremem conditons so many people will get heat related sickness easily and weakness in body. SO start by taking care of your health

Because of this, omhealth will be organising a health talk with a doctor on 2nd April 2017 at National Library to clear this energy. DO come.

This star visits center in 2017. This star brings wealth, romance, and good negotiation luck.
Symbol for this star amplification can be the level 9 pagoda with Wen Cang pen.

 ALso 1 White Star is water in nature using a 5d coin lock the wealth and amplify the luck.

Sector is good for people in business, acdemic achievements, loan officers, bankers, public relation, water related business, casinos and clubs.

For those who have the double brass hulu. U can put at living room very good , not only lock wealth can help to prevent issues
This set is $55, can even put beside bed.

details :

So as mentioned center of house u can put the 5D coin in a bowl of $1 coinx 8 and if have marble u can add marble.
 4   (NE)

The 4 Green Wen Qu Literary Star falls in the northeast this year. The 4 Green Star represents creative pursuits, academic achievement, and Peach Blossom.

Its element is wood. The northeast belongs to the 8 White Zuo Fu Money Star which brings fame and wealth. Its element is earth. Earth and wood have a domination relationship.

The inauspicious stars, Small Consuming and Robbery Disaster, are in this section. It is quite similar to the east section. This makes the northeast section not beneficial for actors, literature, scholars, writers, students, youth, and pregnant women. There is also the potential of bone pain or injury to the four limbs. Moreover, miscarriage is easily triggered in pregnant women and it is also not beneficial for young people. 
 Remedy To reduce the potential negative effects mentioned above in northeast section, use the fire element as a remedy to change the poison into medicine. A possible fire remedy can be a red light

Agarwood coil incense
red heng ball
elephant liuli or mystic knot

Floor Matt main door sector NE: Red or purple pattern in it
Heng ball: Purple Heng ball
Aroma Oil: Love Miracle blend

6 ( North)

Star from Heaven money and authority



The 6 White Wu Qu Fortune Star is in the north this year. It represent secure job , wealth and authority
This is a metal star and flies to the home of 1 white star which is water. YEAHHHH
Now we have a productive relation as, water and metal happy together.
And is accompany by 太阴, 天禧

So this year we must work with NORTH of the house as it is the most lucky sector in 2017.

U can put omhealth famous wealth bowl here.( which i make 18 a year).

Now if u can look for North sector of your house.

Use the new DING oil and do breathing exercise once a week , it allow ur body absorb GOOD KI
Also those stay in north sector of Singapore good luck.

For us not staying in North, once a blue moon go AMK hub shopping can bring in good energy.

Secure Career Success represent wealth, power and authority.  This star is metal element in nature.
U tired of career and want career changes u can try activate this star.

U can put some water growing plant here.
Try not to put big big red decor here ok.

Yellow Heng ball La:>


Brass 3 leg frog (if star 8 put than no need put here, choose either one)
or 5 D coin

Main door sector North :Floor matt: Coffee color

Aroma Oil: 5 element oil

Heng Ball : Yellow

Tranquility Spray, 5D coin as it grow wealth and money.

Do u know 5 D coin from omhealth is very useful, put good area, amplify good star, put bad area reduce the bad star. 

8 (EAST)

Wealth Star



This star is earth element a

YOUR WEALTH BOWL!!! And putting a bottle of Protection spray is good here.

This star help u have a prosperous household and good filial kids.

This EAST for 2017  transform evil energy to good energy and help everyone in family. And activate to encourage bad people around u to be good people.

Liu Li Elephant those who have can reuse and put here. This liuli elephant was from omhealth many years ago and now we have 20 set avaliable.

This 3 legged frog set

Putting 3 legged frog with a pool of wealth ingot is good if u can or convenient. 
U can put the 3 legged frog set  at East side and facing inside the house.

U can put a Clear heng ball this area sector to activate if no table or no nothing to put wealth things. a 3M hook ba.

Work with this sector of house to do breathing exercise and any oil use for breathing.

Items to put (no need all, just u choose urself), if ur house can find South and is with table, dont waste it:>

1) WealthBowl or BBC coin !! BBC coin (reuse) will activate this star.

WealthBowl: (18 made a year.)

Optional (Once a while)


Simple: 5 D coin

1) Wealthbowl or an Liuli house item from omhealth (latest the Money bag)


3 leg frog (very power)

Main door sector Floormatt: Orange or have red in it

Heng Ball : Red

Aroma oil: Awakening blend

 wealth luck to house.

Mini Questions: Questions:

If u have BBC coin, Gui ren bag and 5 D coin and Cundi coin. How to use them for this few?

U can buy a nice silk bag or cloth bag. Put all in. And once a week, put ur hand in and feel this week need which most and take out from it.

BBC coin: For balance of bazi and safety
Guiren bag: for gui ren and hold it and say gui ren come
Cundi Pendant: Wear for protection on 7th month or travel
Wood Tian Lu put on office table
Hulu Tian Lu , can put in 10 drops 10 spice oil and put beside bed and rub it for good health.
Tian Lu Ruyi for peace, harmony and also authority at work.

9 (SE)

fire element 

Star  future Wealth Purple star


The 9 Purple You Bi Celebration Star  is in the southeast section this year.

 This 9 Purple Star represents wealth, fame, romance, and celebration. The element of the 9 Purple Star is fire.

The southeast section is the home of the 4 Green Wen Qu Literary Star, which is wood element.

So wood and fire is in productive relationship and create harmony energy

Is a good location t o activate for studies and excel in business of  fire related.

But i suggest everyone to activate number 9 star as it can bring alot of wealth abundance (not necessary in $$$ but joy and future luck)

Wood feeds the fire element. This combination brings renown. It is also good for students passing tests, literature, scholars, writers, actors, students, merchants, and fire-related industries; people involved with these should make more use of this area.

But take note: The secret is to see
白虎,天煞,地煞  falls in the sector. So to activate thisa  area a 5D coin is needed and combine with any good luck items

This is a good area if you want to start something new or a new career in future, because the energies present in this sector favour new  great future and new beginnings.

Southeast is therefore an ideal area to use to improve your income, especially if you just happen to occupy a new position.


Put a 5 D coin to block the few bad luck star here.

or any omhealth luck Liuli

Main door sector SE Floor Matt : Blue or grey

Heng Ball: Blue or white

Aroma Oil: Peppermint and Lavendula


2017 Good Luck News:  (This will be updated daily from now)

In 2017 there are another 3 animals which enjoy the 2017 good luck

1) Rat: Because of two Big Lucky stars that visit you. U have alot of wealth and abundance opportunities visiting you. People who work hard and open the eyes big big can see so much good news coming to u.

Extra things to do:  Activate 8 and 9 and also put 6d hulu at 2 and 5 of house. Carry the FLower coin to lock wealth

2) Monkey: Promotion and Sun energy star facing you. So being recognise and promotion is possible this year and also ur thinking will be clearer this year and if in 2016 u have been feeling down, this year u rise.

Extra things to do: Activate 4 and put 5 d coin at number 3 star sector.

3) Horse: U have tao Hua and hong luan star. Alot of good networking and also relationship coming great for you. Also for those single u will have chance to get attached. And also for those married ur love relationship is good.

Activate living room with a mystic knot.

Bryan Lao Shi  2017 YEAR  "A- 鸡划"

YELOW and BLUE heng ball lving room can bring luck to all family.

i) Lucky number is "10" this year. Get a new  red packet, put in 10 dollar notes, put into the donation box of any charity 同济医院。
开运化煞气。red packet put $10 donate any places in need of help. This will help all animal signs. Good 功德心, 心情好,好好化煞。做了一整年带给你一种内心的好人好事的功德。 好气场,就把不好的煞给化掉。

If can afford put 10 $10 notes donate . Remember donation is not the amount but ur heart pure. Although above donation can helpgood luck but when u donate , dont think of ownself, think u helping more people. if u donate main purpose for good luck than wont work. So for me, i will chant om mani padmehung abit and blow on the red packet before donate. for other religion just pray abit before donate.

ii)  Remove 2016 Hui Qi Unlucky Ki. U must burn some sandawood powder around move the house  before CNY. And spray the protection spray. This is proven method and also using 5 element oil clean the house.

Food: Red apple, Sweet Corn, white lotus, Promenganate juice
 all animal if luck affected u eat the above any one of them for 3 days.  (now u know why i say drink the red stem cell orchid drink (i not spokesman))  Orchid stem cell drink one time during CNY good. (now u know why i drink, because orchid in CNy is good energy ahahha) shhhhhh.
Or u buy ribena also good.

Most Luck 富贵平安skin care;
Face: Granduer oil have promenganate and also red cactus fruit
Magneto scrub have red hibiscus flower

除夕: Red or purple underwear sleep super good.


开工: But not everyone can start this day. So fret not. Just follow the article on open work day . And than on the date below... go SW bank walk walk.

初六: Bank at SW best energy , u can go there walk walk ahahhaa and 接旺气。

Any logo has yellow and red and blue very good.

Also remember the wealthbowl u have change to 1,6,8,9 sector. wealthbowl 2017 is ready for order , 18 wealthbow made a year.

A human must from beginning of year know what energy star with you so you can borrow a 天运for you。A person who do proper preparation will have good year. So must start with Self. 天地人 , So 人 is 生肖。
remember one thing dont scare of 犯太岁。it can help u sometimes.  all animal sign pray Tu Di Gong very good. When pray Tu Di gong bring some good quality Biscuit and pray le, bring biscuit to all friends eat.

For all animal Sign: U can carry the Yellow bag and Bai Wu jin Ji coin if  u dont know what to do.

Than in yellow bag u can add in 5 color bean and pinch of salt.

For Guardian Pu Sa: U can write the name of Pu sa in a  Yellow empty namecard and put in ur wallet. Also South for 2017 dont dig ground. Sometimes even u dont dig if people construction outside at South, it may affect ur family. So 6 D hulu behind door is inportant and also SOuth of House put 6D hulu.

If South of ur house wan renovate please do it before 4th Feb.   Also whole family health is affected by number 2 star. If  NW of house is dirty and wall paper spoilt or things spoilt please clean up before 4th Feb and put 6 d hulu now. Keep NW clean ok. If is store room, please tidy the store room.

Is a Ding You year and overall economy not so good. The fire hot so using Protection spray and Tranquility spray helps alot of issues.

remember ah, do support omhealth, all our items from skincare to oil super good energy during CNY will have special items for u.

ALso the orchid stem cell drink good, or even ribena or those red berries things good. I not spokesman, u buy urself.

Below wrtiting ur guardian angel on a small name card red or yellow and put wallet or pocket can cure many issues.

Above is a yellow name card (empty u can buy from popular) Pic show white because of photo shrink. Once write urself put in wallet.

Animal Pray (once for all, Toa Payoh Shuang Lin Shi have all god, so u can just go there pray pray during CNY good enough .) Guardian Angel (write with a pen on a red or yellow namecard put in pocket la) Forever
老鼠:you have Fu De 星 二月初二 拜土地公

Yellow bag
inside put
five color bean
OX: 白虎

more prone to minor accident. so to prevent accident u can go TCM doctor during CNY period go TCM doctor mini 中医放血 (super safe and good luck)
拜太岁, 送五鬼

can pray Ji Gong

Yellow bag put 5 color beans.


so far being say until very jia lat by many FSM. Fret not let me tell u how to have good luck.



can pray Tian Hou Niang Niang

Empty NEW Red Packet Rabbit

1) 7 red bean
2) 7 Green bean
3) pinch Omhealth Salt
4) 艾草 a pinch (put cypress oil)
5) Singapore $10 note and a two $1 coin.
6) Put a 5 D coin inside.

Throughout year carry this red packet

艾草:dried one have in medical hall. Or u buy this Ai tiao , take out some from it.

good luck to u.
拜太阳太阴菩萨 虚空藏菩萨
Dragon: 死符星
(doesnt mean u will die, means more easy sick and also never do guarantor sure jia lat)
How to handle this star?

U must go exercise or garden walk, once u exercise or garden walk this star cant make it. And use healing trees oil apply bottome feet.

拜太阳太阴菩萨祈福 普贤菩萨
Snake:five ghost energy

Small people alot and also the five ghost energy cause alot trouble issues.
太岁祈福,祭白虎, 送五鬼
(Toa Payoh Shuan Lin Shi can go there pray)

Go temple burn the 贵人josspaper.

Last finger wear last ring optional.

More for female good luck. For male careful of 美人计。

Also when people quarrel dont be KPO and walk away.

can pray Qi Tian Da Sheng
Goat: 丧门
(dont be mistaken not about death) means if go funeral

Not much issue。

wear 5 eleement oil in cotton and carry yellow bag.
太岁祈福,祭天狗, 送五鬼 大日如来

Very good la. But u must go give thanks.... Give thanks people who help u in 2016..... is a must. Like ur wife, husband or family. If u learn to give thanks people who help u or advice u , in 2017 u have good luck

must have a Tian Lu Hulu or tian lu related items
Rooster: 太岁当头

more on taisui on the spot so more stressful

please carry the Bai Wu Jin Ji and 5 d coin.

use five element oil
太岁祈福,祭白虎,送五鬼 不动明王
Dog: 病符星
more like feeling lost and 慌神。suddenly blur blur like that

cross road double see before cross.
so using essential oil of rosemary and lemon in cotton carry with u is good.

太岁,紫微祈福。 阿弥陀佛

ownself blur end up minor accident.
But if can u 孝顺elderly, this energy wont affect u,

If u affected by Tian Gou sha, do charity also. Also keep checking and extra care parents too.

太岁祈福,祭白虎,天狗。 阿弥陀佛

Not everyone have lucky star shine on u each year. But there are things we can do...

First Day CNY; your mobile screen saver must have a rooster with The rooster flower. This harness good energy also touch Bai Wu Jin Ji coin

and says: 鸡年吉祥

2) Touch your Bai Wu Jin Ji coin  * now you know why Bai Wu Jin Ji coin is launched this year  "金鸡报喜"
And says: 天官赐福百无禁忌。3 times 一年大好运。

3)命运掌握在你的手里不是我老师或风水师。我们只是一个navigator to direct u in right direction.

B) Mop floor and hand wipe floor

When person who live in the house mop the floor a brand new energy will arrive. U cannnot ask the maid to do it. But u can do it once a week or a month at least.
Open Luck method using oil and mop floor using a mop but for luck very low one, u need ur hand and mop.

Go youtube: turn on any auspicious music.

Now prepare a pail of water and put in following oil ( for me i mop floor every alternate day)

Below oil is a must have:

Below  oil is a very good oil for combating unhappiness rief or helping with difficult transitions between one life style to another.  It also offers good psychic protection, u can also carry a few drops on a tissue in your pocket if you feel you are venturing into situations where you will come under negativity attack or you feel your reserves will be depleted by severe negative energy.  Inhale the fragrance frequently to fortify your reserves. 

All oil can be found in

use hand clean floor the feeling diff do try
Today we learnt about

1) Awakening oil
2) Purification InspirATION blend
3) 5 element oil (FAMOUS sincce 2001)
4) Cypress oil

Works wonder mob floor method
1) Awakening oil 10 drops to a pail of water : clear house energy and anti bacteria and refresh house ki and renew relationship
( feeling lost at work and relationship, blame by people and accusation false, cannot see things clearly, Lost of happiness)

2) purification inspiration blend 8 drops water : anti bacteria purify the mind and emotion ; breakthrough in life welcome wealth and fight flies
( Anger cause by people and also disagreement in family or friends. Work wise lack of support from mentor luck, house buy new items and wanna cleanse house. Also unwelcome people visit ur house.)

3) 5 element oil: mother of all cleansing

( well mother of all cleansing during CNY period,)

4) Cypress Oil
( combine with 5 element oil and cleanse house when visit some unclean place or after holiday travel, house cleanse with this combinations)

Follow by spray the house protection mist and above ur head tranquility mist.

For me: today I use awakening mob floor, the moment you complete u can feel the luck is flooding in! Try it